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I’m giving up

I don’t intend to hurt or upset the dev team but I can no longer hide how I feel. We all know TownCenter will be nothing like Smallworlds. You can argue that the devs never said it is a smallworlds2.0 but when you link our Smallworlds accounts to it and have our Smallworlds avatars and items, it just feels like a nasty tease to try and deceive people into thinking this game will be anything like Smallworlds. Why did I love Smallworlds? Because I could roleplay, because I could walk around, because I could make a whole school, a modelling agency, a store, an art gallery. You do realise the RPG part of Smallworlds is why it was so successful? Without walking i doubt RPG will work... and it being an APP.. on a PHONE! No way in hell am I playing an app. And yes, just now I said Smallworlds was successful. And that’s because it was. The game itself was brilliant! The team however was not. The prices the game had were insane for gold, vip and packages, and they hardly ever advertised. The fall of Smallworlds was NEVER on us, it was on their terrible management!!!!!
I’m sorry if I seem aggressive but I suppose I caught myself writing this during an episode. Hate me and argue against me all you want but NOTHING can change my mind. I’m so tired of waiting... reading and reading I hear more and more of how badly this game is going to turn out. And I mean how badly it will be for ME. For others it might be great. But I for one am not about to play a mobile app, teleporting to different positions on a places panel and mimic MSP.
I am just so tired. I need Smallworlds to keep me living through everything that’s going on in my awful life right now. I’m not even being dramatic. I want this game back, I want this community back with the game. But I know this will never happen.
I don’t mean to offend the dev team but I understand that this probably will upset them. Either way, I can’t deny how I feel and I can’t find other words to express my anger and exhaustion.
Goodbye. I wish you luck for the future of this... app...
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[Street Magic] Part 3

Meta: I didn’t realize u/HedgeKnight was an actual redditor and contributor to Writing Prompts. Sorry about that! Going forward HedgeGish23 will be change going forward to HedgeGish23
New Post: X-Post from tifu - TIFU by trying to cast a Sigil from the Ars Goetica
Posted: 2 hour ago. Edited: 38 minutes ago.
User: HornedGOAT
Guys, I fucked up really badly.
So you know how most of the known Sigils are ones SEP/Sorcerers (can we pick a term, btw?) just somehow ‘knew’ after the Ebon Bell rang? And then everything so far has been a variant on that? Well, I’ve been working on becoming a TEP/Wizard, and I’m just going with the cooler names here on out. I got down the Sigils for Move and Shield down pretty quickly, and was having some fun throwing balls of force in my backyard, but...I mean, FlamePrincess can call down pillars of fire, FireBallMaster invented a whole new way to cast spells, and CadeTheDreamer has figured out limited Astral Projection, and I’m over here throwing little balls of force.
So I decided to try some new Sigils. Ones that weren’t part of the established canon already. I googled it and Wikipedia had a whole page of Sigils) so I figured might as well try one.
First of all, they’re really, really hard. It’s not as natural a motion as a lot of the ones Sorcerers learned after the Ebon Bell rang, and they don’t flow as well. I moved my finger and was Manifesting at the time, so the shapes were forming in the air, but getting them to connect was really hard.
Until I tried the one for Valefar.
He’s a Duke of Hell in demonology, and his Sigil is nice and flowy, so perfect for manifesting.
Good news! I did not accidentally summon a demon lord to Earth, and have not yet proven they were real. So...that’s positive. That’s a good thing I can be proud of.
Bad news! The spell did have an effect.
On me.
I didn’t realize when I was doing it, but Valefar’s sigil is really, really similar to how the Sigil for Transmute looks. Which I should know, I’ll freely admit I’ve been watching a ton of MetamorphVixens videos, but I was just so excited to try something new out.
Now I have four giant goat horns, I’m a foot taller, I have a tail that ends in a point, and my hands and legs up to the knees/elbows are covered in fur.
I’m sure it’ll be fine, I just need to actually to a Transmute Sigil. But thought I’d share a picture with you all so we can laugh at my fuck up.
[Image Link]
Shit. Shitshitshit. Transmute isn’t working. Transmute is not working. I can’t change back. Fuck fuck fuck this isn’t funny anymore, I think I might be stuck like this. My parents get home in a couple hours and they don’t even know I’m a Wizard, they’re super Christian and think this is the apocalypse and I’m so fucked they’re going to kill me.
FireballMaster: (Two hours ago)
LOLOL You look like Satan bro. Get some red skin on you and bam, you have the best holloween costume ever.
HornedGOAT (Two hours ago)
Right? I should go stalking around a church like this just to make all the Christians piss themselves.
HedgeKnight (Two hours ago)
Don’t cut yourself on that edge. That’s a good way to get yourself shot.
FireballMaster (Two Hours ago)
Should have known captain buzzkill would show up to throw in his two cents. Tagging MetamorphVixen - you’ve got a fan!
HedgeKnight (Two hours ago)
Real mature. Look, HornedGoat, you look pretty young from your photo, like fourteen or fifteen? You do not want to do something stupid like that. You could at the very least get arrested for Disturbing the Peace - this could easily get classified as behavior likely to start a riot.
Oh, also, you’re too young to be watching those videos.
HornedGOAT (One hour ago)
I appreciate it, but I’m not stupid. I’m not going to do anything like that, it’s just a funny thought. And I’m in college, just have a babyface. So don’t moralize at me. I get enough of that shit from my parents. Sucks that this happened over summer break.
MetamorphVixen (One hour ago)
IgnoreHedgeGish23. He means well, he’s just a bit of a dick.
New Thread
MetamorphVixen (27 Minutes ago)
I say in every single video not to fuck around with Transmute. I nearly killed myself the first time I tried it! Do you just skip ahead to the good parts? Look, where are you?
HornedGOAT (26 Minutes ago)
I’m in Seattle. And yes I do skip to the good parts I’m sorry I’m so fucked.
MetamorphVixen (25 Minutes ago)
No, you’re not. You’re safe, I’m in Portland. I’m going to come and fix you. Get out of your horse. Do you have a friend who wouldn’t flip out on you?
HornedGOAT (24 Minutes ago)
Yes, I do. Thank you so much oh my God.
MetamorphVixen (23 minutes ago, Silver)
Good. Go to your friends, DM me the address. I’ll be there in a few hours.
FlamePrincess (21 minutes ago)
This is the kind of support our community needs! So glad to see there’s people helping each other out. I can’t afford Gold, but have some Silver.
MetamorphVixen (7 minutes ago)
We’ve got to look out for each other. Thanks for the silver, hon! Love your YouTube channel - let me know how that new Flame and Shield combo turns out, I’m hoping it makes the fireworks you’re looking for!
FlamePrincess (1 minute ago)
<3. I’d promote your channel back, buuut I don’t want to get demonetized. Sorry about that!
New Thread
FireBallMaster (15 minutes ago)
Dude, you turned yourself into a goat demon and get to meet MetamorphVixen? I wish I could fuck up that well in the future.
I've been looking forward to this moment for a long time.
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