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Mobber hack v2 0 speed

Upshift Issue 38 - October 2020 by UPSHIFT

Java gprs free download. DATA FILE HOST - Top Downloads Trending NOW. You can clearly see there is a turn speed issue with Destiny since the patch. Wisconsin's Family and Medical Leave Act under attack.

'Zula Wallhack' in Metin2Force

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Oyun hileleri: Silkroad Online NEW Miniloader v3 Beta 1

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Evan revamp KMST 1.2.022

Last week Aran & Evan got revamped in KMST. I'm not the most familiar with Aran's skills but to me it seems a nice improvement. However for Evan I think its a nice way they tried to go in to, but its poorly worked out.
To get in to some details of the latest Evan changes: Mir can now use at the same time as Evan. However once you teleport with Evan or move, Mir will return to you and your attack will stop again. So its not so optimal. However the new attack seems to give quite some hits/s compared to a 6 line illusion, though it shorter ranged and you gotta stop it everytime when moving or using a skill for Mir. Unlike with Wild hunter who can keep attacking, while using WH skills.
Mobbing wise Evan got improved although they were quite good mobbers already anyway. Bossing wise at this current moment it seems to be heavily nerfed.
  • 20% final damage
  • 20% ignore def on bossing skill
  • -2 attack speed
  • 5% crit
  • Magic amplification 150% 120%
  • New hyper looks amazing but not possible to use while bossing, needs an inviciblity on it?
Skills removed: - Frenzied soul - 30% damage to party (hyper) - Soul Stone (no more revive skill) - Recovery Aura (no more survivability skills)
Thats just a couple of changes. They increased Evan's gameplay difficulty. Removed all party skills of Evan, no new ones returned. Removed every survivability, reviving skill and above that Nerfed Evan super hard. Shouldn't losing of party skills, utility skills be compensated with more DPM in Maplestory's logic?
Only thing they got improved is probably their multiplatform mobbing and hits/sec on Evan's new skill.
The ideas where nice but it was poor performed. What you guys think should change to Evan and how should it change, that the revamp is actually worth it like with Aran's.
Link to revamp notes: http://orangemushroom.net/2015/10/29/kmst-ver-1-2-022-aran-evan-reorganization/
submitted by MrYonax to Yonax

What’s a Good OVR Zane Build?

I don’t know what is a great Overall Zane build but I know of builds like Infinite Action/Cryo and High DPS Boss Killer or SpeedMobber Zane but is there like a decent general build for Zane or just the Extremes?
submitted by ThatBoyBulldog to borderlands3

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