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Revenge is a drink best served hot.

Sorry in advance if the payoff isn’t worth sitting through the backstory. I just really need to get this off my chest.
So I’ve been living with my grandma for the past year to go to college. She’s infuriating to deal with (pretty sure she’s verbally abusive) but I’m not gonna get into it right now. I’m gonna move back with my mom anyway since my grandma was just making my stress worse.
Anyway, I’m one of those people that likes to be naked in private. I’m always naked in my room, and I’m always on the computer playing Wizard101, Pirate101, or Jackbox and my phone on Twitter, Discord, or playing Cookie Run. My grandma knows this.
Well, for some reason, she came into my room to wish me good night when she saw me in front of the laptop and said "Mami," (Spanish is her first language) "what are you doing?" in what I can only assume is an concerned tone. I told her "Nothing" because nothing about what I’m doing is new.
She told me, in the same tone, "You’re naked." In a fit of exasperation, my voice went higher as I said "I’m always naked!" She then told me to not talk to her that way, told me to go to bed (I’m 22 years old), and then told me that I need to give the computer back to her because she "has stuff to do on it".
That’s BS. She’s a boomer who constantly whines about how technology and the new generation has destroyed the world. I’ve never seen her use her computer for anything other than Candy Crush. If she has something important to do, she does it on her phone. On top of that, she often asks me to figure out something on the computer she doesn’t understand, so chances are she’s gonna hand the computer back to me anyway just to do something for her. If she has something to do on it, she can just ask me. I’m more than happy to help despite her infuriating personality.
So just to summarize, she walks in on me doing the same damn thing I always do in my room, that she always sees me do and often demeans me for doing, and more-or-less decided that today was the day that she’d accuse me of what I can only assume is selling my body to random dudes online. Yet has the nerve to call me disrespectful when I express my disbelief at her idiocy for coming to that conclusion when she knows I’m not that kind of person. Then demands back a laptop that she never uses just to ensure her dominance over me or something.
Now, at this point, you’re probably thinking "Well, it’s her laptop. If she wants it back, she has the right to get it back." Of course she does. That’s why I leave it out for her in the morning when I’m not using it. But she never takes it (surprise) and when I tell her she can just take it if she needs it so badly, she says "No, I’m going to wait until you’re done with it." Yeah, I don’t know why she doesn’t understand that the offer to take it back means I’m done using it either.
Anyway, here’s how I enacted my petty revenge. Whenever my grandma’s fiancée comes around, I make hot chocolate for all of us. I like having him around. He’s open-minded, generous, fun, and not a boomer. It lifts my spirits enough to prepare snacks.
While they were out of the house giving a ride home to one of my grandma’s male friends, I made some more hot chocolate in a blender, poured it out into cups, and put it in the microwave for heating when they get back. But my grandma ruined the mood for me by being an idiot again (plus, they were going to sleep anyway). So I heated all of the hot chocolates and put it into my Yeti Rambler bottle. It’s all mine now.
Sure, I felt a bit bad about not giving my soon-to-be grandpa any since he’s actually a decent human being who did me no wrong. But if I did, my grandma would whine about not getting any herself. So yeah.
Now neither of you get chocolatey refreshment. Hope you’re proud of yourself, grandma.
submitted by Sugarp1e1 to pettyrevenge

[ESSAY] Why I have a hatred for Kingsisle Entertainment (and why you should, too)

The title is hyperbole. Perhaps a better way to phrase it would be "love-hate" relationship. But don't get me wrong-
I don't hate Kingsisle because they make dumb changes to spells. At worst, they're an annoyance and I'll have to blade an extra round.
I don't hate Kingsisle because they double the cost of hatching. It just means I have to farm Halfang for another 5 minutes.
I don't hate Kingsisle because the new Item UI looks terrible. I'll adjust to it eventually, and so will you.

So, why do I hate Kingsisle?
I hate Kingsisle because they regularly engage in predatory business practices by scamming uninformed consumers out of their hard-earned money. The Crowns Shop has always had Gold for sale. Some may consider this an old relic of when the shop was first introduced- back when the gold cap was very small and gold in general was harder to come by. That would be a fair observation to make- if it was not for the recent additions made back in the Spring Update.
As recent as April 2020, new tiers of gold bundles were added to the Crowns Shop. Any normal person would never think to purchase these, as they are an obvious rip-off. That being said, these new gold bundles in the shop only serve to scam unknowing customers out of their money. By adding more of these gold bundles to the shop, Kingsisle is invalidating the one argument they could possibly have to defend the morality of these bundles, which is the fact that they are "old" or "legacy" content. Now, there is absolutely zero excuse for them to have such blatant scams in their shop.
Some may argue that, "You don't have to buy it if it's a scam!" While that is true, that is not what I'm arguing here. Kingsisle is free to monetize how they wish. However, it crosses a line into immorality once said transaction is so absurd, that only those who are mentally handicapped or ignorant would dare purchase them. No reasonable person playing this game would ever purchase these bundles. By continuing to have them for sale, I believe Kingsisle is preying on the ignorance of new players who think this is an acceptable, fair method of obtaining gold.
To a lesser extent, this also applies to many of the recent "Item Bundles" making their way into the Crowns Shop. Some of these bundles, particularly the ones that include mounts, are actually quite a steal. However, I believe that some of the other bundles serve to siphon money from the ignorant in the same way that the Gold bundles do. For example, nearly every single "Pet Starter Bundles" they have released are scams. Any reasonable person who has played the game for a short amount of time can probably deduce that, and as a result only new, ignorant players would ever purchase them (except for the rare, rare case of pet collectors seeking 1st generators of certain pets- though these type of collectors are very few).

But what else?
I hate Kingsisle because they treat some of their employees poorly. Kingsisle has a long history of not only treating their consumers poorly, but their employees, too. There are numerous anonymous reviews on Glassdoor from former employees that testify to rude, terrible upper-management. And yes, I am aware that a common argument is, "Well, anyone can post a review on Glassdoor! They could all be fake!" And to that, I would say you are exactly right. They could very well be fake. However, I very much doubt all of them would be fake. Why is that? I have a few reasons.
For one, there are companies out there that are much, much more hated than Kingsisle (and have much larger followings, too). You would think that some of their ex-fans would attempt to false review-bomb their company Glassdoor pages- but they haven't. EA is a very good example of this. But let me stop with conjecture for a second and present some actual evidence that corroborates what we've seen on Glassdoor.
Former Kingsisle employee by the name of Katie Roberts was a game designer at Kingsisle for about 10 years. 10 years. That's just about the same time Wizard101 has been alive. In that time, she worked on Wizard101, Pirate101, and mobile projects. She's been featured in Kingsisle blog posts, videos, and more. Truth be told, she is a reliable source. Last August, she put out a post on her Facebook page talking about some of her experiences with Kingsisle, and how she would be quitting her job soon after. Here is a link to just one of the posts- there are another couple others on her Facebook page if you wish to dig for it. In her posts, she details how management made her feel uncomfortable to work there. A few months after Katie left Kingsisle, her husband/boyfriend Josh Tigner, former Director of Engineering at Kingsisle (a very, VERY important role mind you) left as well. I believe this speaks volumes if two very important, long-standing employees like Katie and Josh were pushed away by management to the point where they quit altogether. Katie and Josh are but one example. If you read into Katie's posts, you may find that some of what she says corroborates with things you may find on some Glassdoor reviews. This, in my opinion, adds more credibility to at least some of what you can find on Glassdoor.
To end off on the subject of employee abuse, I will touch on something that not many people know about. In fact, it's never been talked about publicly- until today. Following the layoffs of many Kingsisle employees in 2016, a former employee brought a handful of community members they trusted into a private Discord server. This is 100% confirmed to be a legitimate Kingsisle employee. This employee had invited said community members through their own personal Twitter, which had previously been confirmed to be owned by a Kingsisle employee. Without a doubt, this was the real deal- not some impersonator.
Due to the layoffs, the employee became disgruntled and divulged a bit of private information regarding Kingsisle. Some of this information has since corroborated with newer findings, both in regards to management and unreleased games. For example, the employee divulged a tiny bit of info on Hero101. They talked about some of the mechanics and unique artstyle of the game. Years later, other former Kingsisle employees ended up posting information on Hero101 that corroborated with what the disgruntled employee had said. Due to the corroborating evidence, I have no doubt in my mind that everything this disgruntled employee said was true. Other subjects the employee has touched on include management, other unreleased titles, and more. If the demand is big enough, perhaps I could gather together a censored version of these chat logs. I do not wish to reveal the identity of this employee for their own protection, which is why I am using broad pronouns and other language when describing them. There is a lot more to unpack from what this employee said, and I understand I'm summarizing it greatly. But overall, the point I'm trying to make here is that comments they have made regarding upper management abusing their employees corroborates not only with what we've heard from Katie Roberts, but what we've seen on Glassdoor, too. These three sources paint a very clear picture of what is it like to work under the management at Kingsisle Entertainment. They treat their employees just as well as their paying customers- not very well at all.

But perhaps most importantly...
I hate Kingsisle because they have let me down. I am a verteran of Kingsisle games. I began playing Wizard101 back in 2011, and have stuck with then for nearly a decade since. I fell in love with their games. I have not only spent 1000s of hours playing them, but 1000s of hours datamining and modding Kingsisle games because I'm such a huge fan of their products. I truly want to see Kingsisle do well. I want to see them succeed. I want to see them perhaps even become a AAA studio of the likes of EA, Activision, Bethesda, etc.
But they have failed us. They haven't failed us because of the petty things like the dumb spell changes or increased hatching costs. As much as we disagree with them, at the end of the day those things are changes we will get over soon enough. The crux of the problem here is Kingsisle itself. The upper-management. The same management who doesn't care if it scams a kid out of $30 for 50k gold. The same management who pushes away long-time employees from the company due to verbal abuse. The same management who used to produce 2 large updates a year to Wizard. The same management who gave us 6 world-like updates between 2011 and 2014, but only gave us 2 halves of a world between 2017 and 2020.
I used to love Kingsisle. I want to love Kingsisle. I want my favorite game company to succeed. I want Wizard101 to be played by millions more, so that it will continued to get updates 10, 20 years from now just like World of Warcraft probably will.
But now I hate them. They have done us dirty in so many ways over these last 5 years. We, the loyal consumers of Wizard101, have been treated like utter crap. That is why I have a love-hate relationship with Kingsisle. They're like an abusive relative who deep down, you remember being nice and kind to you- but they've amalgamated into something unrecognizable. There are times I want Kingsisle to go on for 10 more years and thrive. There are also times I want them to go bankrupt as soon as possible so a private server community can finally begin to thrive. With Kingsisle, it's hard to know what exactly it is you want when a company you used to trust has thrown it all away.
And believe me, I know this post is long- but it has barely scratched the surface. I could go on and on about why their investments into mobile games are bad, how silly it is they scrapped Hero101, how ignorant the current designers are when it comes to game balance. I could talk about how they took a dump on Pirate101, or how crazy the pay-to-win factor of new packs is. There is much, much more to talk about. But I made this post today because I think there are two big issues with this company that most fail to see. And sometimes, it's because some of this information is unknown. I bet you didn't know who Katie Roberts was before reading this post, but now you do. So I hope that after reading this, you can take away a little bit more context regarding Kingsisle and their actions. I've had a sour taste in my mouth for a long time because of this company, and I thank you for reading this post- a post that was essentially made for me to get my frustrations out. I look forward to discussing this further in the comments. Peace.
Addendum: My former Reddit account was SirDoot. Last year, I made several posts here talking about relatively unknown subjects, such as: An exploit to learn any spell, an unreleased Darkmoor zone, and a scrapped Wizard101 MOBA/JRPG project. I really liked making posts like these, and they seemed to be well-received, too. I plan to make many more like them in the future. Thanks for reading.
submitted by Benjamin8693 to Wizard101

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