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[Guide] Getting Among Us running on macOS

Hey guys! This is a quick guide to getting Among Us running on macOS. Comment down below if you run into issues. This was tested on macOS Catalina v10.15.5; I can't guarantee compatibility with any other versions.
EDIT: Note on compatibility:
  • Tested by u/alejean, u/RainyCloudist, and u/planecore (thanks for the award, holy shit!) works on the Big Sur beta
  • Works on Catalina >=10.15.4 without SIP disabled (tested by several awesome users)
  • Other Catalina versions need SIP disabled
  • non-Catalina >=10.9 should work as well
  • If >= Catalina, make sure you're not running the final .app from your Downloads folder (default is not in there), this will cause issues
The very first step is downloading Among Us.
First, buy it through Steam.
After that, you'll need to download your copy. Since the graphical Steam client doesn't let you download games for other platforms, you'll need to use SteamCMD, which is a command-line version of Steam written by Valve that gives you the ability to download the Windows copy. Note that while using SteamCMD, if you have normal Steam installed, make sure it's completely closed first. (Press Cmd+Q while it's open; minimizing is not enough.)
To get a copy of SteamCMD, open a Terminal and run these three commands sequentially:
mkdir ~/Steam && cd ~/Steam curl -sqL "https://steamcdn-a.akamaihd.net/client/installesteamcmd_osx.tar.gz" | tar zxvf - ./steamcmd.sh 
Wait until you get a prompt that says Steam>. Next, type these commands sequentially:
(After typing login with your username, SteamCMD will ask for your Steam password, and then potentially your two-factor authentication code. Type each and press Enter. Your password will not show up as you type it; this is a security feature so other people can't see it by screen-peeking. If you've already logged in through normal Steam, you may not be asked for your credentials.)
Once you get your Steam> prompt back, you'll need to type these commands:
@sSteamCmdForcePlatformType windows app_update 945360 validate 
Once you get your Steam> prompt back, type:
logout exit 
Finally, to exit the Terminal, type:
and hit Cmd+Q to quit Terminal.

Next, you'll need Wineskin. This is an app that lets you bundle Windows games with Wine, which is an app that lets you run Windows apps on macOS and Linux, and make a .app.
Head to the following page: https://github.com/Gcenx/WineskinServereleases/tag/V1.8.4
Scroll down to "Assets" and click "Unofficial.Wineskin.Winery.zip". Once it finishes downloading, click it to extract. Once it's done, you'll be shown an application named Unofficial Wineskin Winery in your Downloads folder. Right-click on it and click Open to open it. (You may need to accept a Gatekeeper security prompt before continuing.)
Once Wineskin Winery opens, click the plus icon below the empty list at the top. At the dropdown below the "Filter" box, scroll down to and select "WS11WineCX19.0.1-1", and click "Download and Install". Wait for it to finish. When you get back to the main window, click "Update" under "Wrapper Version", and follow the instructions. Finally, click "Create New Blank Wrapper" at the bottom.
You can choose any name for the .app; I chose "Among Us" for obvious reasons.
After you click OK, you'll get a screen saying Wineskin Winery is busy. Wait for it to finish. A Wine window will open up; wait for that to close as well. (If it asks you to install Gecko, click yes.)
Finally, you'll get a pop-up that says "Wrapper Creation Finished". Click "View wrapper in Finder". A Finder window will open with the app selected. The first time you'll run the app, it'll prompt you to locate and copy the Windows version of the game into the .app (the following steps run you through how to do that); every time after that, you can just double-click on the .app to launch the game.
Run the app once now. On the box that pops up, click "Install Software", then "Copy a Folder Inside". In the Finder window that opens, press Cmd+Shift+G, paste in ~/Library/Application Support/Steam/steamapps/common, and hit Enter. In the rightmost column, select "Among Us", and click "Choose".
In the "Choose Executable" window, make sure "C:/Program Files/Among Us/Among Us.exe" is selected, and click OK. You'll get dumped back to the Wineskin window. Now click Quit. You're done!
In the Finder window, you will now have the final, openable Among Us application. It's located in ~/Applications/Wineskin by default, but you're welcome to move it to somewhere else.

NOTE: Cmd+tabbing out of and back into the game breaks keyboard controls! There's no known fix but toggling fullscreen (turn it off and back on) in settings using the mouse will reenable keyboard input.
If you run into issues, feel free to leave a comment below! I'll be making and releasing a video tutorial soon and will leave a comment with the link to that once it's finished.
u/ImTheJackYouKnow for various improvements + notes
Lots of other awesome Redditors for feedback... I would name them here but there are too many, and I still get comments on the daily, so it would be too much of a pain to update the list. Thank you though!
https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/SteamCMD#macOS for SteamCMD macOS installation instructions https://gaming.stackexchange.com/questions/242015/how-to-download-windows-games-from-steam-onto-a-linux-computer to download a Windows game
https://store.steampowered.com/app/945360/Among_Us/ for app ID
https://steamcommunity.com/app/544550/discussions/0/1621724915788946077/ for the default download location
submitted by hewwocraziness to AmongUs

[US] [H] N-Gage Games, HD cap card, C.O.R.E + MOON for DS, Elemental Master for MD, various Sony PS1/2/3 games, PC big box games and $1 jewel case games, other assorted [W] PayPal

Hi all!
I've been clearing out my collection again to make room (and money) for other stuff, and I have a bunch of things to sell as a result. Complete unless stated otherwise. Tell me what you're interested in and your zip so I can get you a shipping estimate. Open to offers, I can provide pictures upon request too ^_^
Pathway to Glory - $10 (N-Gage, opened but has original plastic wrap)
Pocket Kingdom - $20 (N-Gage)
Diamond GC1000 Capture Card - $20 (card only, uses USB type-B cable for data and power - works on Windows 10, no macOS)
C.O.R.E - $80 shipped (DS, complete) (pics: https://imgur.com/a/B54mZrr https://imgur.com/a/oA2tya1)
MOON - $55 shipped (DS, complete)

Sub-Terrania - $10 shipped (Genesis)
Elemental Master - $90 shipped (Mega Drive, JP import)
Granada - $30 shipped (Mega Drive, JP import - wear on cartridge, sunfade on side of box)

Lethal Skies - free with purchase (PS2, disc + case only)
Auto Modellista - $10 (PS2)
Armored Core 2 - $6 (PS2)
Armored Core 3 - $12 (PS2, front artwork and disc has store stickers)Dragonball Evolution - $3 (PSP)
Ape Escape - $22 (PS1, replacement jewel case, missing back insert)
Tomb Raider I - $5 (PS1, greatest hits)
Tomb Raider III - $5 (PS1, sunfaded front artwork, cracks to jewel case)
Ryu ga Gotoku Kenzen - $8 (PS3, import, "the Best" re-release)
XBlaze Lost Memories - $20
XBlaze Code Embryo - $7 (cart only)

PC big box:
Jane's Longbow Anthology - $10
Jane's Fighters Anthology - $8
Command and Conquer Tiberian Sun - $15
The Wheel of Time - $5
Battlezone Gold Pack - $20
Hellbender - $7
Outwars - $15
Muzzle Velocity (sealed) - $5
X-Car Experimental Racing - $10
Rebel Moon Rising - $10
Heavy Gear II - $15

PC Small box/DVD:
Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 - $3 (small box, CIB)
Tribes Vengeance - $3 (small box has wear on back)
Quake 4 DVD - $3 (sleeve is worn)
Medal of Honor 10th Anniversary - $3 (case is worn)
MechWarrior 4 Clan Mech Pak - $3 (new in case)
Command & Conquer The First Decade - $3
Command & Conquer 3 - $2 (UK version)
Elder Scrolls Oblivion Game of the Year - $3
Tomb Raider Anniversary - $2
Wing Commander Prophecy - $1 (jewel case game in replacement DVD case)

PC jewel case:
$1 each
Demons Gate - (jewel case + inserts + game only)
Freedom Fighters - (jewel case + inserts + game only)
Rainbow Six Rogue Spear + Expansion - (jewel case + inserts + game only)
Earthsiege 2 - (jewel case + inserts + game only)
Cyberstorm - (jewel case + inserts + game only)
Army Men - (jewel case + inserts + game only)
Havoc - (slipcase + inserts + game only)
Supreme Commander - (jewel case version)
Ghost Recon + Expansion - (cardboard version)
Star Wars Battle for Naboo - (jewel case release)
Star Wars Jedi Knight Dark Forces II - (jewel case release)
Quake II - (jewel case + inserts + game only)
Red Faction - (2 CDs + jewel case + back insert only)
Thexder 95 - (jewel case + inserts + game only)
C&C 95 - (game in bootleg generals case only)
Star Trek TNG The Final Unity - (jewel case + inserts + game only)
Urban Assault - (replacement jewel case/back cover + original manual + game)

Enclave - $3 (Xbox)
Ghost Recon Advanced Warfare 2 - $3(360)
Xbox Live Arcade Unplugged - $3 (360)
Hunter the Reckoning - $2 (Xbox, game only with jewel case and reprinted art)
Armored Core 4 - $5 (360, disc with replacement case and artwork)
submitted by SpeedySPCFan to GameSale

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