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Splatfests - Fun facts and localization changes!

We're back, and this time with some hot Splatfest info and the largest post yet! This post is sponsored by the Knight vs. Wizard post-Splatfest dialogue. As it turns out, that's not the only thing that went missing, so this time we're focusing on information that went missing in or around Splatfest dialogue, or got subtly (or not-so-subtly) changed in localization. Or if it's not a global Splatfest, just some plain old fun facts lifted from the dialogue. I hope this post will also provide an idea of what you could expect more information on in future Splatoon titles, and what information will likely remain an inside joke due to being exclusive to the localizations.
If you haven't yet, I recommend reading the previous Off the Hook trivia post first! It provides some insight into your (hopefully) favourite cephalopods and how their dynamic was changed, which helps in reading this post and understanding why some changes were made. And because there's a lot of fun additional info exclusive to supplementary materials.
The complete post is over Reddit's character limit. Because of this (and to keep the information in the post flowing a bit better), the content for some more minor Splatfest information is relegated to a comment below this post, which I'll link here: https://www.reddit.com/splatoon/comments/c9ki8d/splatfests_fun_facts_and_localization_changes/esz889k/
Sources this time are mostly the in-game dialogue either through Youtube videos or splatoonwiki.org, unless otherwise noted. If there are translations available, I'll try to link those instead. If you have any translations you'd like to see added for future reference, please let me know. Also, the Splatfests may not exactly in chronological order across regions. This will likely be the last post in the Splatoon 2 localization changes series. I hope you'll enjoy yourself!
And once again, special thanks to a friend (who still wishes to remain anonymous) for proofreading, doublechecking a lot of the information, and making this post the best it can be.
Note: Not all Splatfests will be listed, because not all of them introduce new or interesting information or characterization. If you can't find a Splatfest, it's likely left out on purpose. For a full list of Splatfests and (most of) their dialogue, please refer to https://splatoonwiki.org/wiki/List_of_Splatfests_in_Splatoon_2.
A note on localization
While the rest of this post is kept as objective as possible, I do want to at least share some thoughts on the role of localization in a game. This part is entirely subjective and entirely skippable.
Translators and localization teams are often faced with difficult choices. Puns that can't be translated, cultural references you may have to change or omit, or even how to translate sentences so the tone and flow remain intact. As a translator, there's more to it than just getting the meaning across. And in some cases, the localization will feature major changes from the source material. This can be to appeal to the audience you're translating it for, but also because of cultural differences in what content is deemed acceptable. For a cool and in-depth example on how these changes are approached, you can read Localization and Ace Attorney, a blog post by Janet Hsu - one of the people who worked on the Ace Attorney series localization, who is now the Localization Director of Capcom Japan. Even if you haven't played the Ace Attorney series, it's a fun read.
Whether you agree or not with changes in a localization (for any game), there's inevitably going to be some kind of tradeoff between accuracy and relatability when translating certain lines. By appealing to a broader market, you'd be able to sell more copies of the game, but also lose something the creators of the game intended. What I personally don't agree with for the localization of Splatoon 2 is how many things the localization added that weren't originally there, or bits of information about the world or characters that were removed even though there was no cultural or linguistic conflict in keeping them. Examples include (from the previous Off the Hook trivia post) dialogue pertaining to Pearl's unnaturally loud voice, Marina having learned the Inkling language from Pearl initially, and some lines about Marina's affection for heavy machinery. But most importantly, the significant changes to Off the Hook's dynamic in the English and Japanese versions of the game, some of which eventually even had to be reworked to fit the game's actual intent. This had left a few people wondering if either Pearl and Marina actually dislike each other, or if they're just putting on an act for their brand. But neither of these is the case in the Japanese version.
I've also seen a fair deal of speculation threads on what certain casual mentions could mean for Splatoon and its universe, based on information that is exclusive to the localization. Examples include Marina's narwhal landlord (Unicorns vs. Narwhals), if we'll ever see Pearl's best friend if it's not Marina (mentioned in The Reef's localized stage announcement dialogue where Pearl took her best friend to a cake shop and Marina doesn't remember going to one), or why they bothered replacing Callie and Marie if Off the Hook is just going to be the same anyway - for example, here are some sentiments on Reddit from two years ago and one year ago. I think adding information like this can create unfair expectations for the next game. Since these changes are not known to the game's original development team, it makes the localization's additions unlikely to be expanded upon. And by removing some information, it can become confusing down the line if the game eventually ends up relying on the removed information for its story - see the note on the Fax Machine below, and the Friends vs. Fam Splatfest changes.
In the end, Splatoon is not the story-heaviest game, so this may sound like an overreaction to a game for kids where you play an anthropomorphized squid and shoot other squids with ink. But decisions like these are not exclusive to Splatoon. Players can end up disliking parts of a story or entire characters because of how they're written, when the author intended for the writing to be something else (or even the exact opposite in some cases) - I personally think the responsibility of writing an enjoyable character or a terrible one lies solely with the author, and reinventing a character dynamic or large portions of dialogue should only be done during localization when the situation actually calls for it.
A note on the Fax Machine
You may have noticed this thing appearing on the screen before every Splatfest announcement. It was in Splatoon 1 as well, but it looks a bit different in Splatoon 2, as it now has a bunch of extra talismans on it. However, despite it appearing every time and playing a significant canonical role in Splatfests, it's never actually talked about in-game (besides Sunken Scroll 24 in Splatoon 1, but it doesn't mention what it is) - but it does come up a few times in the Japanese version, so it's worth elaborating on first for context.
The fax machine is how both the Squid Sisters and Off the Hook receive the subjects for the current Splatfest. The messages it receives are from 12.000 years ago, when humans were still around. The idea is that the messages are sent from the Squid Research Lab (or rather Nintendo's HQ), which is the canonical reason for Nintendo's Splatfest announcements matching up with those in Splatoon's future world. Here's a part of an interview with the developers, translated by Nintendo Everything:
Inoue: “The world of Splatoon takes place 12,000 years after the present time and the Squid Sisters are those who receive messages from 12,000 years ago. Like there would be a discussion ‘rice or bread?’ in current time, and those words fly to another planet and bounce back for them to receive. Those divine messages come from kami-sama [kami means a god, sama is a honorific like -san].”
Nogami: “Kami-sama is written as ‘paper’ when using kanji [kami has several meanings, two of which are a god and paper], so the topic of Splatfest comes as a fax-like paper. That’s where the name kami-sama comes from (laughs).”
To that effect, the original role of your other favourite cephalopods (the Squid Sisters) was to function as shrine maidens tending to the fax machine and spreading its messages. With a translation from a different Nintendo Everything article:
“The staff was very particular on the dialogue, like ‘Marie doesn’t say a thing like that’, so some adjustments were made. Originally, before they were idols, they were called ‘shrine maidens’ and their role was to transmit divine messages from god to people.”
First Splatfests - Cake vs. Ice Cream (NA/EU), Rock vs. Pop (JP), has a translation
You can read the English version's dialogue and the Japanese version's dialogue (translated) on Splatoonwiki. Nothing too interesting happens in the Japanese version this time. This is the first time the English version brings up Splatfest law:
Marina: Well, I guess that settles it. Ice cream is officially better than cake.
Pearl: Well, I don't know if it's "officially" better...
Marina: Actually, according to chapter 3, paragraph 5 of the Splatfest rules, it is.
Marina: Ice cream is now legally better than cake. It's the law, Pearl.
While it'll come up again in a few later NA/EU Splatfests, it's not in the JP version of the Splatfest. It's unlikely that Splatfests officially deciding which subject is better will be a larger point of contention in future games, but as it comes up more often in localized dialogue it's likely they'll also put references to it in the localization of a future title. If you read the rest of the dialogue, you'll also note a common theme in the announcements - the NA/EU versions of Splatfests generally have Off the Hook debate why they don't like the other team's choice, and in the JP version the focus is more on the pros of their own teams. The EU localization mostly follows NA's localization, but when NA/EU Splatfests are different the EU version usually draws on more of the available canonical information.
There's also an additional exchange between two of the localization producers who worked on Splatoon 2 available on the Nintendo Treehouse Tumblr page, which is worth a read.
Mayo vs. Ketchup (Global) - Splatoonwiki link, has a translation
The Splatoonwiki link has the English version and a translation for the Japanese version. Here too the localization mostly differs in condemning the other team over motivating the choice for their own team. Also, in the Japanese version it's mentioned Pearl puts mayo on everything. While this is missing here from the English version, it's instead referenced later in the Flight vs. Invisibility Splatfest.
The Japanese version also possibly has the shortest victory dialogue ever, clocking in at 4 lines total.
Flight vs. Invisibility (NA/EU) - Splatoonwiki link
In this Splatfest's introduction, the dialogue's tone's a lot more in line with the Japanese version, though Marina still has some pretty special ideas on what to do with invisibility. Also, Pearl has the following line referring to the previous Splatfest:
Pearl: If I ran out of mayo while frosting a cake... FWOOSH! Grocery store.
Which approximately implies the same thing as the Japanese version in the Mayo vs. Ketchup Splatfest.
Warm Inner Wear vs. Warm Outer Wear (JP) - Splatoonwiki link, has a translation
A cross-promotion with a real world company, this time with Uniqlo - a company that designs, manufactures and retails casual fashion, which has overseas outlets these days as well. Pearl prefers the inner wear for mobility and making it easier to match with your favourite clothes, while Marina finds outer wear more convenient because it's quick to put on. After the Splatfest, Pearl mentions that Team Outer Wear also had great mobility and will try wearing outer wear afterwards. As we'll see more in later Splatfests, there's a few occurences where they get excited about each other's teams.
With Lemon vs. Without Lemon (JP) - Splatoonwiki link, has a translation
This Splatfest is specifically about putting lemon on deep-fried food or not. In it, Pearl's surprised Marina doesn't use lemon, and purports that Marina's still a child as adults would enjoy the refreshing sour taste of the lemon. (Pearl and Marina are 21 and 18, respectively.) And apparently Marina makes really good fried chicken, according to herself.
As this is not a promotional event, you could assume the Splatoon universe still has live chickens. This is mostly interesting because the game takes place 12,000 years in the future, and at least humans and cats (save for the Judd Bros.) went extinct already. But since this is mostly a contemporary cultural thing, I doubt this will ever actually come up again.
Film vs. Book (EU) - Splatoonwiki link
This one's worth mentioning because Splatfest law comes up again in the results dialogue:
Pearl: AWWWW YISS! The shining silver screen crushes the puny paper pawns!
Marina: Oh, no... What's going to happen to my free time now?
Pearl: You'll have way more of it! The movie tells the same story in half the time!
Pearl: Splatfest law says: movie night at nine. Tonight. And you are GOING to have fun.
Marina: But-
Pearl: NO BUTS! Clear your schedule, Marina! We've got a lot of watching to do!
Marina: I can feel a headache coming on already...
Action vs. Comedy (Global) - Splatoonwiki link, has a translation
Since it's a global Splatfest, we can finally talk about localization changes again! As with most other global Splatfests, the English dialogue has no common ground with the Japanese dialogue.
The English version has the following line for Pearl, which is likely a reference to the comedy show The Big Bang Theory, which gained notoriety on the internet for its liberal application of laughing tracks and also has a nerdy character named Sheldon:
Pearl: I don't wanna hear Sheldon tell nerdy crab jokes in front of a laugh track!
Meanwhile, Marina makes a point out of how a lot of action movies have a similar plot:
Marina: And why's the hero always gotta come out of retirement to stop her nemesis?
Marina: And then it turns out that her partner was the true bad guy all along! GASP!
Marina: The hero wins, but she gets chewed out by the chief for destroying a city block.
Marina: Sound familiar?
Pearl: Yeah, that's one of my favorites! Actually, that's all of my favorites...
The Japanese version is very different. In this version, Pearl and Marina talk about movies they recommended to each other, and how they enjoyed each other's recommendation. Right after the Splatfest, Pearl wants to go see the sequel to an action movie with Marina, though Pearl also promised to see a year-end drama special with her on the same day the action movie sequel comes out. They both can't decide which they'd rather see first, so they leave it up to the Splatfest results. Team Comedy ended up winning, and Marina invites Pearl to a movie night at her place for binge watching a 7 season drama series' DVD box set.
It's worth checking out the dialogue yourself via the Splatoonwiki link. While references to Off the Hook doing stuff together in their free time (and actually enjoying it) have been removed a couple of times in the past, it's uncertain why the entire dialogue was changed. Changing all of the dialogue happens for other Splatfests as well, even if they don't have such references.
Challenger vs. Champion (JP) - Splatoonwiki link, has a translation
This Splatfest is in reference to the Splatoon manga. It's mostly interesting because Pearl and Marina ended up cheering for each other's team as well, so choosing a Splatfest team is not strictly competitive, as you've also seen in Warm Inner vs. Warm Outer and more Splatfests later down below. The addition of Splatfest law contradicts this (up to the final Splatfest, which is affected by its addition), as it turns the celebratory nature of Splatfests into something which suddenly has consequences.
Flower vs. Dumpling (JP) - Splatoonwiki link, has a translation
Note: 'Flowers over dumplings' is a proverb meaning function (dumplings) over aesthetics (flowers)
In this Splatfest, Pearl starts off complaining about her consecutive Splatfest losses. In the JP region, Marina had won 6 in a row. She mentions that while she has fun, she's bummed out she hadn't gotten more support. Pearl's fairly gracious about this losing streak, which is worth mentioning because she acts like sore loser a couple of times in the localization. Pearl actually wins this one, too.
Chicken vs. Egg (NA/EU) - Splatoonwiki link
This is the Splatfest with possibly one of the most frontpaged lines in Splatoon 2. In that regard, the localization has raised a lot of awareness for Splatoon 2 by adding lines like these, as it's easy to share them out of context and enjoy them even if you haven't played the game. If you first got into Splatoon 2 because of a Reddit frontpage image, you may thank the localization for it. Also, Splatfest law comes up for the third time:
Pearl: You know the Splatfest rules, Marina...
Pearl: The chicken officially came before the egg. BOOYAH!
Marina: Actually, I think most scientists would disagree wi–
Pearl: The chicken came first, Marina. The Splatfest proved it.
Marina: I'm just saying that genetic mutations over the course of many generations–
Latest Model vs. Popular Model (JP) - Splatoonwiki link, has a translation
A cross-promotion with Nike. Pearl supports the latest model because according to her it's always evolving, like Off the Hook's music. Marina's more of a fan of designs that have been perfected over the years, and aims to build a long-loved Splatfest stage with that philosophy in mind. Pearl takes a jab at Marina for having more enthusiasm here for stage design than music composition. Interestingly, these reasons mirror both team's motivations for the final Splatfest, with Pearl being in favor of change while Marina prefers sticking with a familiar situation that has worked out in the past.
Salty vs. Sweet (EU) - Splatoonwiki link
In this one, an indirect reference is made to Pearl being older than Marina. While not too interesting on its own, it is worth pointing out that while it's brought up a couple of times across EU/JP Splatfests, the NA version doesn't bring this up at any point to my knowledge. Or I've missed it.
Pearl: Which corn would you pop for? A salty, savory delight?
Marina: Or a sweet cinema classic?
Pearl: Salty, of course! I'm representin' for the MATURE audience, here, not kids.
Marina: Adults like sweet things, too, Pearl. Plus salty popcorn makes me so thirsty.
Unknown Creature vs. Advanced Technology (JP) - Splatoonwiki link, has a translation
A cross-promo this time with JAMSTEC, or the Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology, complete with Splatoon 2's own rendition of their logo (and here's the original for reference), this one's different from other cross-promos because it's for a public interest company. In the introductory dialogue, Marina gets really excited about the technical specifications of the strange ship appearing on the Manta Maria stage, which is the real-life drilling ship Chikyuu. Meanwhile, Pearl is more excited about the mystery of the unknown, a characteristic that also comes up in the final Splatfest.
Raph vs. Leo, Mikey vs. Donnie, Raph vs. Donnie (NA/EU) - First, second and third Splatoonwiki links
While the dialogue isn't too exciting, this is the first and last cross-promo Splatfest in Splatoon 2 overseas. What was also special here is that these Splatfests only had a week between them. In it, Marina picks Team Donatello for his technological prowess, being a tech enthusiast and engineer herself.
Hello Kitty vs. Cinnamoroll, My Melody vs. Pompompurin, Hello Kitty vs. My Melody (JP)
At approximately the same time as the Turtles Splatfests, Japan had a similar promotional event going on for four Sanrio characters: Hello Kitty, Cinnamoroll, My Melody and Pompompurin. I didn't link all three Splatoonwiki pages here because the first one is untranslated and the second one doesn't have the dialogue.
In the first of these Splatfests, Pearl considers the battling advantage of Cinnamoroll's ability to fly with his ears. Pearl also mentions that Hello Kitty can apparently DJ, and jokingly mentions that she wants to compose a track with Hello Kitty when she gets the chance. She immediately had to mention it's a joke and comforted Marina afterwards, as Marina took it seriously and was on the verge of tears. This is worth mentioning because it reflects the tone common in JP Off the Hook's banter, which is never intentionally hurtful.
Splatoonwiki doesn't have the stage dialogue for My Melody vs. Pompompurin, but you aren't missing out on much for that one. Here's a video for the curious.
The announcement dialogue for the last one's a fun read if you like wholesome interactions, there's a translation available. It also mirrors the dialogue for the Flower vs. Dumpling Splatfest.
Also, the Splatfest art was nice, too. It uses a pastel palette which Sanrio's known for.
Squid vs. Octopus (Global) - Splatoonwiki link, has a translation
Since Pulp vs. No Pulp doesn't have much going on, we're skipping it in favour for the next global Splatfest! This one happened exactly one year after the release of Splatoon 2, and followed after the Octo Expansion, which was released about a month earlier. It also let Team Octopus play as Octolings even if they didn't own the Octo Expansion, which may have contributed to them winning the popularity contest.
Since it was after the Octo Expansion, and since both the EN and JP dialogue avoid explicitly mentioning Marina's an Octarian, it can be assumed they're still hiding this fact from the general public. Since Octolings are now also in Inkopolis Square, Marina mentions this theme could be confrontational given the recent changes in Inkopolis. However, there is an odd change. In the English version, it's mentioned Pearl learned about octopuses in history class (EU) or school (NA). In the Japanese version however, it's mentioned that they both learned about squids and octopuses in history class. They're a different kind of squid and octopus as the ones that went extinct, which is fairly obvious considering our contemporary squids don't turn into rapping DJ-ing humanoids. The localization seems to make it a point to pretend octopuses and Octolings in general just don't exist, which is weird if you consider the Octo Expansion is over by now. Note the following exchanges, one where Pearl stops Marina from slipping up:
Marina: Well... It could be a bit...confrontational, given the recent changes in Inkopolis.
Pearl: Changes? You mean the weird hairstyle fad?
Marina: OH! Right... The hairstyle fad...
And then Marina almost gives it away again a bit later:
Marina: An octopus could be hiding right under your nose, AND YOU'D NEVER KNOW IT...
Pearl: Uh...
Marina: I mean... If they weren't extinct, of course!
While Pearl may be trying to protect Marina's identity here, there's a few points worth considering in addition to these exchanges:
  • The NA/EU versions only mention octopuses went extinct, and left out the squid part
  • The above two exchanges try to steer away from mentioning the fact there are octopuses/Octolings in Inkopolis Square at all, where the JP version doesn't talk about this event - it just talks about the now-extinct squid/octopus species
  • In the JP version they also talk about dishes that were made with squid/octopus, which is also removed (though its removal makes more sense since squid/octopus dishes aren't as big overseas)
All in all, it feels like rather than just protecting Marina's identity, they're making it sound like Octolings are actually the same species as the extinct octopus, and are pretending they just don't exist in Inkopolis right now. This is a bit of a stretch though, so I recommend reading both versions on Splatoonwiki yourself to note the differences and keep the information for both in mind.
In the JP version, there's also an short remark about how there's an actual rule against bringing more than one kind of weapon into battle.
Adventure vs. Relax (EU) - Splatoonwiki link
In the results of this, it's the fourth time Splatfest law comes up, though this time it's EU exclusive. The European localization(s) do generally follow the North American one.
Pearl: Well stop lamenting, get packed and say goodbye to the coconut-sipping life!
Marina: Not my sippy coconut! That's the best part of the trip! How will I manage?
Pearl: You'll survive. And Splatfest law says you can't complain about it either!
Also, this happens:
Marina: I can see it now. The sun, the breeze in my tentacles, a quick dip in the ocean…
Pearl: Marina, did you forget that we LITERALLY DISSOLVE in the ocean or somethin'?
Trick vs. Treat (Global) - Splatoonwiki link, has a translation
As not much happens in Tsubuan vs. Koshian, it's on to the next global Splatfest! In this one, something similar happened to Action vs. Comedy. For the JP Splatfest Pearl wants to dress up in scary costumes with Marina to scare people for Halloween, while Marina wanted just wanted to wear matching costumes and have a candy party evening. They use the Splatfest to figure out which of the two it's going to be. Team Treat won, but Marina got Pearl excited for it anyway since she was still going to prepare costumes for both of them. Unfortunately both of these interactions were removed in the English version. Though the Splatoonwiki page also lists the datamined text for if Team Trick would've won, which was closer to the original sentiment.
Hero vs. Villain (Global) - Splatoonwiki link, has a translation
This one's a cross-promotion with Smash Bros. Ultimate. In the JP version, Marina gets profound about how it's not up to someone to decide what's evil, before admitting she took it from a manga she was reading. She doesn't want to spoil the rest so she can watch the anime adaptation later with Pearl. The English version gets some similar points across, but doesn't have Pearl relent on her stance. Marina being a manga enthusiast here was removed. though having Marina be a fan of comic books could've been a replacement for it.
Fam vs. Friend (Global) - Splatoonwiki link
This one's a bit longer since Splatoonwiki has no translation available. While this Splatfest does have some endearing dialogue in the localization, it did leave out some additional info for Marina as a trade-off. The part that Pearl considers Marina family is there in both versions, but the leadup is a bit different considering the first half of it is removed. In the JP version, Marina's participating in a 3-day long DJ event coming up shortly, with Diss-Pair's DJ Warabi (from the tracks Seasick and Kinetosis) and SashiMori's DJ PAUL (from the tracks Chopscrewey and Entropical), although he wasn't mentioned by name in the Splatfest. Pearl mentions it's gonna be a huge event since they're all up in the music charts, and Marina tries inviting Pearl to be a special guest at the event, but is interrupted before she can finish asking.
Pearl notices that Marina's been busy with her DJ friends, and she's happy that Marina gets to spend more time with them. Pearl mentions wanting to spend time with her family this year, and Marina's visibly bummed and asks if she doesn't want to spend time with her friends. Pearl says that while she enjoys the busy atmosphere, she wanted to relax with family this year instead. She wanted to invite Marina to come along, but Pearl mentions it can't be helped since Marina's busy and keeping promises to friends is really important. Marina then gets confused, wondering if she misheard that Pearl mentioned wanting to spend time with family. That's when Pearl cuts in and says that being Off the Hook, they're basically family already, and Marina reacts like this. After that, Marina mentions the Splatfest is cancelled because both of them are on Team Family.
As a result of not having this lead-up, the localization retains only some of this interaction, as the focal point of the JP dialogue was Marina thinking they were just good friends. It ends up taking Marina less by surprise:
Pearl: Plus, you don't have to front around your family. You can just be yourself.
Marina: ...
Pearl: Oh... Well, uh...
Marina: That's great, Pearl. I'm glad your family makes you happy.
Pearl: And you know what, Marina? You and me?
Pearl: We're Off the Hook! We're totally family!
Marina: Awwwww. In that case, I'm going Team Family too!
Marina: Sorry, everyone. Pearl and I have both chosen Team Family, so...
In addition to not admitting Marina has other friends too, this is also a change to how both of them perceive their relationship with each other. As such, it's one of the more noteworthy Splatfest changes.
Knight vs. Wizard (Global) - Splatoonwiki link, translation in separate links
Here it is! One of the motivations for this post existing. The gist of the JP version is that Pearl and Marina plan on playing the co-op mode for the new Fresh Fish game together, and talk about the classes they want to pick for it and why - this was removed in the localization. While both versions are consistent on them having written the theme song for the game, in the localization Pearl doesn't remember the game at all, while in the JP version she's surprised the game's out already. I recommend just reading through both versions for this one.
For the results, nothing was actually translated. However, there was actual dialogue for this. For comparison, here are translations for the Splatfest introduction, Team Knight and Team Wizard victory dialogue, as provided by Twitter user and squid superfan @NeoNamuro. If you're @NeoNamuro and you're reading this, hey! I love your artwork.
Here's the English version as sourced from splatoonwiki.org since it's short enough to fit in:
Marina: WIZARDS!
Pearl: Ugh...
Marina: HA! I guess chivalry truly is dead.
Pearl: ...
Marina: I'm proud of you, wizards! We live to cast another day!
Hare vs. Tortoise (Global) - Splatoonwiki link
While similar in a lot of respects, the part where they tell each other "that's just like you" is more about appreciating characteristic qualities for both of them in the original, whereas it's used to deliver ribbing remarks to each other in the localization. Going by the rest of the dialogue, it's one of the last things you'd expect JP Marina to say to Pearl.
@NeoNamuro has translations up again for the introduction and the results, though these are written to be more in line with the localization where possible.
Narwhal vs. Unicorn (NA) - Splatoonwiki link
Here it turns out Marina's landlord is a narwhal and Pearl doesn't believe narwhals are real, but more importantly it contains some omnious dialogue:
Marina: I guess Team Unicorn was too busy tooting their own horns to show up!
Pearl: Yeah... Nice one, Marina.
Marina: ...
Marina: Uh, Pearl? You feeling OK?
Pearl: You ever just feel like...something big is coming?
Pearl: It's almost like... the end is near.
Marina: Yeah, I feel it too...
Marina: But whatever happens, we'll always have each other's backs. Right?
Pearl: Yeah...
Marina: ...
The datamined text for if Team Unicorn would've won is similar, but has Marina sulking instead of Pearl. I won't put it in here due to space constraints, but it's up on Splatoonwiki if you want to read it.
Neither the EU nor the JP version have anything similar to this. While most likely a reference to the last Splatfest, it's possible the localization team has additional info on the next game and is foreshadowing it here. If the latter is the case, it's unknown why this is the only version to do that. We'll have to find out in a few weeks which one it is.
Chaos vs. Order (Global) - Splatoonwiki link
It's the Splatocalypse! There's a translation available in this Reddit post, though there's still some notes to be made here that needed the context of the other Splatfests to make sense. As noted, Marina's much more worried about this Splatfest in the Japanese version, and at no point does she change her mind to say that this Splatfest is going to be really fun. The tone at the end of the JP version is noticeably resigned.
Marina's on Team Order to preserve the status quo and to protect the place she made for herself in the world, while Pearl would rather shake things up, which threatens Marina's stability (and to her, Off the Hook continuing to exist as is, which is Marina's primary source of happiness). Pearl's tone in the JP version sounds a bit more like she's not aware how important this is to Marina, rather than dismissing her concerns due to annoyance.
The localization has worked Splatfest law into this last Splatfest as well, making it likely that Splatfest law will show up in future localizations. However, because of the addition of Splatfest law, there being real consequences to a Splatfest is not exclusive to this final one. It's worth noting that this is the only JP Splatfest with actual consequences. But since Pearl's attitude in this final Splatfest is comparable to previous Splatfests where there were no consequences, it makes Marina's concerns much more relevant.
If you visit the Splatoonwiki link, it turns out the results dialogue is still very bare-bones, possibly to prevent datamining; this is the only Splatfest to do so. It's possible that the dialogue will be patched in at the end of the Splatfest. My own theory is that there'll be a non-traditional ending to this Splatfest that doesn't end in Inkopolis Square on the regular news, so we'll never actually see the 'regular' post-Splatfest dialogue. I also believe that no matter which team wins, it'll lead to events that make the winner regret their decision in the inevitable follow-up. However, tone and localization-exclusive foreshadowing aside, this is still just my own speculation.
One thing that didn't carry over as well is that the tone for the JP dialogue is that Marina's much more serious in considering the possibility of Off the Hook breaking up as she seems to think Pearl's reasoning could mean she'd get bored of Off the Hook as well, and sounds more like a potential farewell. In addition, the final Shifty Station is called 'Dear Senpai' in the Japanese version, and Marina always refers to Pearl as senpai. The stage name is 'Eternal Friendship' in most of the European versions, whereas it's 'MC.Princess Diaries' in the North American version. All in all, it looks like this could potentially be a pretty sad Splatfest.
As to not end on the lowest note ever, here's a cute picture by @bbdd808.
If you still haven't had enough Off the Hook, consider stopping by /StayOfftheHook for a limitless supply of squids. There's even a Discord in its sidebar, and it could use some extra people!
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Vexillology | Cutting Out the Fluff of Your Civilizations by Half-Masting it

Vexillology | Cutting Out the Fluff of Your Civilizations by Half-Masting it

Vexillology is the study of flags, notably the symbolism and history that goes into them. This can be as straightforward as the picture on the flag, the colors used, or even the proportions (curse you Nepal!) For our purposes, the flags won't be as well thought out or fought over as Liechtenstein and Haiti in the 1936 Olympics, or maybe Libya's flag from 1977-2011.


We can use the process of creating a flag, a tangible symbol of our nation, organization, or other group, to cut out the fluff and give your players the important pieces of lore!

Choosing What to Show and How

So making a flag is simple, right? Pick an important image, slap it in a rectangle, and throw some color on it. Yes and no. There is a whole guide to creating flags from the North American Vexillological Association, but we don't need all that. Here are the important pieces.
  • Keep it simple, unique, and easy to recognize. An emblem emblazoned on a flag should be something succinct and representative of the whole people. A bushel of wheat is great for a land owned by farmers, but out of place when representing the entire kingdom. If you have a complex society, it can be difficult to tie all of that into a flag, so pick the biggest and most meaningful piece. When in doubt, pick the piece that is most essential for the players to know. As Korhal_IV pointed out, this also has an in-game reason! Today, intricate flags are easy with IRL technology. Within the fantasy realm, the people creating and duplicating the flag will most likely be farmers or textile workers or a soldier directly on the battlefield. Keeping it simple makes the flag easier for these folks to duplicate.
  • A flag is not a passing fad. It can be tempting to create a society based around corn. But in 20 years when the soil is dried up, they will move to peanuts. They look at their flag of the generation before them and think that it really shucks.
  • Make the colors meaningful and contrasted. I'd recommend looking at color theory in relation to emotions. Since the RPG space is more of a theater, looking into what emotions the colors evoke can be helpful for a good first impression. Red can represent blood, but also love or courage. Green can be nature literally, or refreshing and healing.
  • The wind is blowing, so things go on the right half first, then the top left. Fairly self explanatory. Because these are blowing in the wind, the details should be in the top left (where the stars are on the American flag) or the far right, because when it is hanging down, only the right half will be visible. One cool piece of info related to this is if you use animals (fantasy or otherwise), think about when this flag is charging into battle. If a dragon is facing right, it may look like the dragon is running away...

Example 1: The Orcs of Galrua

Galrua is a harsh land with next to nothing inside it. This featureless land is juxtaposed by the occasional black and burned tree, struck by lightning from the constant storms overhead. Legend has it that these trees are not individual; they are all sprouting roots from the world tree at the center of their land. The orcs here are fierce warriors not because they enjoy it, but because they need to survive. The lack of nutrients in the ground makes it impossible to farm, and the storms keep them moving. Orcs here are not angry or bloodthirsty, just misunderstood and doing what it takes, hoping for a better tomorrow.
Okay, we've got some warrior and heartbreaking themes, with darkness always looming overhead. Red and black shall be our colors. The world tree is the only recognizable landmark on their continent, and is unlikely to change. I also wanted to emphasize their nomadic lifestyle, so I traced a cliff face with footprints. It looked pretty bad, so the idea of the footprints got scrapped. The tree and its roots are clearly the focal point. The rectangular shape looked a bit off, for lack of a better term. I thought since they are constantly moving, their nomadic lifestyle could be better represented as a pennant flag, that would move as they do. Plus it uses less material, which they have little of.

Example 2: The Dwarves of Dyrheim

The land of Dyrheim actually inhabited by the dwarves is quite small, compared to the large size of their dwarven continent. The dwarves form around a volcano on the east side. They harness the magma to form forges and buildings. Instead of being the classic metal forgers, they can harness the ore rich sand to create amazing weapons and armor made entirely of glass. Their buildings are also made of glass, and by using the different chemical reactions from different elements to create a multitude of colors, creating kaleidoscope-esque structures. Due to their incredibly durable and lightweight glass weapons, they have become a hub of military trade. Additionally, their brilliantly colored cities are ripe for tourism.
Their colors are all over the place due to the shades of glass, so let's focus on another aspect for color. Blue and yellow go well together and often symbolize "royal" or "rich". Their main appeal to outsiders is their weapons, so let's add some sabers. Swords could be any fantasy society, so let's duplicate them six times and rotate them for a kaleidoscope effect.
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