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Game VIII.A 2018 - League Of Dota 2 : Wrap Up

League of Dota 2 - Wrapup

You can find the link to the master spreadsheet with all the votes, items, actions, diaries, and a bunch of other stuff at the bottom of the post.
We're going to go a bit into the mechanics of the game, some things we learned watching this, and some issues that came up in the game.
Before we begin, some quick stats. Out of 20 Town and 7 Order who confirmed, the average experience was 6.9 games and 7.4 games respectively. We had 10 Town and 4 Order members with 5+ game experience. Neither neutral had played any games before.

Chef's thoughts

So this game had a few problems right from the start, and oddly enough we thought the order would have a rough time this game because they lost a bunch of members right away. Morceau started the game as a generic order member, but our original Zed dropped out during confirmations. Another order member also didn't confirm. To compensate, we gave them 2 more members that we took from the minions, and then one of them dropped out during the first phase. In the end it did work out for the order, but it was due to good play and not sheer numbers.
Inactivity hurt the town a ton too. They lost 2 named roles to inactivity. Xayah wasn't too big of a loss but at that point town needed all the people they could get and being able to confirm 2 people would have been great. Vi hurt the most though. Vi wasn't actually initially intended to be a backup sheriff but after Caitlyn died early we felt we had to do it that way and then Vi was removed the next phase, leaving a silent town with no way to confirm people. That was the point where town was pretty much done in my opinion.
The town had other issues besides inactivity. You guys were way too quiet, and when someone did speak up, they'd often be silenced (Walrus mainly). What this town lacked most was a leader. There was no seer to rally behind, no loud doctor to coordinate moves, and no minions actively calling people out. In a game where town has no information, they have to speak to get it. If I were to run this game again, I'd probably either not have a town silencer or make it so they can't silence someone twice in a row instead of three times. Even then the town's silence wasn't just on Silencer.
The order played a great game. Even after losing 3 people right off the start, they controlled the town right from the start. All the town leaders this game were order members and nobody really figured it out. It was astounding seeing massive threads of Order members all replying to eachother. Io finding them on her second tether (her first was Caitlyn) and gaining another member helped a lot as well. The biggest thing I learned from this order is to never let Rysler be evil ever again. Never.
I would also like to address one of the possible reasons for the town's silence. There were a lot of new players this game (mostly town members) and at least one of them said they were scared to comment, thinking they would be killed for it. I think this is a completely fair attitude (I was like it for my first couple games) but we should do something about it. I hate seeing players feel uncomfortable to comment. We, as a community, should be welcoming and should do everything we can to help new players. I get that theres a balance to be struck and we shouldn't just not kill new players at all, but we can do more.
I think A large part of the inactivity was due to split day/night phases. Having nothing to do (besides events) for half the phases drops engagement. If you plan on having split phases in your game, you should have plenty of events preplanned, preferably events that involve commenting. This should help with engagement, or at least it did with this game.

Al's thoughts

I signed up for the slot of this game back in May of last year and didn't have any plans for a game (or a cohost for that matter, thanks Chef for answering my call on IRC). The game didn't really start getting put together until a year later, three months ago and probably a good half of the mechanics wasn't even put down until the middle of July. I encourage any future hosts to take this as an example of what not to do in the months leading up to the game. (Notably we didn't even have the sheets ready until a few hours before signups closed, whoops)
There isn't really anything I have to say about the main gameplay outside of what Chef said above. I might write a mechanics writeup if people would be interested with that as we did play with a few ideas in the game design that weren't particulary obvious in how the game played out. The inactivity really hurt us but I suppose that might have been expected with the slow start.
This was the first game any of us have hosted/shadowed and I hope it was fun for all the players (who didn't inactive). We hid a lot of information behind closed doors which was maybe not the best move (I'm sure half the town was 90% confused for most of the game.) Big props to the Order for pulling out such a huge victory.
The signups for this game were a bit on the low side (I was planning for about 40 and we got 30 in the end), so a few things such as secret neutral roles had to be scrapped. The game actually ended up going much faster than we planned due to the inactivity and extreme villain control of the town so scrapping some roles definitely helped keep it reasonable. If I get around to it I'll address the cooldowns/split phases/whatever in a separate post.
As it happened I ended up being unavailable/in-n-out during a bunch of the turnovers (the troubles of not completely controlling your own schedule). Mad respect to TheOriginalSoni2 for doing probably more than either Chef or I did after the game started including coming up with a couple of events. Definitely deserves facilitator status for this game. Also big thanks to midnightdragon for helping us clueless folks with the art for the banneflairs :D.
In keeping with being unprepared for everything, I wrote this post about 30 minutes before it's supposed to go up

Midnight's thoughts

This was my first game I got to shadow and boy was it a bit of whiplash. First of all, it was a fun one to spectate where I knew all the pieces. If I didn't, I'm sure I would've gone a little crazy (those of you who watched without any additional info, are y'all in the loony bin?) and so I really enjoyed looking at all the metadata and seeing all the cogs working in a rather complex game.
As for the results of the game, I can't say I'm altogether surprised. I, too, thought the game was a little weirdly balanced, I was nervous having a small group of wolves but failed to remember that the town was also small so it's important to have a group of wolves proportional to the town population. And then I saw the team of wolves and was blown away at how great each member was. I was still a little nervous about their success, but I really shouldn't have been nervous. The wolves blew town out of the water.
Overall, I think this game serves as a good example as to why it's bad for town to be quiet. Reading diary entires from the town that were spot on about accusations was painful. I get the desire to live but that should never outweigh town's need to speak up when there are suspicions, even if they are misplaced. A loud but misguided town is always better than a quiet and wolf-guided town.
While I didn't do much in helping facilitate this game (sorry, chef and al, for being a bit of a deadbeat) and was truly the definition of "shadow", I actually learned a lot and had a lot of fun seeing what all it takes to facilitate a game of Werewolves.
Also, I echo Chef's comment above. Rysler's first real taste of being a wolf should be his last. I doubt he will ever play such a perfect game again so let's just retire his wolf status now, yes? Are we all agreed? (jk, I love you Rysler, and I love how much you loved being evil!)

Soni's thoughts

So. This was a rather atypical game. A lot about this game was much different from what you'd expect, right from how active I ended up being as shadow in just my third game at HWW. Some of it was planned, others not so, but I hope everyone had fun along the way. I certainly did.
I personally love and enjoy game balance deeply. I've pestered many a seasoned veteran discussing intricacies of "How could this game be better and equal". Sadly, I do not think this game could be balanced at all, simply because one of the teams plain dominated the other, right from the very beginning. As others have already said, the Order just plain organised themselves better, in terms of "Let us tell the first timers what to do", "How do we keep ourselves controlling the lynch overall", "Let's read the rules and find out useful information that could help", "What items/mechanics/events would help us gain an advantage" and "Let us have multiple flexible strategies for how we will play this out". I'd have loved to see the Town do some of these things, if only to help answer "Was this game balanced?" (Apart from, yanno, just making the game more interesting).
It wouldn't be fair to point out individual players for specific strategies that didn't work out for the overall game, but I definitely would love to see more assertive Town and Wolves in general. Sometimes important town roles are just with newcomers, and y'all have to try and suggest plays like "If you haven't, use your abilities this way to help us", "Consider role revealing if you have some information" or "Everyone needs to talk more about who they suspect". For better or worse, anyone Townie who did that got killed off soon. But I'd have loved to see newer players (with excellent instinct) try to just be a little more assertive with their gameplay. That and veterans dictate more plays and recommend things for newer players to do, in discussion and otherwise, just in case a bunch of the players are new.
Back to this game, there's a few experiments we did this game that are worth highlighting. Some of them worked well, others not so much. For one, separated day/night. We hoped that it'd be unique but also get discussions more in-depth, but didn't work out as well. Cooldowns was to get people rely on abilities a little less, and use deduction/discussion as well to find the wolves. Events were always planned, but we had to change them a little to get more people chatting during the game. I personally had a ton of fun planning the Bingo game and making a sheet to automate it! Would love to see more games consider an event along similar lines.
And finally among experiments was my favourite of them all, items and the shop bidding. We wanted to add some complexity in the game, but not go overboard and completely change players playstyle. An item shop with 3 items a day sounded pretty perfect. We anticipated a ton of different item-ability and item-item interactions, just to see which item's would be broken (Gambler was my personal favourite). I think the way we implemented them worked out really well, in the "Let's make this fun" department while still keeping a ton of fun interactions. I'd have loved to see Hurricane and Bloodstone (among others) in actual play, but it was just fun to see things work out relatively well.
And lastly, a blooper reel of mechanics I loved but didn't make it in. Zett the Arc Warden was supposed to be a neutral who would get two accounts to play from, but was too gamebreaky to add in a small game, even though we had a new account ready to give. We'd added "Secret roles and win conditions may exist" to keep the players on their toes within the game, mostly. But we almost added "If you're lynched Day 1, you win" as an additional secret win condition for everyone in the game. xD
Please feel free to discuss this game and tell us what you think worked out/didn't. I'd absolutely love to discuss it in depth with y'all, including "Did you hide any more easter eggs?" :P
~ Lance
shadows away


This place intentionally left empty*. We need to watch TI8 and EULCS totally have fun lives to get back to, so will take some more time to do the awards. All awards will be updated here soon (We'll leave a werebot tag for everyone)
(Sorry for any delay, we totally had super serious work to get back to and we definitely didnt forget it and ended up not posting this even though it was pretty much ready 2 days ago)
  • The award for the Most Valuable Player goes to Rysler for organising the entire Order from start to end. At multiple points, Rysler had three different plans running for "What might happen and what will we do?". And if that was not enough, he single handedly took out Caitlyn (Madame_Frizzy), Garen (thekawibaba) and KotL (SmartyCat1) with his powers of deduction.
  • The Award for Best Newcomer - H501 and thatbabybuttskin. This was the first game for both H501 and thatbabybuttskin and they both did really well. H501 established himself really early and helped wolves control the game. They also helped make the play to confirm himself by using the Oracle Extract item. Thatbabybuttskin, on the other hand, made some excellent use of limited communication between themselves and Bubbasaurus, effectively talking as if they were in a wolf sub together.
  • The award for the most capable Townie goes to SmartyCat1 for dealing the only blow to the Order all game and being on the right track for several other Order members. Their thoughts in diaries were pretty much on point on multiple counts, we just wish they continue playing and consider speaking up in future.
  • The Wings award for coordination - The whole wolf team. This was by far one of the most coordinated wolf teams we have seen. Kudos to all of them for controlling the game basically from start to end. Congrats bubbasaurus, DirtyMarTeeny, H501, Hibbertshugefish, Morceau and Rysler


Since the standard awards were not enough to showcase all the cool things that happened all game, we included some more minor awards, aka highlights. These are
  • FiftEE/FiftEE award This /dota2 meme refers to plays that either go great or terrible, never in between. bubbasaurus for her scumslip. It was the highlight of the entire game, and probably the most detailed scumslip in HWW history. Kudos to the Wolfteam to win despite that.
  • The Oracle award for best predictions for dawnphoenix for predicting the bubba scumslip in /HogwartsGhosts
  • The Babyrage award for most frustrated players goes to WalrusPeon and Rysler during the phases they were silenced. It was extremely entertaining reading their entries in the diary.
  • The foldy sheets award for (paper) spreadsheets by thatbabybuttskin and H501. As prize, we give them lifetime free access to Google Sheets.
  • The award for blowing an opportunity goes to WalrusPeon choosing not to use his bloodstone the night he was killed by the Order. He would have made it. We checked.
  • The Tryndamere award for an inability to die goes to Coolscorpion_83 for somehow managing to not be lynched while be suspicious for pretty much the whole game.
  • The award for closest call goes to FutureTIWinner who at the last moment changed their target from Madame_Frizzy to H501 and failed to catch the Order killing her.
  • The Buyback award for best edit - This "Edit: Scumslip" one from H501
  • The RNGesus Award for worst RNG - rysler missing his kill on his DFG, thus helping to prevent the 4 death masacre phase. This phase was extremely close and went from 4 kills to 1 within a span of 15 mins or so.
  • The next lebel play - thatbabybuttskin (Io) finding the order almost right away and siding with them, helping the order to their victory.


submitted by MeddlerFrog to hogwartswerewolvesA

Yet another LF > Game but includes massive list of played MMOs

Edit 2: I would also like to clarify that due to a lack of friends that play games, with only a couple of exceptions, I generally end up soloing. A game that doesn't penalize someone for soloing would be great as well.
Alrighty folks. Yet another "help me find an MMO" post. This one I'm actually hoping to provide a little more information over what others have posted.

So a bit of back story: I grew up in the golden age of MMOs in the early to mid 00s. Damn near six new ones every month, always something new to try, something exciting to check out, and all the publishers, all the developers, were trying to figure out what what would work and what would not. AeriaGames was the publisher I latched on to the most heavily, as you'll notice below. And as time passed, publishers found more and more what's going to work and stuck with it, games petered out, but all was well - people were finding what games they liked.

Now, however. I'm bored. There is nothing that holds my attention longer than a couple of weeks. I go back to BDO the most because Olvia is typically the most fun. I dabble with Warframe on odd occasion, but... it's the same grind. I can't bring myself to care. TERA, now TERA ruined me for MMOs, completely and utterly. The Action MMO style they coded was AMAZING. Tab-targeting is super boring and it's hard for me to play some, if not most, tab-targeting MMOs.

Then they fucked with the story when they moved the plot along.
I can't hardly touch the game anymore.

PWI I keep coming back on rare occasion. Atlantica has, had?, a special place in my heart, it's a great game, but it's ultimately boring in terms of engagement and the travel times, omg. DMO I picked back up because I've been bored, but I'm probably going to uninstall soon. It's pretty much the same story for everything on the first list - I love something about it, but... eh?
I'm sure depression has something to do with this and why I can't keep my attention on anything. But like. If you can take a look over the following two lists and have anything in mind, or just want to probe around on reasons why I stopped, feel free to share your own thoughts, please. I'll take any feedback I can get.

And, as always, these lists aren't entirely exhaustive due to the amount of time that's passed and the constantly fluctuating market of the 00s.

Edit: Forgot SWTOR.

Living games:
  • Pirate King Online/Tales of Pirates
  • BDO
  • WoW
  • TERA
  • Star Trek Online (PWI)
  • Perfect World International
  • Atlantica Online (NDOORS/Nexon)
  • Fiesta
  • FlyFF
  • Rappelz
  • Grand Fantasia (AeriaGames)
  • WolfTeam (AeriaGames)
  • Shaiya (Not sure if AeriaGames or Gamigo)
  • Digimon Masters Online
  • Hellgate: London
  • DDO
  • Requiem: Bloodymare
  • Skyforge
  • SoulWorker (Steam)
  • Wizard101
  • MapleStory (private server for a day, NO idea what I was doing, a friend pulled me along and had me rush things)
  • Defiance
  • Defiance 2050
  • Closers (Steam)
  • Final Fantasy XIV
  • AdventureQuest (would you even consider it? Idk)
  • MechQuest (again, idk, but why tf not?)
  • Mobile Suit Gundam Online (JPN)
  • Luna Online (uncertain publisher)
  • Warframe
  • Mabinogi
  • Forsaken World (PWI)
Dead/Discontinued MMOs:
  • DOMO (Dream of Mirror Online, AeriaGames)
  • Shin Megami Tensei: IMAGINE Online (AeriaGames)
  • Scarlet Blade (AeriaGames)
  • Stone Age 2 (AeriaGames)
  • Kitsu Saga? (AeriaGames)
  • THANG Online
  • Global Agenda (the serverfiles got corrupted in May, the Discord is still active-ish though)
  • TwelveSky (AeriaGames)
submitted by Chevko to MMORPG

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