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Majority Of Americans Would Rather Risk COVID Death Than Endure Any More Skype Lectures From Celebrities

Majority Of Americans Would Rather Risk COVID Death Than Endure Any More Skype Lectures From Celebrities submitted by zamease to kotakuinaction2

Girl Defined Exposed

Girl Defined Exposed
So Bethany and Ellissa have been whining about persecution and hate today and while I certainly don't think some of that is unjustified, I thought I'd remind everyone about all the crap GD has done because I'm in a very petty mood 💅

Masterlist of Girl Defined's Articles

Purity Culture
Toxic "Advice" on Mental Health

Nazi Ancestor and Nazi Apologists

Girl Defined's great-grandfather Johann (Hans) Grosslercher was a member of the NSDAP since 1925 and was the Nazi mayor of Saalfelden, Austria. He was arrested multiple times in 1934 likely for participating (and possibly leading) Nazi demonstrations (which was illegal in Austria at the time). He became the mayor of Saalfelden a mere six days after the Nazi Germany annexed Austria, which should give you a good indication of his status and influence within the party.
u/softspock wrote a fantastic masterpost here with a ton more details that I encourage everyone to read, if they haven't already.
None of this would be an issue if it wasn't for the following:

Bethany poses beside her Nazi ancestor's gravesite | https://archive.is/z31eh
During her honeymoon, Bethany and her husband posed in front of the gravesite of her great-grandparents. Savvy users quickly noticed the names and looked them up, only to discover the details I listed above. Bethany began deleting comments inquiring about the Nazi connection. This post is still up. The questioning comments are not.

Bethany's tone implies her family faced persecution, not that one of them was a Nazi | https://archive.is/GYCPu
Another post has the caption: "With family that lived in Austria and were directly impacted by the war, I have a special interest in learning about what they went through."
Johann Grosslercher likely oversaw sending Saalfelden's Jewish community to the death camps. Once the WWII ended, he was removed as mayor in 1945.
If Bethany is unaware of her ancestor's Nazi history and involvement, it may also be because her mother still holds him in high regard. One of Heidi's sons is nicknamed after him ("Hans"). She also made the following post below (since deleted):

Girl Defined's mother, Heidi, posts an actual picture of her Nazi grandfather, indicating that they still hold him in high regard.
This Nazi ancestor is still idolized within the Baird family to the point where Girl Defined either remains completely ignorant of his actions or they are deliberating misrepresenting their family history.
A 2012 blog article written by Bethany that takes care to mention her grandmother, but misrepresents her great-grandfather's arrest as oppression by the Nazis, rather than an arrest of a Nazi by the Austrian government.

Whether it's genuine ignorance, historical revision, or Nazi apologies, I'll let you decide.

Ellissa and Fiance's Homophobia

Ellissa has recently posted that she wishes to "clarify false info" regarding accusations of homophobic remarks made by her fiance. In case she herself is unaware, here is what he has posted regarding the LGBT community on his own social media (translated from Russian):

u/slavic_at_the_disco has a great post where she translated it herself if you want to know that the rasterized image above is an endorsement of Manny Pacquiao's statements that gays are "worse than animals".
And some more bigotry since this was not a one-time thing:
And those are just the posts that were made public.

Gatekeeping Christianity

During the 2019 Girl Defined Conference, Bethany and Kristen publicly tore down another fellow Christian YouTuber, God is Grey, in front of their own young audience simply for having a different interpretation than them. They are hostile to her progressive, LGBT-friendly, and sex-positive messages. On stage, Bethany infamously says: "Why even call yourself a Christian?"

Bethany has the audacity to call into question another Christian's faith.
This was especially egregious considering that Brenda (God Is Grey) previously reached out to them a whole month earlier via email, kindly asking if they'd be down to discuss and explore their differing views on purity and modesty. They responded that they'd be delighted to talk via Skype, but that they were swamped with conference prep so would have to schedule when it was less busy.
Days go by with no further correspondence. Until Brenda's own fans discover that Girl Defined has publicly questioned her faith and ripped her apart at their own conference. Brenda did an entire video about how Girl Defined played sweet to her face, but essentially stabbed her in the back.

Grifting for Fun & Profit

Girl Defined has been shady about their business operations and expenses at best. As a non-profit, they are required to file an annual 990 Tax Return. Here is their report for 2017 and here is the report for 2018. They haven't released the 2019 form, but when pressed, they offered a budget & expense report, not the actual amount of money they take in. They had a net asset of about $92,625 by the end of year 2018, but continue to ask for donations about $30,000 at the end of each year. They once asked for $20,000 when Cody Ko's video on them went viral. One of their biggest yearly expenses appears to be ~$6000+ on "Meals & Entertainment".

In Dec 2019, they claimed they needed nearly $15k for a new website and rebranding | https://archive.is/9UkeL
Despite exceeding their year end donation goal of $30,000, there is still no new website as of November 2020 and no one knows where that money went.
During COVID-19 shutdowns and economic trouble for hundreds of millions in the country, Girl Defined did not seem to take it very seriously. Instead of helping their local community, donating to people in need, supporting those infected either financially or emotionally, it was business at usual at Girl Defined HQ. They've travelled on domestically multiple times, travelled internationally at least twice, held a summer wedding for their brother, planned to hold their annual conference in-person before the city stepped in, held numerous unnecessary parties and gatherings, and have questioned whether masks stop the spread of the disease.
Bethany made an out-of-state trip (with her unvaccinated young baby) to buy up 38 entire dresses from Charleston thrift stores, thereby removing potentially the only affordable clothing for low-income families in the area. She later marked up the prices for 6x what she likely bought them for and is currently attempting to sell them online.

"Like, why even call yourself a Christian" indeed.

In conclusion...

Girl Defined is not the nice, wholesome, polished Christian brand they make themselves out to be. They are a sinister sexual prosperity gospel cult that preys on insecure and vulnerable young women looking for direction and answers in their lives, if they are not already being raised in fundamentalist households to begin with. Their teachings on purity culture and intolerance of LGBT do real harm. And no, saying "hate the sin, love the sinner" is NOT a loving response. Neither is endorsing "ex-gay" spokespeople like Jackie Hill Perry when your audience comes looking for answers on what to do if they're gay. Neither is assuming that just because they say it with a gentle smile or claim to do it "out of love" that it's actually love.
It's not. It's manipulation and it's disgusting.
Thank you for coming to my TED Talk.
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