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It was the first game to use the Infinity Engine for its graphics. Please input captcha to take your serial number. Start studying CEH QUESTION SET 2. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Leslie E. Robertson Associates are the structural engineers in this project. Orbital defense platform, also known as an orbital weapon platform, is a general term for a wide variety of space stations employed by the UNSC. The Magnetic Accelerator Cannon, also known as a Mass Accelerator Cannon, 1, is a large coilgun that serves as the primary offensive weapon for UNSC warships.

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I need some help understanding Rihito's "Razor's Edge"

Hey, guys!
I really should have made this post a long time ago, and definitely after his fight with the Falcon, because this has been bothering me for a while. I'm hoping someone can dumb it down enough for me to finally fully understand my man Rihito's special ability, or as he would call it, his "superpower".
His special power is the superhuman strength of his pinch grip, that I know. But there have been some situations where I feel he has either been hindered from using it when he shouldn't have been or chosen not to use it when he really should have. I've been so lost in how much other awesome stuff there is in this manga, and with Rihito having been relegated to "guy that loses to show how strong another character is" (jobber?) for most of the manga I guess I didn't pay enough attention to him to really chew on these questions and ask you guys for help, but now I'm hoping you can clear this up for me.
I'm having trouble grasping the specifics of:
  1. What he needs in order to effectively use it.
  2. Why his technique was rendered ineffective by Ohma.
  3. Why he didn't or couldn't use it in certain situations.
Let's start with #1: What does Rihito need to effectively use his Razor's Edge?
According to the manga, or at least Ohma during his fight with Rihito, Rihito needs "distance" - or "acceleration" - to effectively utilize the extremely destructive power of his Razor's Edge, but I'm having trouble reconciling this with the fact that we've seen Rihito tear a coin in half as a child. Shouldn't Rihito be able to rip into his opponent just by bending his fingers and starting that pinching movement? Why does he need "distance" to use it?
#2: Why was his technique rendered ineffective by Ohma?
I feel pretty stupid about this, since Ohma does explain - as he's holding Rihito's fingers flexed open - that if he had been trying to tear Ohma's hand apart, he would be able to do it easily, so maybe I'm just misunderstanding what a "pinch grip" actually entails? I just don't understand why he needs "distance" to utilize it when he's not really tearing at his opponent when he does it. Or is he...? To me, when for example he slashes Kuroki's chest during their fight, it looks like he's just raking his fingers at him, so shouldn't he, in his fight with Ohma, just be able to use his strength to simply break through and tear into Ohma's fingers?
As I'm writing this I suspect I'm just misunderstanding the mechanics of what a pinch grip is, but I'd appreciate if someone could explain it to me. In the meantime, let's move on to my final question!
#3: Why didn't (or couldn't) Rihito use Razor's Edge more in his fights?
Writing this, I'm realizing that while Rihito has had quite a few fights by now (Ohma, Kuroki, Mokichi and the Falcon), there really aren't that many instances where I think he should have used when he didn't; he did use it against Ohma, but he rendered it useless; Kuroki completely manhandled him and, despite taking a few shallow wounds, was just too good to get hit by it; and Mokichi was a friendly opponent that Rihito neither wanted nor needed to use his Razor's Edge on. So the only fight that really bothers me is his fight with the Falcon.
Rihito does use his RE on Falcon, and he lands at least two critical blows on him with it, leading to massive bleeding on Falcon's part. He also uses it at the end of their fight when Falcon has him in the rear-naked choke that ultimately knocked him out, and I remember thinking "shit! he's gonna rip Falcon's arm apart!" as I watched him dig his fingers into his arm. However, despite RE being powerful enough to tear through iron(!) with ease, he never seemed to do any such devastating damage to Falcon, despite needing only a moment to tear his arms apart. We see him digging his fingers in and Falcon screaming in pain, but shouldn't Rihito have been able to tear his arms apart within the span of a breath? I know he was beaten to a pulp, poisoned and in the process of being choked out, but the fact that he never really tore into Falcon's arms and ended the match has bothered me since I read it. While Rihito has been written into a much more wholesome character than during his earliest appearances (almost killing Ivan by slashing his throat, for example, or that guy whose throat he also slashed on the boat), it still seems out of character for him to allow his opponent to win rather than doing critical damage to him.
So why didn't he simply tear open Falcon's arms and get loose from his chokehold? He was poisoned, yes, but it's pretty clear from how it's drawn that they struggle for several moments, both pushing themselves to the max in order to win, with more than enough time for him to make the decision to tear himself free rather than lose consciousness, so I don't think we can explain away this with the poison effect. Am I unreasonable about that? While he doesn't have the "distance" he supposedly needs for his slashing attacks, he does have Falcon's arms firmly in his grip, and with that he should be able to use the strength of his pinch grip, right...?
Am I missing something important about this scene? I know he's poisoned, and we also see Falcon digging his poisoned toe into Rihito's thigh, seemingly in a very vulnerable area in regards to the poison spreading, but we also see him continue to struggle hard and with a lot of fierceness and determination, so blaming it on him being weak or disoriented doesn't seem right to me.
Am I just underestimating the effect this long and hard fight, several critical hits, accumulated poison in his veins and a rapidly fading oxygen supply had on Rihito's ability to fight effectively? It just feels kind of wrong to think that he would "forget" his trump card, the thing he's based his entire persona around for all his life, even amidst such a fierce battle. He has been described as having excellent fighting instincts, and we've seen him be analytical during his fights, so to me it feels like he should have been able to, if nothing else, follow his natural instinct to tear himself free.
We can, of course, always chalk it up to "that's just not the way it was written", but I've come to deeply respect the level of writing in this manga, which, aside from Naruto and Boruto, is the only manga I've read. When I first discovered it, I expected a pretty shallow and much more fight-focused experience, and so my expectations for the story and character development were initially low. But Sandrovich has impressed me with how interesting the story and our many characters are, and how fun it is to read about them. I don't think I've ever read anything (comic, manga, book or otherwise) where I've felt so attached to so many of the characters, even despite the fact that many of them have only made a few appearances. Kengan has become my favorite reading material; I've probably gone through Kengan Asura at least ten times in the year and a half that I've known about it, and that repeated enjoyment comes just as much from the ridiculous and awesome characters and the fascinating (and ridiculous) plot arcs as from the thrilling fights. So I'm not ready to just say "meh, Sandrovich just took a 'shortcut' to the outcome he wanted". It's not like it would be a huge stretch for me to accept and rationalize it away, but I'd prefer an explanation that makes more sense.
Thank you for reading this, I hope it was somewhat interesting for you and that you don't think it's a too stupid series of questions to help answer them for me. Rihito is one of my favorite characters, and his loss to Falcon was devastating to me, but I'm still happy about the fight, which was AWESOME, and though I do think poison is cheating, it's not like other fighters haven't gotten away with similar stuff (Hanafusa's bone blades and explosive heel, Muteba's cyber eyes). Falcon won, and while I'll carry my butthurt with me until Rihito gets the win he deserves, his opponent at least showed him proper respect after beating him and admitted that Rihito would beat him if they fought again. I actually wouldn't mind seeing him join Rihito to train under Kuroki.
Let's end this here, I've gone on long enough. Thank you for any help answering these questions, I really appreciate it!
submitted by _Ardhan_ to Kengan_Ashura

[HALO] MAC Cannon Recoil

I've have seen a few other posts about MAC cannons, but it was mainly their destructive potential rather than if they could work as described, I've got a few questions, specifically about the Super MAC Cannons we see in Halo 2 on the Cairo station.
1) In lore they have a "Recoil Dampening" system, would this work or would Conservation of Momentum win the day?
2) at 3000 tons, firing a projectile at .04c, the station (which is 2.9 Mt) would be propelled backwards at 12,405 m/s, would the action of firing the SMAC fling the station into earth / whatever planet it is orbiting? (tell me if I did my math wrong here)
3)If the station was not flinged into earth, would the firing of the SMAC kill any crew on board due to the recoil?
My Source: https://www.halopedia.org/Magnetic_Accelerator_Cannon#.22Super.22_Magnetic_Accelerator_Cannon
p = 3000t * .04c, p= 120(t * c)
120 (t * c) = 3,900,000t * x
120 (t * c) / 3,900,000t = x
4.13793E-5c = x
12 405.2021 m/s = x
sidenote, if it were to hit a CCS battlecruiser which weighs 90.7Mt, at best it would be sent back at 396 m/s (all of the momentum is transferred), this assumption would make the SMAC able to take down ships even without any kinetic energy being transferred into thermal energy / an explosion.
Edit) Fixed formatting
submitted by megaultraninja to AskScienceFiction

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