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Macklemore: At The Party Lyrics

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The Secret Life of The Duck

Oregon's official site posted the stories of people who played The Duck aka Puddles and they are pretty entertaining.
The infamous tea bagging of Houston's Cougar Shasta:
The guy in the suit—a number of us would be the Duck at any given time—was not having it. He starts yelling at the Cougar—the Cougar reaches up and pushes the bill of the Duck, and they start getting into a shoving match. Both student sections are going nuts.
At halftime, we’re up in the cheer room talking to the Cougar. And we’re like, “Look, that got a huge reaction out of the crowd, let’s plan something for the second half. The next time you score a touchdown, we’ll roll around a bit, you get a couple of blows in, we’ll get a couple blows in.”
Yeah, my first football game, I fought the Cougar. I’d had a few energy drinks called Whoop Ass. I’m pretty sure they’re not sold anymore. I don’t hurt him, he doesn’t hurt me. He took me down and tackled me. I fake-punched him. There were some inappropriate gestures. The team gave me the game ball. —Duck no. 2
The Duck, all of them, were suspended for two games as a result, so Oregon played without a mascot.
The Duck sprinting ahead of the team before the 2015 championship game was not planned:
In 2015, our football team gets to the national championship. I’m standing near the entrance to the tunnel. Someone activates the fog machines right in front of the cheerleaders, and I see the entire cheer team take off out of the tunnel. What is going on? I look over and see this guy yelling, “GO!” So I step to the side. And he’s like, “No, GO!” The last guy on the cheer team had just passed me and some were already at the 50-yard line. I look back in the tunnel and I see the football team coming. And I go, “Oh, s***.” They want me to run.
The football team was in cleats sprinting out of the tunnel and I’m in a big floppy suit. They’re going to truck me. I just took off as fast as I could, trying to catch up with the cheer team. It was a fight or flight instinct.
Some other good stuff in there. Hanging out with Jimmy Fallon, getting compliments from Marcus Mariota, having to find a sketchy $300 fur coat to go on stage with Macklemore, and a failed skydiving attempt College Gameday attempted to pull off.
submitted by RatherBeYachting to ducks

Martial Arts is even better than working out for getting out of deep dark places, I think

Just a little sidenote. I am 5 months out almost. For alnost 4 months, physical activity was all I could do, Everything else was too much emotionally. When working out, I could just turn my brain off.
I have tryed something new though, and can really recommend it. I joined a mma gym three weeks ago. I was very anxious, and even wrote three mails to them (I thought I'd clear up my situation beforehand so they wouldn't be put off if I had panic attacks). They didn't respond, so I just thought I go once and try it out. Them not reading the mails (or acting like they didn't) turned out to be the best thing that happened to me. For the first time in months, I wasn't "the widower". I was just a guy who was in poor shape and got the shit kicked out of. It might seem sadistic, but the days where I had the most damage + muscle fatigue were the most emotionally bearable days I have had yet. It just takes in all your focus. Its not like you can just stop or leave like with lifting weights. There's another person in front of you that depends on you to stay and push yourself, so he can train too. This co-dependance is also something I have not had since my wife died. I needed everything and noone really needed me to contribute anything. I am grateful that I have so many people helping me, but its a breath of fresh air just having someone not treat you differently. This experience gave me an idea that might get me out of the darkness I have sunken in. I need to move. Away from everything and everyone. I might see my friends only every second weekend, but thats a price I am willing to pay. Everyone else has their life, but I am stuck here in my parents cellar. I guess Macklemore really was right when he said "its not dope to be 25 and move back to your parents basement", he he.
Anyways, that is my plan. Having more experiences like mma. Where something unexpected and scary comes at you and gives you no extra sympathy. Its the only way I see right now where living might not be a total waste of time, food and oxygen.
submitted by Intcleastw0od to widowers

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