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Here I learned that Crossover, a product of Code Weavers, was the major. I too had to turn off my computer to exit the game. The Dwarves is an Tactical Game. Xiuang! WWX.Net SWS: //bostoncambridge.win/Des_Moines-West. X64 Fantasy 64 bit download - x64 - X 64-bit Download visit. Dragon's Shard (HG 182) The best d ADZ D. Sword & magic, Dwarves, Elves, Wizards. Editorial_Jan_07 by Melwin Abraham.

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A Game Of Dwarves Patch Crack

In fact, they are often associated with UFOs.

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Do you guys think balancing DCSS kind of ruined its flavour? (Mountain Dwarves etc)

So after some years of hiatus I decided to take up DCSS again and straight away I was reminded of my main complaint back when I stopped playing (it wasn't the reason though, just found other games).
I still remember my initial impression when I first downloaded Linley's Dungeon Crawl in middle school, having played stuff like Infinity Engine games and their legacy in form of NWN. This impression was "holy crap, that's a LOT of races".

And to this day I think that, as DCSS evolved, it got tasty in its flavour. Because those races were more than just different playing options, they were your bread and butter DnD races, but better! Ogres and Ogre Magi? Mummies? Merfolk? Minotaurs! Yikes!

However, as time passed, I noticed a nasty little tendency. This game is single player, right? There is no competitive scene to speak of at least as far as the usual competitive titles go. Yet Necromancers got hit. From this roleplayish bullshit of herding your skeletons and zombies to stairs and basically going down with an ever-growing army of fodder, out of nowhere you were forced to build up from 0 on each floor for whatever reason. It stung a little. It got more arcade-y. Then Paladins and Thieves were gone. Sure, Thieves weren't all that useful, but hey, they started with hand crossbow and traps skill. It was something else. They actually utilised this cabajillion of darts you find early on.

And then the bad stuff started happening. Take a look at the race selection right now. Deep Elf, but no Wood or Green or Grey Elf, no High Elf. Deep Dwarf, but no Mountain Dwarf. No Ogre Mage. Sludge Elf gone. Gnome gone.
Sure, some tasty new races were added, and that's awesome.
But this race selection just feels odd. More like a game, less like an RPG if you get my drift. Imagine removing freaking Gnomes from DnD. Like, who cares if they're not flashy or nice? Some folk like playing them and the world has gnomes, goddammit.
And don't get me started on Mountain Dwarves that were just OP. MtD Pal was just game breaking and had to be removed. Like... what?

I can now say that I've been playing this game on and off for over 15 years now, I'm nearing on 20. I don't recall bringing several orbs of zot to surface, daily. In fact, I have never brought an orb of zot to the surface. Even if I get it or have a chance of getting it, I'll just get distracted and die in Ziggurat or in Iron Hell or just starve randomly because who needs food, right?
I feel like DCSS went down the infamous route of Gimp and Open Office. The team just following an idea that made no sense to begin with. I remember when Gimp removed ctrl+s and told their confused community it was "how professionals did it". What right in their mind professional uses Gimp and not Adobe CC? Now that's a different story, but you get my point.

What part of community plays DCSS competitively, really? Who are those removals for? Isn't it just change for the sake of change?
I still have my backup of my old laptop with DCSS version folders. Last versions where my necro had an army, where I could be a dwarf paladin on a mission of cleansing this dungeon of evil, where my shapeshifter was a sludge elf because sludge elves are neat fucking concept, y'know, where roleplaying was fun and not optimized.

I don't know. Just felt like ranting instead of working on my thesis. Feel free to answer if you get through that wall of text :D
submitted by coolalee to roguelikes

A Short Summary of Humanoid Races in my Setting

Still haven't decided on a title, I'm terrible at those.


We’re going to start with a broad phylogenetic tree, which happens to parallel the linguistic tree. There are two major groups, the hominids (which have red blood, rounded ears, and body hair) and the elvenids (which have green blood, pointed ears, and almost no body hair). These two groups split off about four to seven thousand years before present; one of the Gods modified the elvenids, tempering their emotions and giving them their distinctive blood and ears. So, from a psychological perspective, the elvenids tend to be somewhat colder and more rational than hominids.
From there, some were hominids adapted to life underground, while others remain more or less the way they’re supposed to be. Among the elvenids, one group migrated west across the Dvergafell Mountains into the Samadan Desert, where they developed dark grey skin and became larger to help cope with the temperature extremes, becoming modern day orks. The other group settled in the mediterranean lands between the Dvergafells and the Austey Sea and Eastern Ocean, becoming modern day elves.


The hominids are split between two groups, the men and the dwarves. Men are exactly what you would expect, bog standard humans. This particular bunch of men are similar to what you’d find in the U.K., the Netherlands, Germany, etc. Humans don’t really excel at anything compared to the other races, but they do have a few niche specialties. Humans reproduce quicker than the other races and require significantly fewer calories per day to maintain a healthy weight, allowing them to maintain a larger population.
The Human Empire also developed several advanced technologies such as wind-mills, water pumps, and soil remediation techniques, allowing them to build large poulders along the coast of the Austey Sea. The human lands are split into a large number of feudal duchies, which in turn are pledged to several kings. Up until about 450 years b.p., the several kingdoms were united under an elected Emperor. However, irreconcilable differences between the kings of the day prevented them from electing a new Emperor, and led to a fracturing of the realm. The elves capitalized on this weakness and declared war on the now-defunct Empire, but there’ll be more on that later. Human architecture is reminiscent of Medieval northern European architecture, with wattle-and-daub buildings the standard dwelling style.
The dwarves were adapted, again by divine influence, to life underground: they were made shorter and stockier (males averaging from 4’ to 5’ tall, females 3’7”-4’9”), their beards are much thicker (to help filter out dust from mining), and certain bloodlines gained a second set of cone cells that detect three wavelengths of far- and mid-infrared light (allowing them to see in unlit tunnels and caverns). Dwarves are particularly strong and heavy, meaning that while they make excellent miners and heavy infantary, they can’t swim and aren’t particularly fast.
Dwarvish culture is centered on clan membership; clans are led by a Dwarf-Lord, who is elected from the heads of the prominent families in the clan. From time to time, the Dwarf-Lords have appointed a king when things got particularly messy (e.g. the Orken War, 980-974 B.P.), though for the most part they exist as a fractious collection of independent states that constantly bicker amongst each other. The dwarves excel at stoneworking and metal working, but rely on trade with men for the majority of the grains and vegetables they consume. Dwarves generally inhabit stone catacombs beneath the mountains, although there are certain settlements on the surface; dwarves usually only build in stone, although sometimes brick-and-mortar is used when the native stone is poor and imports are impractical.


The first group of the elvenids we’re going to discuss is the elves. Like all elvenids, they have green blood, pointed ears and almost no body hair. Certain gentes have very whispy mustaches, but most elves are hairless besides eyelashes, eyebrows and head hair. Female elves typically stand about 5’ to 5’6”, while males average 5’5”-6’. They’re normally somewhat thinner than humans, allowing them to move faster at the cost of not being quite as strong. They’re well adapted to the heat (their sweat glands contain symbiotic bacteria that produce volatile alcohols at elevated body temperatures, allowing for more efficient cooling), although they really can’t handle the cold at all. Elves live about twice as long as humans do, roughly 180-230 years, though the oldest elf made it to 256.
Elvish culture is, like the Dwarves, centered on large ruling clans, which are known as gentes. For the most part, each large city and town has its own ruling gens, although some of the more powerful ones control a handful of settlements. They’re grouped into two domains, each of which is ruled by an elected king; however, the eastern gentes have neglected to elect a king in recent years, so they’ve gone to a more Greek-style conglomeration of city-states. Elf construction is very Mediterranean, relying on brick-and-mortar construction with terra cotta roofs. Elves are also well known for their “stone-batter” (ceùmenton), which they use to build roads and certain structures for which bricks are not suited. It is commonly said that “elves do not cut their stones, but pour them into place.”
The second group of elvenids is the orks. Normal orks are large, standing between 6’6” and 7’, and very muscular. Their arms are a little longer than humans’, and their legs a little shorter. They have an underbite caused by their bottom canines extending out to form tusks. Females are very similar to males, with the exception of wider hips and smaller tusks. Orks handle the heat well, although they also can manage in the cold without too much trouble; orks are extremely long-lived (average of 250-300 years). A small portion of ork males, between 1-3%, have elongated torsos with a second pair of arms below the first. These orks are prized as archers, since their arms give them the strength to pull incredibly heavy bows.
Orkish culture is very reliant on rigid feudal hierarchies and personal honor (which for the most part emphasizes efficiently completing one’s duties). Unlike the other three races, all orks acknowledge the Orken-King as their rightful liege, an institution which has existed since the orks first colonized the Samadan River valley and the surrounding desert lands. This efficient and centralized government allows the orks to maintain a more powerful state than the other races, although they haven’t gotten involved in a war for nearly a millennium. Orks typically build from adobe bricks, although they are also proficient in stone masonry when the need arises.

Relations Between Races

Humans and dwarves get along great; humans and elves are in a vicious two century long war; humans and orks have little direct contact.
Dwarves and elves don’t get along well, but aren’t directly at war; dwarves and orks have made war in the past, but presently are on fairly cordial terms.
Elves have a bad superiority complex and hate everyone; they treat the orks very politely though, because they’re deathly afraid of them joining in with the humans.
Orks are rather aloof, but they’re getting very tired of the elves causing trouble across the mountains and interrupting trade.
Comments and criticisms are welcome!
submitted by TypicalUser1 to FantasyWorldbuilding

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