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Complete the game in 100 or less played (not hacked) days If you reach 100 days without completing the game, you will get a Game Over and have to start from the beginning, losing out on this trophy. Take the next quest, called The Principle Source. I'd be appreciated if any of you guys help me. Thanks. SKSE) View mod page; View image gallery; Skyrim Flora Overhaul. West Terra @ Bukit Batok. Now press to get to Achievements and select the Slayer section.

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For the Black variant of the Tier 100 skin, you need to complete five challenges from the Week 9 set. Steam Community: : TERA https://torgline26.ru/download/?file=1106. Basically the launcher doesn't recognize my game files. I don't understand why my download is going so slow. To ensure your account data is preserved and transferred, please complete Account Migration during this. Jhootha Hi Sahi Download In Tamil Torrent.

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Naru Gear is easier than any other gear to enhance. Notice of Annual General Meeting 2020 (PDF, 1.3 MB); BMW Group Annual Report 2020 (PDF, 2.6 MB); Financial Statements 2020 of BMW AG (PDF, 421.8 KB); Combined Non-financial Report 2020 (Sustainable Value Report) (PDF, 11.0 MB) Statement on Corporate Governance 2020 (PDF, 4.1 MB); Articles of Incorporation of BMW AG (25 November 2020) (PDF, 183.3 KB). Video Games (See Top 100 in Video Games) #254 in PC-compatible Games: Pricing The strikethrough price is the List Price. How to fix applying patch stuck at 0 1)open TERA-Launcher 2)open "Network and Sharing Center" and then click on "change adapter settings" 3)right click on "Local Area Connection" and click on dissbal. Sprint Insights show daily and weekly progress, alongside commits and pull requests during the release cycle. Missions Guide - Official TerraTech Wiki.

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It can verify copied files to ensure they are identical. Endless War is a free, mobile strategy game created by Joycity Corp. Then, you'll be able to get this heavy armor from Percival. With 100 mph winds, Hurricane Delta's eye starts moving ashore in Louisiana. Location: Maka Rah Shrine is located in the centermost area of Lake Kilsie, hidden in the. As your progress through Tera Online as a Slayer, you will be able to unlock literally dozens of different skills, but only a handful of them will be useful for certain situations.

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10/19 Risha's Letter new content summary/translation

10/19 Risha's Letter new content summary/translation
This Risha's Letter has some new info regarding endgame, so it should be much more interesting than the previous one.
I'm gonna talk about some of the content changes that are mentioned within the letter.

Chaos Dungeons
By talking to Professor Lonatas located in Bern Castle, you can start the quest required to enter Chaos Dungeons.
Chaos Dungeons In-Depth
Chaos Dungeons can only be entered once a character reaches level 50, where they are able to farm higher level gear.
Entrance to the Chaos Dungeons are located in Luteran, Stern and Bern, and newbie buff isn't applied inside Chaos Dungeons.
Newbie Buff? Newbie buff is a buff applied to characters (applied to whole party) that are playing through a dungeon for the first time. This buff is disabled in Chaos Dungeons.
Each individual mobs inside the Chaos Dungeon do not drop any loot, but some particular monsters drop Silling and Lupeon Seals. Additionally, Chaos Dungeons are separated into several tiers, where each tier contains 5 regular chaos dungeons and 1 event chaos dungeon.
Regular Chaos Dungeon
To enter a regular Chaos Dungeon, you must first be level 50, and satisfy the minimum ilvl requirement. Since Chaos dungeons are copies of Dungeons you have seen during story progression, if you haven't unlocked the dungeon within the Story, you may not be able to enter the Chaos Dungeon version of that dungeon, so make sure you check the requirements of the Chaos Dungeons before entering.
Chaos Dungeons drop items with higher ilvl than the requirement ilvl, and the rewards change based on difficulty. (I'm not sure if this means you can change difficulty or if it's talking about the Chaos Dungeon tiers that were mentioned earlier) Additionally, Chaos Dungeon armor has set effects, so you should try to attempt clearing the Chaos Dungeons!
You can enter Chaos dungeons alone, maximum of 4 players, and can only enter 3 times per day.
Event Chaos Dungeon
Event Chaos dungeons are a bit different, where you not only need a level 50 character that meets ilvl requirements, but you also need an entry ticket.
You can only get the rewards once per day. You can enter again after you have received rewards, but you will not get any additional rewards.
Event Chaos dungeons cycle through one of the regular Chaos Dungeons over time, and you can only enter as a group of 4. Since Event Chaos dungeons are buffed versions of regular Chaos Dungeons, you should progress it with caution!
Ultimate Skills
Beatris of Tricion will ask you to visit her, so that she can gift you powers that will help you defend against the Dimensional cracks.
You will be able to start a series of 5 quests to unlock your ultimate ability in Tricion, which can take a while to complete.
While clearing the awakening quests, you will be able to revisit the NPCs that are associated with you class, which you may have last seen during the tutorial intro.
During the Awakening questline, you not only unlock your Ultimate ability, but also new regular skills as well.
Note that while the Ultimate skills are very powerful, you can only obtain them once you are level 50.
Quick peek at the Ultimate abilities
  • Berserker (Blood Explosion) : 분노의 기운으로 적을 끌어당겼다 폭발시키며 날려버립니다.
  • Destroyer (Tera Break) : 해머로 땅을 내리치며 발생하는 중력장과 중력 에너지를 통해 피해를 줍니다.
  • Warlord (Guardian's Protection) : 캐릭터 중심으로 '가디언의 방패'를 소환해 보호받으며 영역 내의 적들에게 피해를 줍니다.
  • Devil Hunter (Claymore Bombardment) : 주변에 여러 개의 폭발물을 뿌린 뒤 핸드건으로 폭파시켜 피해를 줍니다.
  • Blaster (Homing Missile) : 적들을 추적하여 폭발하는 유도 미사일을 여러 발 날립니다.
  • Hawkeye (Spirit of Fenrir) : 펜리르의 전령을 불러내어 적에게 피해를 줍니다.
  • Battle Master (Ultimate Ability: Chinese roots suck :/) : 전방으로 빠르게 대쉬하여 무차별 난타를 퍼붓고 충격파로 적들을 날려버립니다.
  • Infighter (Something to do with Dragon Gods) : 온 몸에 기를 모아 마우스 지점에 공격을 내리꽂습니다. 이때 바닥에서 2마리의 흑룡이 나타나 함께 해당 지점을 초토화 시킵니다.
  • Soul master (Chi Bomb) : 두 손을 머리 위로 올려 기를 모은 뒤, 마우스 지점에 떨어트려 강력한 피해를 줍니다.
  • Arcana (Prismatic Mirror) : 지정한 위치에 거대한 카드들을 소환하여 피해를 줍니다. 이후 거대한 카드는 가운데로 모여 폭발합니다. 각성기 사용 시 아이덴티티 카드 2장을 획득합니다.
  • Summoner (Calcyon) : 번개의 신 켈시온을 소환합니다. 켈시온은 소환된 동안 캐릭터를 도와 주변의 적을 공격하며, 'V'키를 눌러 마우스 커서 지점에 켈시온이 낙뢰를 떨어트리도록 명령할 수 있습니다.
  • Bard (Symphonia) : 공중으로 떠올라 천사들과 연주하며 아군에게는 보호막을, 적에게는 피해와 디버프를 부여합니다.
The ultimate abilities don't seem to have changed compared to CBT, so I'm gonna leave them untranslated
Awakening Quest
After completing the initial quest in Tricion, your quest will progress based on your class:
  • Warrior : Some name for some hill
  • Hunter : Stern
  • Fighter : Changchun
  • Mage : Raia
The following are the regular skills obtained from the Awakening Quest:
  • Berserker (Aura Blade) : 공간을 빠르게 베어내 기의 파동으로 원거리의 적을 공격합니다.
  • Destro (Endure Pain) : 제자리에서 포효하며 주변 적들에게 피해를 줍니다.
  • Warlord (Burst Cannon) : 기폭장치에 화력을 응축시켜 전방을 향해 쏟아냅니다.
  • Devil Hunter (Perfect Shot) : 고속의 대구경 탄환을 발사하여 적들을 날려버립니다.
  • Blaster (Energy Field) : 피해를 흡수하는 보호막을 생성합니다.
  • Hawkeye (Snipe) : 정밀한 조준으로 지속 피해를 주는 범위를 만들고 범위 내의 적에게 피해를 줍니다.
  • Battle Master (Chi Combustion) : 내공을 순간적으로 폭발시켜 적들에게 피해를 주고 자신을 휘감는 돌풍을 발생시킵니다.
  • Infighter (Divine Explosion) : 축적한 충격 에너지를 폭발시키며, 적을 끌어모아 강한 타격으로 날려버립니다.
  • Soul master (Release Chi) : 캐릭터 주변에 파동을 발생시켜 범위 내의 아군이 받는 피해를 감소시킵니다.
  • Arcana (Secret Garden) : 그동안 쌓인 스택에 따라 주변의 적들에게 큰 피해를 줍니다.
  • Summoner (Zahia & Regias) : 물의 정령 자히아와 리게아스를 소환하여 주변의 적들에게 피해를 주며, 순간적으로 소용돌이를 얼려 대상을 동결시킵니다.
  • Bard (Song of Protection) : 하프를 연주하여 자신과 파티원이 받는 피해를 감소시킵니다.
Again, these abilities don't seem to have changed compared to CBT, so I'm gonna leave them untranslated
Learning the Awakening Skill
Once you complete the fifth Awakening quest, you will obtain a 'Awakening Skillbook' item. After going back to Tricion and talking to Beatris, you will obtain the final quest "[Awakening] A new hope of light." After accepting this quest, you can right click on the 'Awakening Skillbook' item in your inventory to finally learn you ultimate ability.
※ The 'Awakening Skillbook' item can only be used in Tricion
※ You need the '[Awakening] A new hope of light' quest accepted to be able to use to 'Awakening Skillbook' item.
Once you learn your Ultimate ability, you will be able to use it with the V key, which is the default keybind. You also need the 'Awakening : Chaos Fragment' item in your inventory to be able to use your Ultimate ability. If you used up all of the Chaos Fragments, you can talk to the General Merchant NPCs located around every town to purchase more.
Tip! The amount of Chaos Fragments you have left is displayed on the skill icon in the skill bar.
You are able to use your ultimate ability everywhere, but some content has a 3 use limit per entry, so beware!
Chaos Gate
This time, we will introduce Chaos Gates, which are the military bases of the demons.
Chaos Gates which appear around the world are the entrance to the demon bases.
When your surroundings become dark and you feel a creeping sensation, it means that a Chaos Gate is about to open near you.
Chaos Gates do not last long when they appear, so if you notice the preceding events of a Chaos Gate, you should hurry!
Once you enter the Chaos Gate, you are moved to the demon base. Before you meet the demons, you need to destroy the "Barrier Stone". With a large group of other adventurers, you will be able to quickly destroy the Barrier Stone and start the fight against the demons.
#PleaseOpen #OpenTheDoor #KnockKnock
Chaos Gate In-Depth
In Lost Ark, Chaos Dungeons appear for brief moments of time around the world.
Chaos Gate Notification
Before a Chaos gate opens, you will see graphical indicators as well as a system message that tells you that a Chaos Gate will appear soon.
When you enter a Chaos Gate, you are moved to the Demon base. You will be automatically removed from your current party when you enter a Chaos Gate.
There are 4 types of Chaos Gates, one for each type of Demon army.
Below are the images of the 4 types: Frenzy Army, Virus Army, Darkness Army, and Phantasm Army
  • Frenzy : A 'Frenzy Festival' occurs every set interval, which causes all monsters inside the Chaos Gate to become very powerful. Every time you get hit, you will also receive more damage, up to 5 stacks.
  • Virus : Specific monsters will stack poison debuff on you. The poison damage increases per stack, and you will instantly die within 5 seconds after accumulating 10 stacks. Poison stacks are not cleansed upon resurrection, and you will need to destroy objectives located around the field to cleanse the poison.
  • Darkness : You receive a darkness debuff, which decreases your sight when you get hit. The debuff can be cleansed by waiting out the duration, or destroying "Sealing Stones" located on both sides of the map.
  • Phantasm : You receive a stacking debuff when hit, where your attacks will start damaging other players on max stacks.
Chaos Gates need to be completed within 20 minutes, and when all monsters are slain within the time limit, you will obtain rewards based on contribution.
You can obtain Dimensional Crack Fragments and Magic Stones. There is also an auction that happens for the loot dropped by the final boss of the Chaos Gate.
You can trade the Dimension Crack Fragments and Magic Stones for various items through the Chaos Gate traders around town or through the Wandering Merchant who appears in random locations.
Arena is a PvP content that can be accessed after level 50. Every major city will have a Arena Entry Dashboard where you can queue for entry.
When you leave the queue, you will need to requeue, and if you leave during a match, you will receive a Fugitive debuff, so beware!
Tip! During the Fugitive debuff, you cannot queue for Arena for a set amount of time, and this set amount of time is only decreased when you are online with your character. (If you log off, this debuff time will not decrease until you log back on)
In Arena, Ring Inscription/Rune effects will NOT be enabled. (A really good change from CBT!)
However, when there isn't much time remaining in a match, several buff systems are implemented to make the match more entertaining.
Also, do not forget the "Marks of Victory", which are grant special effects only within the Arena.
Indepth look into Arena
Arena provides three different modes:
  • 3v3 Team match
  • 6-player deathmatch
  • 3v3 Tag
그러면 각 전투와 전투마다 적용되는 시스템에 대해 좀 더 자세히 알아볼까요?
3v3 Team match
3v3 Team match involves 3 players from each time fighting at the same time.
The team that scores more kills within 5 minute wins. All players will continue to automatically revive upon death. However, debuff fields will appear in the lobby (I guess where you resurrect, to prevent AFK) after the first minute.
6-player deathmatch
Your typical Free For All mode.
Similar to 3v3 Team match, there is a time limit and players will automatically revive. However, you do not have a party in deathmatch. The player with the highest kill wins, and when there is a tie, the system will decide on a single winner based on some rules. Additionally, a player will receive a 'Frenzy' buff, which greatly increases damage done. The buff is transferred to the killer if the player with the buff dies.
When playing 3v3 Team or 6p free for all in the Stern Undergrounds map, spectator NPCs might throw items into the arena, such as Tasty Chicken which gives buffs, or even Dynamites which the player must throw, but can also damage allies!
3v3 Tag
Before the match starts, the team members need to select the entry order. Each player can select 1st, 2nd, or 3rd, and the first round will start with the players on each side who selected 1st.
Each round lasts 90 seconds, and when each match starts, both players are invulnerable and cannot cast skills for a short duration. During the match, the players that are not currently fighting are placed in spectating mode. If a player dies, logs out or leaves the match, they lose the round. Additionally, when the round ends with both players alive, the player with less HP % remaining loses.
Victory Seals
Victory Seals are kind of like passive skills that is only applied in the Arena, and can be completely customized.
There are 6 types of regular seals and 1 type of special seal, and you unlock these seals as you rank up in PvP. There is a special seal "Seal of Glory" which is an item that you can use to unlock.
Each group contains 3 different seals, which has the following effects:
  • Speed : Seals that grant buffs to dash or get-up ability
  • Harmony : Buffs specialty of the class, or buffs some of the weaker aspects of your class
  • Punishment : Seals that counter opponent's CC
  • Willpower : Increases defensive capabilities
  • Survival : Increases survival of risky situations, with tools such as HP vamp.
  • Wrath : Increases attack capabilities
  • Glory : Buffs specialty of the class
Victory Seals are similar to skill/gear presets.
You can check your victory seals with the hotkey (Alt+K), and you are able to set victory seals using a "Seal Set." A seal set consists of 3 empty slots, with the slots representing a particular seal group (Speed, Harmony, etc). A seal set can consist duplicate slots of the same group, except for Glory, which can only have one slot max.
If you click on the "Reroll Seal set", you will see a UI similar to below, where you can reroll what slots your Seal set has. To reroll, you need a Seal Inscription Stone.
※ You can buy Seal Inscription Stones from the PvP vendor.
Once you click on the reroll button, a new set of slots will be displayed.
Once you reroll and get a good set of slots that you are satisfied with, you can press the Save button. You can also press cancel if you do not like the new set of slots.
At PvP rank 8-geup and 1-geup, you will unlock a new set of Seal plate (kinda like gear set/skill set that you can change between), which can consist of a different set of slots.
Different classes have a different set of Victory seals, and the order of the 3 slots in a Seal Set do not have any effect and does not matter.
Sillian Missions
Sillian Missions are a place where you can prove your capabilities and work on different challenges with other adventurers.
Sillian Missions are special missions that are given by the King of Luteran, Sillian.
The missions will have you kill demons located across Acracia, gather materials from rich fields, etc.
One of the Sillian mission "Tower of Shadow" is available for you to attempt while progressing through the story, but the other missions are only available once max level (50).
There are some missions that are only unlocked after clearing prior missions.
Sillian Missions In-depth
There are 4 types of Sillian missions. Tower, Cube, Platinum Field, and Boss Rush. There are limitations placed on each content, as these contents are made to be challenging. Some of the missions can only be done once you finish prerequisite missions.
You can enter any of the missions through a "Sillian missionboard" which is found across major cities: Luteran Castle, Stern, and Bern Castle.
By clicking on the missions in the map, you will be able to read a brief description of the content, as well as possible rewards. Missions that can be accessed as a party will require you to group and form a party before departing on the mission, or you can use the "queue" button to queue to get matched with other players. However, if you are entering with a pre-formed party, every party member must have unlocked the prerequisite of the mission that you want to enterr.
To depart on Sillian Missions, you need "Sillian Tickets". Every entry will require 1 Sillian ticket, which you can see check in the currency window.
Tip! You get 3 free Sillian tickets per day, and you can only hold up to 10. Sillian tickets can be further obtained by trading, rewards of certain Sillian missions, or from leveling up guilds.
Tower is a single player mission where you try to clear the challenges in each floor.
In the lobby, you can check your clear time record and the reward of the floor. You can start from any of the floor you have unlocked, especially if you want to try a faster record. Note that rewards are only obtainable once.
Each stage has a unique pattern, and you can only move up to the next floor once you clear.
The tower has a time limit, so if you cannot clear within time limit, the challenge ends. It also ends if you die once, but don't worry if you fail - you can re-enter the tower and start from the last floor where you died.
Since the Tower is a content to judge the player's capabilities, there are some limitations in place. Make sure you have good gear and a good tripod setting before entering.
  • Cannot change gear inside tower
  • Cannot use consumables that are not registered in the battle item slots. Cannot use non-battle item potins
  • Cannot change skills or re-spec tripod
  • Cannot change battle items, and battle items have a usage limit
Even when there is time limit remaining, if you are done climbing for the day, you can press the "Leave" button to stop progression and collect your rewards.
Cube dungeon is a type of dungeon where 4 players try to clear the objectives of each stage.
Every stage has a different objective, such as a stage with tough fights, stage with simply a sweet treasure chest that gives you rewards, etc.
When the stage starts, you receive one of the 4 buff/debuffs above, which can drastically change the difficulty of the floor.
You get cube points every time you clear a stage, and the reward chest upgrades to the next tier if you accumulate enough points. The reward chest is upgraded in order of Bronze -> Silver -> Gold -> Platinum -> Diamond.
The higher you climb, the less deaths there are, and the more time remaining after you complete a stage, your party will be awarded more points.
However, if you do not clear a stage within time limit, a Cube Phantom will appear that will try to kill the players.
The following limits are also in place:
  • Cannot change gear inside tower
  • Cannot use consumables that are not registered in the battle item slots. Cannot use non-battle item potins
  • Cannot change skills or re-spec tripod
  • Cannot change battle items, and battle items have a usage limit
  • On death, you cannot revive until the rest of the party members clear the stage.
Upon clearing a stage, you can move on to the next stage, or stop.

Boss Rush
Boss rush is a content where 4 players must kill bosses that appear in waves in a certain time limit. Do you think you can survive the waves of boss monsters?
There are 15 stages total, and a different boss appears in each stage. The higher stage you go, the difficulty increases, and Boss Rush also has some limitations in place, similarly to Tower and Cube.
  • Cannot change gear inside tower
  • Cannot use consumables that are not registered in the battle item slots. Cannot use non-battle item potins
  • Cannot change skills or re-spec tripod
  • Cannot change battle items, and battle items have a usage limit
This makes it look like Boss rush is incredibly difficult, but don't worry. You can revive during Boss Rush, and when the time limit is approaching, your party members receive a boss rush buff. The Buff increases attack speed by 40%, attack by 100%, and become hitstun immune.
The boss rush buff will be a huge help in clearing the stage within time. However, if you cannot clear the stage within time limit even with the buff, the mission fails.
The reward of Boss Rush is Antares coins, which you can use to trade for various items with the "Sillian Currency Exchange" NPC located near the Sillian Mission Boards.
Platinum Field
Platinum Fields are areas rich with gathering resources, aimed for life skillers. There is an abundance of resources, which allows you gather more materials in a short amount of time compared to the regular fields. You can also find "Platinum gatherable materials" as well.
There are two types of Platinum fields, "Field of Ronoun" and "Ancient lake of Judia". The gatherable materials are different in the two fields, which you can check in the Sillian Mission Board before you enter.
Once you enter the Platinum Field, you need to wait a bit before the gates to the field opens. This will provide you time to look at the map and strategize your gathering route. You can also purchase tools if you are running low. This starting area is where you will need to deliver Platinum materials if you happen to find them.
Once the gate opens, it's time to gather like crazy! Although the platinum field is designed for people who likes lifeskilling, it doesn't only contain resources. There are ziplines and rafts that help you move across the map, and there are also monsters that will try to bother you. There are special areas that appear if you slay certain monsters, so try killing any strange beasts you encounter.
The platinum resources found in the Platinum fields are:
  • Ronoun Field
    • Plant Gathering : Soil of Life
    • Mining : Black Crystal
    • Woodcutting : Golden Tree something something
  • Judia Ancient River
    • Hunting : Platinum fur leather
    • Archaeology : Ancient stone mask
    • Fishing : Platinum Ammonite
You will need to deliver the above Platinum materials to the starting area, and each player can only return a maximum of 4.
If you receive a certain amount of hits from monsters when trying to deliver, the material disappears!
Materials do not disappear if you temporarily place it on the ground, so if you meet a group of monsters, you drop the material, kill the monsters, and continue on the delivery.
You can also use the "Quick footsteps" to quickly run away from the monsters.
If you deliver Platinum materials, you will receive "Cooperation" points. If you party accumulates a certain amount of points, every party member will receive a Cooperation buff. During the buff, you will have a much easier time gathering materials.
Platinum Fields have a 15 minute time limit, and you can exit early by pressing on the Exit button. You will earn Platinum Tokens as a reward.
Platinum Token reward count is based on the amount of Platinum Materials delivered within the time limit, and you can trade Platinum Tokens for various rewards through the "Sillian Currency Exchange" NPC near Sillian Mission Boards.

Guardian Raids
Guardians who protect Acracia are stronger than any of the monsters you may have encountered so far.
Just like Sillian Missions, you cannot change items, equipment or change skills once you enter. You also are limited to battle-item potions.
To successfully clear a Guardian Raid, you need to bring proper preparations.
Tip! The Raid entry board will display information about the Guardian, as well as Battle Items that will help you.
Because Guardians are very difficult, it is recommended to enter as a party.
Guardian Raids In-depth
In Major cities such as Bern castle and Luteran castle, you will be able to find Raid entry boards.
In the board, you will be able to see the details of the Guardians, and you will be able to enter the selected raid. (Note that raids do not have a queue button. You must enter alone or with a pre-formed party)
If you exceed the specified time-limit or use up all of the revive chances, the raid fails. You will be able to check on the revive chance as well as time limit from the board before entering, and you can see the current time/revive limit during battle as well.
Revive chances are shared by the party, so it's important for every player to not die if possible. It's important to check on the difficulty of the raid before entering, which you can find in the Objective Board (Alt+G).
Players who leave mid raid receive a "Guardian's curse" debuff, which will prevent you for raiding for a certain duration.
The health of a Guardian is not displayed, but the game will tell you how much HP the Guardian had left when your party wipes or run out of time. Based on this info, your group can decide if you want to try another attempt, or come back at a later time after getting better gear.
Raids can be entered alone, but is designed for 4 players. Unless you are massively outlevelling the Guardian raid, you should enter with a party. Your party must work on the strategies of the raid, find out the attack patterns, and find out what each player class is capable of doing.
Guardian raids also have mechanics such as Part Break, Incapacitate, and Back attack which will tremendously help you raid, so it is important for you to have a good understanding of your class abilities and tripods so you can select the proper skills that will help you clear the raid.
Tip! Back Attack is a skill effect that inflicts more damage when you hit the back of an enemy.
Part breaking is a mechanic that requires the players to destroy a certain part of the guardian. There are three types of part breaking: Slicing, Pierce, and Breaking. Some skills of certain classes, and certain tripod specs have Slicing/Piercing/Breaking capabilities, so try increases your chances of part breaking by speccing these skills. (There are also battle items with Slice/Pierce/Break capabilities if your class doesn't have such skills)
By breaking a part of the Guardian, the Guardian is limited to a smaller amount of attack patterns.
If you can't find the time to attack the guardian, you should try using skills with "Incapacitation" capabilities.
Guardians that are incapacitated cannot perform any actions for a short amount of time, so party members can freely attack as much as they want. By using the special stats of your combat skills such as Incapacitation, Slicing, Breaking, etc, you should be able to strategically take down the Guardian.
Raids have a time limit and a revive limit. Using "Flaregun" battle item which detects the location of the Guardian or "Potion" battle items, you can reduce the amount of time required to find the Guardian, and increase survivability.
Additionally, there are many battle items that should help you in battle. The Guardian Raid entry board gives you a list of battle items that will help the fight, so you can use this information is a good entry guide.
If you feel like the boss's CC is too powerful or its elemental damage is too strong, you can equip runes to increase survivability. You should be fully prepared before attempting a raid if you do not want to let your teammates down.
Rewards give you fragments associated with the guardian, Runes, Rune slot extraction tool, accessories, etc.
Guardian fragments can be used to craft gear of that Guardian's tier, which you can craft through the crafter located in every major city.
In the Raid entry board, you can preview what items you can receive as a reward.
Additionally, Guardian raids have tiers. To attempt at higher tier raids, you need to acquire "Guardian Slayer" rank. (Similar to Hunter Rank in Monster Hunter) To find out more about the prerequisites for "Guardian Slayer" rank, you can talk to the Raid Manager NPCs.
In the Gaurdian Report (screenshot above), asides from the Guardian Slayer rank, you can see how much Guardian Souls you have obtained.
Guardian souls are interactable loot that is dropped with the regular loot, which you can press the interaction key (G), which drops even more loot of the same drop table. However, there is a limit on how much Guardian Souls you can obtain per day (above screenshot shows that you have a limit of 3 for the first tier)
Once you clear a raid, whether or not you interact with the Guardian Soul, 1 limit will be deducted from your Guardian Soul allowance. Once that happens, you will not find any more Guardian Soul dropped from clearing a raid.
Weekly Raids
If you have already done a lot of raids, you might want to check out Weekly Raids. Weekly Raids can only be cleared once, where you have to fight the "Gaurdian of Revenge". Depending on the Guardian, you will be able to obtain weapon, equipment, or accessories.
Because the Guardians that appear as a Weekly Raid changes every week, players who want a fresh challenging content every week should attempt on Weekly Raids. However, Weekly Raid requires entry tickets. Entry tickets are obtained by collecting Guardian Souls, or from other methods.
Guardian Raids has a massively high difficulty, but rewards that much better gear. If you ever happen to come by Weekly Raid entrance tickets during your adventure, you should try to attempt the Weekly Raid.

  • Chaos Dungeons now have limited entry
  • Chaos Dungeon tiers and a Event Chaos Dungeon which has 1 entry per day
  • Raid soft-entry cap nerfed from CBT (3 Guardian Souls a day)
  • PvP runes/ring inscription is disabled
  • Boss Rush
  • Raid boss per tier has been changed from CBT
  • Hints showing that class skills barely have changed
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The real problem isn't that missions are too long

but rather they are too repetitive
Hey guys, I'm Whitesushi and I want to address this issue which has been brought up fairly frequently in the past few months. To start, let's first examine the missions in the game. They usually range anywhere between 10 to 20 minutes with the fastest being single atlas missions where you drop your BluGlo and start and the slowest being encampments/ radars/ survivors that force you to extract only after 20 minutes. Now if we just compare this to literally any other game (yes, I have played all of these)
  • MOBAs (League of Legends, DOTA 2) easily take upwards of 30 minutes per match
  • Battle Royales (FortniteBR, PUBG) easily take upwards of 20 minutes
  • Hero Shooters (Overwatch, Paladins) easily take upwards of 20 minutes
and some other more RPG relevant titles
  • Warframe is an interesting one but we are looking at at least 10 minutes as well with raids going up to 20 to 30 minutes
  • MMORPGs (WoW, FF14, TERA) raids or just dungeons in general can easily take upwards of 20 minutes or even an hour
  • The Division where most games take 10 - 20 minutes (resistance runs) but if you are super experienced, you can finish legendary missions in 5 minutes or so
  • Action RPGs (Diablo 3, Path of Exile) where you can run a map in 5 minutes or so depending on your gear but can also easily take 10 minutes onwards starting out
Well I could go on and on but you guys get the point, 10 to 20 minutes per mission isn't long at all in the grand scheme of things. So why is this "problem" so apparent in the Fortnite community and is hardly brought up at all in all the other RPG games (I want to compare RPGs because it is a lot more relevant to Fortnite). There's actually a handful of reason we can attribute to
#1 Skill isn't rewarded
No matter how good you are at Fortnite, regardless of how much stats you have, there's very little you can do to control the duration of your runs. I could be a PL 100 player going into a PL 1 Stonewood atlas mission and still end up spending the exact same amount of time to complete it as I would playing a PL 100 Twine Peaks atlas mission. This is due to the fact that most of Fortnite's missions run off timers rather than the ability of the player to kill things
I am aware there are exceptions in Stormshield Defense and Horde Bash where you can technically shorten your waves by killing faster but most of the time, at least for missions in general, we face a timer problem
Now compare this to some of the other RPGs I have listed earlier which counts a player's progress in any individual map by either
  • How far they've made in the zone (The Division, MMORPGs) where if I clear an area faster, I can progress onto the next and so on, eventually finishing the mission in a shorter time
  • How many enemies they have killed (Diablo 3, Path of Exile) where our goal is to clear as many enemies as possible for their loot of course and we would just portal out once the map is reasonably clear
The player's experience (skill) as well as his gear has a direct impact in helping him finish a map faster. As such, as a player gets further into the game, he is able to complete these missions faster and this in turn fuels the player's desire to keep playing and progressing so he can get even furthe faster. You don't experience this in Fortnite because you are going to take the same amount of time regardless of how strong you become
#2 There are too little variation to the game modes
Repair the Shelter, Ride the Lightning, Retrieve the Data and basically every other mode besides those 20 minute ones all boil down to the same sequence of defending something for X amount of time. It's kind of funny because I was recently playing with some of my friends who made it to Plankerton and they sounded a little bored of the same few missions so I thought bringing them to do a "Deliver the Bomb" would spice things up. Well, it did
  1. They were really happy that it was something different, building the track and escorting the bomb
  2. Except when the bomb went into the launcher, I heard the same dreadful "you mean we must defend it again?"
Of course, bringing them to do Evacuate the Shelter wasn't any better and they didn't even realize it was EtS (thought it was just Repair the Shelter). Now compare this to other games like
  • Warframe (which offers a diverse selection of gamemodes the range from the regular defense missions to hijack, rescue and finally survival.... not to mention the open world)
  • Diablo 3 / Path of Exile (yea these don't really give many different game modes but many different types of enemies especially when spawned in conjunction to create some insane combos can make or break your run)
  • MMORPGs (with their unique boss mechanics that keeps players on their toes even after they have ran it several times... that is not to mention all the other non-raid non-dungeon gimmicks)
you quickly realize why missions in Fortnite aren't selected for their type, but rather the rewards (and only then you consider the type of mission) and I think that's saying a lot about the game modes, or lack thereof.
#3 Lack of gameplay diversity
This is actually a pretty big one personally and it's the reason why I've been only able to play this game on and off in the recent months. To elaborate, it means that every single game plays out more or less the same and there isn't really much I can do to spice up my gameplay. In case you are wondering what I mean by "more or less the same", it's basically
  1. Get to the objective and setup some simple funnels (or skip this altogether if it's an easy mission)
  2. Spam ability/ shoot/ watch B.A.S.E blow stuff up
  3. Rinse and repeat
Sure I could rotate between the abilities and run slightly different perks on my weapons but ultimately it is just playing the numbers game and there isn't any tangible differences to my playstyle as a result of these variations. On the contrary, we have games like
  • Path of Exile where you can literally run different builds from commanding a horde of minions (and just this alone has like 4 different variations from golems, zombies, spectres and skeletons) to blowing things up with fiery balls (while teleporting around) to just being an aurabot supporting your teammates. The combinations aren't endless but there's a great deal of ways you can mix and match your assets to diversify your gameplay
  • MMORPGs with their typical class systems that further branch into gear sets that scale your character differently. Finally, there's the rotations which players can customize to their own playstyle
  • Warframe is a pretty big one in this regard where almost every weapon feels and plays different and that's not to mention the abilities unique to each Warframe which can be further optimized depending on the mods equipped. Then when you think you are all done with figuring out each warframe and weapon, you start matching them up and create whole new experiences altogether
  • Even The Division has more diversity when it comes to builds as you try to optimize your gear set, the weapon mods and the talents/perks to go along with them
and you just feel this lack of diversity when you go into Fortnite games, so much so that the only times you get some of the bigger variations is when new seasonal event hits and you get some new weapons to play with, some being pretty unique (Neon Launcher, Neon Sniper, Dragon's Roar, Obliterator and the list goes on)... and even these aren't drastically switching up the gameplay
#4 Meaningless grind
This is more of a combination of points #1 and #3 but in essence, I'm trying to say there there isn't really anything for the player to work towards. When we finish a mission, we are rewarded with a plethora of resources from experience to evolution materials to PERK UPs but all these does is increase our numbers. Leveling survivors up make our stats higher, perking weapon perks up make our weapons do damage and so on. However, this isn't a problem in itself because a lot of other games that I have listed suffer from this problem as well. That said, it is a problem when these arbitrary improvement to our numbers doesn't mean anything. We are just farming missions to get stronger so we can farm harder missions.. but for what? On the contrary, you have games like
  • Path of Exile where as your character gets stronger, you can farm maps even faster, start doing bosses and eventually become the proud owner of a perfect gear piece... or you can just play the economy with what you farmed
  • Warframe where you can challenge yourself by playing endless survival runs or just accumulate wealth... and again play the economy... but let's be honest, we just play it for the fashion frame
  • MMORPGs where you can of course play the economy as mentioned above but can also become a big player when it comes to raids and even compete for leaderboards. A lot of MMORPGs also have proper PvP systems so there's like real competition to be had between players and gear plays a huge role in these
Basically, there is meaning to the grind when it either helps you overcome some end-game hurdle like bosses or enables you to engage in miscellaneous activities like playing the economy or player vs player. Unfortunately, Fortnite kind of lacks both at the moment
Fortnite's unique problem
All those problems I have listed aside, I have to give credit to Fortnite for accomplishing something which is rather hard to implement and that is the concept of limited resource. None of the games I have listed above challenges the player in the same way Fortnite does when it comes to managing your resources. Every single mission you play in Fortnite, the player has to make a conscious decision on how much resources he is willing to commit because you
  • Commit too much and you end up spending more time farming for them which in turn translates into a loss of efficiency
  • Commit too little and you risk failing the mission altogether which is even worse
In fact, this design choice indirectly plays into this unique problem Fortnite faces which is that it cannot afford to make missions too short. In a game where building and trapping, especially under limited resource scenarios, are a huge part of the game, players would be unwilling to commit their resources to mere 5 minute ordeals. By shortening missions, we take away the "Fort" in "Fortnite".... so then it just becomes "nite" (ok nevermind, that was a terrible attempt). Anyway, you guys get the point.
How to fix it?
So can we really fix the problem? For one, shortening mission durations isn't going to fix the issue at hand. Players are just going to get bored of the game faster because now, they are able to experience all their weapons/ heroes at their fullest potential (numbers wise of course) earlier. That said and in the regard of missions timers, I believe implementing a more dynamic timer similar to Warframe would benefit the game greatly. Put it simply
Give players the option to play for as long as they want but in fixed intervals/ waves
That way, players who don't have much time but just want to hop into a game to finish up their dailies can do so in maybe 5 to 10 minutes (with reduced rewards of course) while others who really love to commit into their builds and setup death funnels can continue to do so with their groups for as many waves as they want until the husks eventually overwhelms them (of course with greater rewards but then you don't get the rewards for the section you fail to complete). This not only offers flexibility for players who are just looking to complete the bare necessities, but also provide the more dedicated and hardcore players something to work towards.
And then there's the other problem, diversity
Honestly, this is really hard to fix and it would probably require an overhaul of the game's systems. That said though, I am here to offer solutions not problems and I actually thought of something which could be potentially interesting and that is to split up the game's many systems. (I'm thinking more for heroes but you can totally do this with weapons as well). So what I mean by this is to have, instead of just a subclass,
  1. A hero class
  2. A hero skin
  3. And finally the hero perks
So let's say I want to play B.A.S.E. In order to do so, I must first pick the Constructor because only the Constructor has relevant skills. Next, I would pick a Constructor skin from all the skins I have unlocked based on the subclasses I have previously received from llamas. Finally, I would pick a combination of 11 abilities (with 1 being the default Creative Engineering) to slot onto my Constructor
"BUT THAT'S OP" you might say
Well not exactly. We would need to associate a "perk capacity" to the hero, maybe depending on our level in Constructors and also associate a "perk cost" to each perk available to the Constructor class. This way, Taking a powerful ability like "Power Modulation" could cost us 5 points out of our 30 points total while something like "Exit Plan" could cost only 3. In essence, the player would be able to min-max their character builds which offers diversity while at the same time not making the character insanely broken. Of course, ultimately whether or not it's balanced would have to depend on the costs attributed to the various abilities
As for weapons
Leveling up perks for every single weapon is a pain in the ass. Instead, why not make the perks behave like Warframe mods where once you leveled one up, you can shift it around your various weapons. This way, it is a lot easier to introduce new perks into the game without breaking older ones. It also allows for a lot more diversity when it comes to setting builds up on top of the fact that players no longer have to dump 53208510850154 PERK UPs leveling them up over and over. Of course, we could just balance it with the "perk capacity" thing mentioned above to make certain perks cost more
The Conclusion
I honestly think it is a myth that Fortnite missions are "long" because if you just look at any other game, be it within the same genre or beyond, most matches can easily take more time than the average duration of a Fortnite game. That said, I do feel that the problem is more apparent in Fortnite due to the fact that players are required to farm the same resources over and over just so they can level up similar heroes/weapons/survivors that offer little diversity to their playstyle. In short, it just feels tedious and repetitive.
Is Fortnite a bad game? Of course not because if it was, I wouldn't have played it for over a year. That said, it is a repetitive one and I have played a lot of repetitive games (trust me on this) but Fortnite is just on the "less rewarding" end of the spectrum when it comes to the grind.
Thanks for reading through a kind of post I don't usually write. What do you guys think about what I said? Let me know your thoughts down in the comments
TL;DR Fortnite missions aren't long. They just feel long because they are unrewarding. If Fortnite adopts a system similar to Warframe, the grind can be streamlined tremendously
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