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GameSpot delivers the best and most comprehensive video game and entertainment coverage, including news, reviews, trailers, walkthroughs, and guides for PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC, and. Medal of honor warfighter Dear friends, Can anyone suggest me recommended parameters for medal of honor warfighter. Lt. Colonel Yuri Voskov in Firefox or as the German in Three Amigos. We have now placed Twitpic in an archived state. Game patch to enable dedicated servers and improve game bugs.

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Sep 11, 2020 this key is from my cd case, i hope it works = 1500 - 2838641 - 2650409 - 4165 Donations are always welcome (To help me continue making YouTube videos. Four of the UH-1s used were provided by the Georgia Army National Guard. All Game Servers include 50% off a Voice Server & a Free Website! Medal of Honor series. Replace the original [HOST] file with the one from the File Archive.

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The game will be developed by EA Los Angeles (Single Player. In most cases the key will be delivered within 1-2 hours put please allow up to 12 hours after purchase for your key to be delivered. The Allied Assault discs got superseded by GOG and I'm playing Medal of Honor Airborne right now as an Origin game, not as good as DRM-free, but at least no disc-hassle. Medal Of Honor Crack, Serial & Keygen. Ctrl++ gives you two sizes.

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Tickets to the "i am not tourist" Job Fair for Internationals are available at the discounted price of EUR 12.50 on line and EUR 17.50 at the door. Gaming: Medal of Honor Airborne cd key. Civil War, WWI, WWII, Korean War, Vietnam War, and Desert Storm items available. Hyper-G Graphics for uncompromising graphics; AI-driven resource management for low-latency gaming; BlueStacks fully supports all popular android games, including. PSP Medal of Honor: Heroes 1 & 2 0 DDoherty 0 March by DDoherty07 medal of honor airborne compatability with windows.

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EA is working a new patch for MoH Airborne. Medal of Honor: Airborne Patch v Released by EA Games, this is the v Patch for Medal of Honor: Airborne - updating the First-Person Shooter. Since 2020, we've also been bringing you the very best in gaming culture, short-form reporting and video content! Medal of Honor Allied Assault War Chest Inc. Medal of Honor: Airborne – PlayStation 3 – GameSpy, Medal of Honor: Airborne PlayStation 3 at GameSpy – Check out the latest Medal of Honor: Airborne cheats, cheat codes, walkthroughs, guides, videos and.

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EA Games - System Requirement Checking Tool. Password requirements: 6 to 30 characters long; ASCII characters only (characters found on a standard US keyboard); must contain at least 4 different symbols. Medal of Honor: Airborne – 1.2 Patch; Original War – 1.09 Patch Conquer Online – 5002 Patch; Speedball 2 Tournament – Update via Steam; Steam Client – Update via Steam; Universe at War: Earth Assault – Patch 1; Voyage Century Online – 1.30 Patch; Zero Online – 2772 Patch. Enjoy many great combat related games at Y8. Zbrush 3.5 serial key gen: Firefox 3 5 6 serials generator: Topaz Moment 3.5 key generator.

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Check website for malicious pages and online threats. We suggest you upgrade newer and better browser like: Chrome, Firefox. Hledejte: medal of honor. Medal of honor airborne patch 1.2 firefox. Company headquarters will be superimposed on the 1st Platoon.

[Table] IAmA: I invented a machine that successfully kills bugs with ordinary table salt, called the BUG-A-SALT! My name is Lorenzo Maggiore, ask me anything!

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Date: 2014-06-13
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Questions Answers
Is any other ammo effective? baking powder? how did you find a good manufacturer? We've tested out other types of ammo, such as finely chopped rice. However granulated table salt seems to work the best!
Do you know that your website gives me a warning that it is insecure? The website works just fine. Try using a different browser or see if you need to update your browser version.
www.bugasalt.com uses an invalid security certificate. The certificate is only valid for the following names: *.myshopify.com, myshopify.com (Error code: ssl_error_bad_cert_domain) Click on this link - Link to bugasalt.com
You, my friend, are a genius. Did FPS videogames inspire you? Only video game I've ever played was pong, sorry.
My SO's house is older and has many bugs in it despite the exterminator coming several times. She's always reluctant to even call the exterminator due to her fear of chemicals or whatever (I usually don't listen). Would this be a good alternative to unleash hell upon the insects in her house? Absolutely! Just one Bug-A-Salt can take out a room full of flies with no chemicals necessary or batteries. It's a fun way to be your own non toxic exterminator!
How hard was it to bring this thing to market and get exposure, once you've come up with the idea? Our campaign on indiegogo really helped get things off the ground. I never dreamed that such an idea would gain so many backers and loyal fans. However it was by no means easy.
Thanks! I assumed along the same lines. Now to make friends with [applicable industry] executives. Its all about who you know sometimes
Why do you hate flies so much? They land on crap and then land on your food and barf. They are also known to spread horrible diseases.
What is the range of the product? The ideal range is between two and three feet. With practice you can master the out of the air shot.
Are you italian? Yeah, born in the good ole USA though. Straight up american from Italian desent.
Nice. I hope your Bug-a-salt becomes famous, really :D. Thank You! We are trying to spread the word everyday!
I thought it was already. My friend owns one, and I've heard people making references to it outside of As-Seen-on-TV conversations. I wouldn't say we are exactly famous, I think there is still a lot of people out there that have never seen the product. Hopefully one day we can become a household name.
How much did you worry about someone stealing your idea before you could run with it? I kept it a complete secret, you can never be to careful with a good idea.
How difficult was the patent process? Did you use a lawyer or do it yourself? I went with a lawyer , it isn't difficult it just takes time. So you have to careful about launching things to early before everything is protected.
At my house we have those black ants that just come from no where and invade our kitchen every spring but their only about 1 to 2 cm long so would this work on them? Ants are usually a little too small, but again salt being a poison to most insects, it may be fairly effective on them. Mostly the gun is meant for flies, mosquitoes and other airborne insects.
Are you concerned with people shooting the gun at each-other rather than the bugs? Obviously its going to happen but we advise people not to.
Can it kill ants? And where do you sell it? We sell it on our website bugasalt.com , it may be effective against ants however they are very small.
Did you know that LinusTechTips, a popular tech YouTuber did a video on the Bug-A-Salt found here? I was not aware of that, thank you for sharing.
How long did it take to come up with the name? The name was hard, it took me around 3 years.
I like how catchy it is :) Thanks!, Its the perfect play on words for the product, people love to say "bug-a-salt."
I'd have gone with Control Salt Delete. But I'm an idiot, so... Clever, I think computer fans can appreciate that joke!
You wanted to say nerds. Nothing wrong with being a nerd!
How fast can it shoot? mph? 140 feet per second.
I've looked at the website, you're a genius. Do the salt grains penetrate the insect as a bullet would, or does salt have some effect on them that I don't know about? It works exactly like a mini shotgun. The salt works as if it's buck shot. The salt gets into the fly and dehydrates the insect!
That's cool. How much force does the gun shoot with? The Bug-A-Salt fires 140 feet per second.
Instead of bugs, now I have salt all over the house. What do you recommend to get rid of all the salt? A broom and dustpan!
That site works. I read the wsj article about you anyway. Fun product idea. Thanks, its been quite the ride bringing this idea to life.
I got the same error using firefox. Highlight this address and paste it into your browser search bar - Link to bugasalt.com
~100mph. Fast enough to leave a nice welt.
Why do Americans want to shoot everything? Flies can move faster than a salt shot, just ask Mr Miyagi. Oh wait, he's dead. The Bug-A-Salt has no problem getting salt out fast enough to take out flies. Check out this video - Link to www.youtube.com
Flies are not always the same speed depending on where you live. Where was the video shot? We shot it in Los Angeles. We have happy customers ranging all over the world. It doesn't matter how many eyes they have the fly cannot see it coming. Where are these super flies located? We are up for the challenge!
I found flies in parts of mexico insanely fast, also what about horseflies.. or how can you shoot a swarm of mosquitoes? The Bug-A-Salt works well on horse flies and no problem on a swarm of mosquitoes. Cockroaches like to hide so you can take them out in the cracks.
Is it an automatic? How can it shoot at 25 mosquitoes all in different places? The gun has a three inch spray pattern so depending on how many mosquitoes are in that distance will be taken out. If the mosquitoes are in all different places then it wouldn't be a swarm.
A swarm of mosquitoes is wayy larger than a 3inch spray See Link to blog.mqnet.com. You can fire 50 shots before reloading.
So wouldn't I be better off throwing salt? You are not going to be able to throw salt as fast as the Bug-A-Salt.
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July Patch Notes

2018.07.30 Patch Notes
  • Increased the chance of finding ore from ore nodes
  • Increased the damage of most weapons by roughly 25%
  • Made a few changes to fighting with two weapons: --- The accuracy penalty for attacking while holding an offhand weapon has been increased, and is more dependent on the size of the offhand weapon than before. This penalty can be offset with Strength. --- The parry chance has been increased for attackers using two weapons --- The recovery time for getting parried by an opponent with two weapons has been increased --- Attacks made while fighting with two weapons do about ~25% less damage --- Fighting with two weapons now decreases your chances of being parried.
  • Added a few new status effects and runes
  • Offensive strikes no longer use more stamina than evasive/defensive strikes.
  • Changed the stun and push chance formulas to account for the relative size of the target. Entities smaller than the attacker are now easier to stun/push, and entities larger than the attacker are now more difficult to stun/push.
  • Made NPCs a bit more tactical about which direction they attack from
  • The Soul effect now drains slightly more stamina from the target and transfers a portion of the drained stamina to the attacker
  • Attacking combat dummies no longer wears out weapons
  • Slightly reduced the likelihood of coming across runes and removed rune rarities - there is now an equal chance to come across any type of rune.
  • Reduced the range of Whip spells
  • Fixed a display issue when attempting to /take a single item while out of inventory space
  • Fixed a bug that prevented old randomized character descriptions from being removed when setting a new randomized description
2018.07.29 Patch Notes
  • Added more spicy surprises to boss encounters
  • Added a /pages setting that will turn /classes, /recipes, and /help into paginated lists that can be navigated with [ Left Arrow ] and [ Right Arrow ]. This setting is disabled by default, but could become the default behavior pending positive user feedback.
  • Reduced the damage penalty for using a ranged weapons in melee combat by 25%
  • Fixed a bug that prevented armor from being properly destroyed if it was equipped with /wearall or [ Shift + W ].
2018.07.28 Patch Notes
  • Reduced the explosion radius of bomb traps
  • Changed the explosion map effect to only show affected tiles instead of a perfect circle
  • Dungeon Gates now bear the name of the actual dungeon, and inspecting the entrances can provide information about the threats that lie within.
  • Fixed a map update failure when using hidden exits
2018.07.27 Patch Notes
  • Added a /brandish command for quickly holding the first available weapon on your body or in your inventory. The default hotkey is [ B ]. It can also be done with /draw.
  • Added titles. Titles are typically acquired by helping nobles or slaying notable monsters. Certain entities will treat you differently depending on what titles you have.
  • Increased the strength of dungeon bosses and the rewards for killing them. Be sure to recruit a friend or five.
  • Humanoid NPCs will now read spell tomes they are handed, assuming they have the capacity to learn new spells.
  • Fixed a game crash caused by dungeon generation. If you've had the game crash for seemingly no reason in that last 24 hours, it was probably because of this.
2018.07.26 Patch Notes
  • Added benefit to Bodybuilder - Voluntarily changing positions will now cleanse one negative status effect, and the bonus Charisma they get from being without clothing has been increased.
  • Increased the intelligence per ally bonus Commanders receive.
  • Reduced the damage of failed Kensai instant kill strikes
  • Added some distinctions between different types of ranged weaponry: --- Bows now have a chance to keep the shooter hidden when used from stealth --- Crossbows now have a chance to inflict bleeding --- Firearms now have an increased chance to interrupt their targets
  • Increased the damage of ranged weapons
  • Changed the usage of quivers - Quivers no longer prevent ammunition from counting against inventory space. Instead, they increase an entity's rate of fire when worn.
  • Fired ammunition now respects line of sight, and will hit the first object on its flight path that is larger than the target. If the target is not standing, the ammunition will hit the first object that is at least the same size as the target.
  • Ranged weapon attacks no longer have a chance to stun targets
  • Raw food now recovers less stamina than before, and prepared meals now recover more.
  • Fixed a display issue with objects in indoor spaces. The white dots should now be a more reliable indicator of which tiles have large objects on them.
2018.07.25 Patch Notes
  • Added benefit to Homesteader - Homesteaders now produce roughly twice the amount of materials from butchering
  • Added benefit to Brewmaster - Water damage caused by Brewmasters has a chance to inflict intoxication
  • Reworked Jester - Unique Ability - Comedic Balance - Jesters cannot be knocked prone, and attempts do so will cause the Jester to bounce back up, damaging enemies and restoring mood and stamina to allies. Additionally, Jesters recover from stumbling twice as fast.
  • Rift Dancer summons now count as guildmates (G) instead of allies (A). This means they'll still fight for the Rift Dancer, but won't follow them around or count against their ally total.
  • Added a ton of new names to the name generation pool (thanks, fantasynamegenerators.com!)
  • Adjusted the Intoxicated condition - Intoxication now decreases attack accuracy, dodge chance, dexterity and wisdom while increasing constitution and charisma. It is still classified as a negative condition.
  • Runes are now stackable
  • NPCs will now stand when woken prematurely.
  • Reduced the average amount of armor enemies wear
2018.07.24 Patch Notes
  • Added additional benefit to Gambler - When Gamblers destroy a Small Chest, there is a 50% chance they will be rewarded with a Big Chest.
  • Added additional benefit to Kunoichi - Increased the bonus damage of Kunoichi attacks from stealth
  • Added additional benefit to Kensai - Kensai now get a higher than usual critical strike chance against opponents in offensive stances
  • Added additional benefit to Engineer - Engineers now have access to the Repair spell, which allows them to restore the durability of damaged items.
  • Reworked Gunslinger. Unique Ability: Gunfighter - Gunslingers don't suffer damage penalties when attacking at close range with ranged weapons, can use ranged attacks while in the same cell as their target, and have an increased chance to dodge ranged attacks while airborne. Additionally, their ranged attacks ricochet and hit secondary hostile targets.
  • Made a slight adjustment to Scoundrel - any trap Scoundrels SET will gain their dastardly benefits, not just traps the Scoundrel created.
  • Added craftable net items that immobilize targets when thrown.
  • Added some new threats to the overworld
  • Added more rune locations
  • Made some adjustments to the way wooden resources are claimed. Most logs and planks have been removed from the world, and trees now drop wooden logs more reliably. Using an axe to cut down trees is faster and yields more logs.
  • Made some adjustments to the number of spell slots certain classes have
  • Made some adjusments to how hostile entities pursue targets outdoors vs indoors
  • Started implementing class-specific behavior for NPCs.
  • Beam spells no longer affect targets in the same cell as the caster or target
  • Arrows no longer require sticks to craft
  • Due to the increased strength and utility of animals and mercenaries, the maximum number of active allies any given entity may have has been reduced to 5.
  • Fixed a whole slew typos and errors made during the spellcrafting update.
  • Fixed a bug which prevented butchering from working and items from disappearing when destroyed
  • Fixed a bug which prevented traps from being properly deactivated when stepped on
2018.07.23 Patch Notes - PUBLIC ALPHA 4 - Spellcrafting, Combat Changes, New Bugs, and More!
This patch introduces the ability to create custom spells using runes, as well as some big changes to combat mechanics:
  • A whole bunch of runes have been scattered throughout the world which can be combined into wide variety of unique spells by placing them on the ground and typing /makespell. You need at least 3 runes to craft a spell, and the maximum number of runes that will combine into a single spell is 10. Well over 34 QUADRILLION combinations are possible, and some of them might even be good!
  • None of the existing spells are being removed, and special spells that exist outside of spellcrafting will still be added regularly.
  • Entities now have a limit to the number of spells they can know at once, typically determined by their class. A few classes no longer have access to spells. Spells that a class starts with are not counted against the number of spells they can learn.
  • Elemental damage and stat-changing effects are far more prevalent in the game now, so several classes have been adjusted with this in mind: --- Blacksmiths no longer heal from fire damage, and are instead immune to it. --- Fishmongers now gain their benefit from swimming, being wet, OR being near active water magic. --- Pit Fighters are now completely immune to being stunned. --- Juggernauts are now completely immune to being immobilized or knocked away by force spells. --- Gambler's Gamble spell now only imbues negative effects --- Added a new class, the Spellthief! Spellthieves immediately learn any spell they are hit by, and gain stamina from taking magic damage.
Some aspects of combat were a little bit more cryptic than intended, so some systems and features have been consolidated.
  • /dodge and /guard have been removed from the game, and similar benefits have been folded into the game's directional attack system:
  • Starting a high attack puts the attacker in an Offensive stance. Entities in offensive stances deal more physical damage and have a chance to stun their target, but are more susceptible to critical hits. High attacks are no longer slower or less accurate that other attack directions.
  • Starting an attack from the left puts the attacker in a Defensive stance. Entities in defensive stances deal and receive less physical damage, are more accurate with physical attacks, are more likely to block with a shield, and are more susceptible to being pushed to the ground.
  • Starting an attack from the right puts the attacker in an Evasive stance. Physical attacks directed at a entities in an evasive stance are more likely to miss, and have a chance to make the attacker stumble, delaying the start of their next action. Attacks from evasive stances are less accurate.
  • With these changes in mind, a few classes have been adjusted to align with the new mechanics: --- Ragamuffin's Stick Fingers ability now triggers when an enemy stumbles while the Ragamuffin is in an Evasive stance --- Jester's Comedic Tumble ability now triggers when an enemy stumbles while the Jester is in an Evasive stance
  • The base chance to hit has been slightly increased.
  • Stun and Immobilization effects no longer stack duration. These affects can only be re-applied once an entity has successfully recovered from them.
  • Damage and health have been rebalanced across the board, allowing smaller stat increases to have more of an impact
  • Strength now plays a role in stamina cost reduction for most actions outside of spellcasting
  • Ranged weapons now do more damage at range, and considerably less damage in melee combat.
  • /push is now a little slower, fails against entities that are casting spells, and now interrupts the target in addition to knocking them to the ground when successful
  • Added /forgetspell to forget learned spells
  • Added /wearall which dons as much armor, clothing, and weapons from your inventory as you have capacity to wear. The default hotkey is [ Shift + W ], and the hotkey for /setwaypoint has been moved to [ Shift + P ]
  • Added some status effect text for certain class effects like Reaper and Scholar so it's more obvious when their class abilities are active.
  • Added several new enemy types with unique spell element and type preferences
  • Added /abandonquest to the help menu
  • Increased the armor and weapon variety of most entities in the overworld
  • Gave NPCs a few more speaking roles
  • Changed the behavior of /inspect to search both your inventory AND targets, with inventory taking priority. If your Nearby list has 5 targets and you have less than 5 items, typing '/i 5' will inspect the 5th target. Partial word matching also works for both lists, so you can type something like '/i shed' to inspect a Wooden Shed.
  • Applied the partial word matching from last patch to /selfcast
  • You can now ask allied humans what spells they know
  • Relaxed the requirements for crafting masterwork items
  • Runes (formally known as essences) are no longer stackable.
  • Removed references to several items that are no longer available in the game
  • Fixed a bug that prevented Potters from using stamina when crafting clay items from the earth
  • Fixed a visual bug that caused the explosion effect on the map to linger longer than intended
  • Fixed a bug that prevented stunned entities from recovering as quickly as intended
  • Fixed a ton of other bugs and probably made just as many along the way
  • Fixed a game crash caused by attempting to equip an offhand item you are already holding
2018.07.12 Patch Notes
  • Added ~10 new spells
  • Added partial word matching to /cast. Now you can type something like '/cast beam' instead of typing out '/cast major frost beam of giant slaying'. If you have more than one spell that fits the criteria, you will cast the highest one on your spell list.
  • Increased the number of diet-based variations of Botanist's plant familiar
  • Essences have been renamed Runes
  • Flame Geyser and other similar area-targeted damaging spells no longer affect allies of the caster.
  • Fixed a game crash caused by the Shock Cannon spell
2018.07.11 Patch Notes
  • Added a new class, the Botanist! Unique Ability: Familiar Phytology - Botanists have access to the Enrich Plant spell, which allows them to turn any plant into a allied Plant Baby. Feeding Plant Babies by hand will cause them to grow more powerful, and the food chosen will determine what abilities they have. Casting this spell while already having a plant familiar will kill the older familiar.
  • The immobilization duration given by traps is now indefinite, meaning trapped entities must always attempt to move or struggle before the effect can be broken.
  • Reduced the amount of stamina used to search by 50%
  • Increased the tick frequency of bleeding by 400%
  • Entities will now eventually drop their guard after combat has ended.
  • Actions performed while an entity is Exhausted now take twice as long.
  • Made some compatibility adjustments that will hopefully help out Firefox users that had trouble running the game.
  • Using /give will no longer reset your target to the first possible option (for real this time)
  • Fixed log display issue when breaking from immobilization under certain circumstances
  • Performance improvements
2018.07.10 Patch Notes
  • Added some more ways to interact with human allies and guidmates. You can now ask them for specific items they possess, or to pick up specific things.
  • Added combat dummies to outposts and the starting area
  • Creating a personal waypoint in the same location as an existing waypoint will now clear the old waypoint.
  • The /spells window now displays spells from scrolls the player is carrying
  • NPCs will now wear clothing and armor they are given
  • Reduced the time needed to wear armor by half
  • Fixed a bug which prevented the Enfeeble spell from using Stamina
2018.07.09 Patch Notes
  • Streamlined the /recover crash recovery process a bit. You no longer need to go through character creation - it will restore your name, class, and description.
  • Waypoints set by the player now have a blinking blue outline on the map.
  • Worked on some super secret post-game content.
  • Fixed a bug that caused attacks from stealth to have a much lower success chance than intended
  • Performance improvements
2018.07.08 Patch Notes
  • Added a new class, the Commander! Unique Ability: Galvanizer - Commanders Inspire allies and guildmates around them, raising all of their stats. Additionally, Commander's moods never fall into negative values, and they receive an intelligence bonus for every ally they can see.
  • Added additional benefit to Reaper - Reapers now receive health from landing killing blows.
  • Reworked Plague Doctor. Unique Ability: Epidemic - Any time a Plague Doctor receives a negative condition, they will immediately copy that condition to every hostile entity they can see.
  • Reworked the Witch class. New ability: Wicked Form - Witches make all non-allied sentient life that can see them Uneasy, lowering all of their stats. Additionally, Witches need to eat and drink half as often, cannot be poisoned, and can poison enemies with their basic attacks.
  • Modified the Pugilist - Instead of all the effects happening on the last hit of their combo, the effects have been spread out. Landing 3 attacks in a row will daze the target, landing a 4th will stun it, and landing a 5th will knock it prone and deal heavy damage. The stun duration of the fourth hit and damage of the fifth hit have been increased. Additionally, each consecutive hit does more damage than the last.
  • Fixed game log error when two entities attempt to grab the same thing at the same time
  • Performance improvements
2018.07.07 Patch Notes
  • Added additional benefit to Duelist - after successfully dodging an attack, Duelists gain Truestrike, meaning their next regular attack is guaranteed to hit.
  • Added additional benefits to Juggernaut - when moving to a new area, Juggernauts now have a chance to knock down entities hostile to it. Additionally, instead of having a bonus to break out of immobilization, Juggernauts are now completely immune to the effect.
  • Added additional benefits to Equestrian - mounts ridden by Equestrians move at twice their normal speed, the average damage of trample has been increased, and mounted Equestrians stay in the air twice as long when jumping.
  • Made dungeon bosses just a little more durable.
  • NPCs will now attempt to interrupt enemy spell casts
  • Entities must now be standing in order to block the movement of enemy combatants
  • The screen shake effect now applies to all damage sources instead of only direct attacks
  • Fixed a bug that allowed Fortune Tellers to occasionally be hit by sneak attacks
  • Fixed a bug/typo with the Conjure Bread spell
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the screen shake setting applying to player damage
2018.07.06 Patch Notes
  • Added a new class, the Pugilist! They build up a combo counter while attacking the same target, and deliver a devastating blow if all 3 hits connect. If their target dies from the final blow, they are awarded a belt of random quality.
  • Added a new class, the Elemancer! They have increased chance to trigger the elemental properties of weapons, and can harness the elements in their armor as though they were weapons.
  • Added a few new encounter types
  • Started adding factions and castles. Type /guilds to see your affiliations
  • Reduced the amount of stamina used to /search
  • Reduced the maximum number of allies an entity may have from 20 to 15
  • Certain entities are no longer okay with being picked up and carried around by strangers
  • Made stealing more difficult with low Dexterity, and much easier with high Dexterity.
  • Narrowed down the number of item types possible for fetch quests
  • Made a small tweak to Kensai's Samurai Showdown so it will work in more situations and can be used by NPCs
2018.07.05 Patch Notes
  • Fixed a pretty big bug that prevented damage from being done when entities attacked each other from the same direction, regardless of the actual success of the parry
  • Fixed a bug that allowed wells, fountains, and other water sources to be picked up
  • Fixed a bug that made Scoundrel's traps detectable
  • Fixed a freeze caused by attempting to /carry something that takes up less than 1 inventory slot
  • Fixed some issues around not being able to hold a conversation indoors at distance without yelling
  • Fixed a(nother) crash caused by dancing
  • Fixed a bug that allowed abandoned quests to be counted as successfully completed
  • Fixed a crashed caused by using meals as ingredients in other meals
2018.07.04 Patch Notes
  • Added recruitable mercenaries!
  • Added /dismiss command for dissolving your relationship with an ally. Can also by done with /bye
  • Reworked the Politician class. New ability: Polarize - When a Politician speaks, entities hostile to them will become miserable, and other entities will become ecstatic. Additionally, Politicians can recruit mercenaries without giving them anything.
  • Arcane Shrines now reward three scrolls instead of one. If they produce a tome, there will still be just one.
  • NPCs who are not in combat or naturally hostile will now stow items they are handed.
  • Reduced the average size of dungeons
  • Reduced the time needed to draw/hold an item by half
  • /recover will now attempt to restore known spells in the event of a crash.
  • Escaping combat against a single entity is now slightly easier, escaping multiple entities is now slightly harder, and the recovery for a failed escape attempt has been lowered.
  • NPCs are now subject to the same combat escape rules as the player
  • Updated Soldier's Dogged March constitution bonus to account for docile-turned-hostile targets.
  • Ranged attackers no longer stumble if their ranged attacks are dodged.
  • Searching now uses stamina, and the stamina cost can be reduced by Wisdom. Spelunker's passive search does not use stamina.
  • The stamina cost reduction of spellcasting is now determined by Wisdom instead of Intelligence.
  • All entities may now have a maximum of 20 allies. Acquiring more will clear the oldest relationships.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed an entity's health to go above their intended maximum. This should also address the issue of health bars spilling outside of the window.
  • Fixed a crash caused by Rhapsodist's speech
  • Fixed a game crash caused by attempting to travel without stamina
2018.07.03 Patch Notes
  • Added more wild animal types
  • Added guards to settlements
  • Increased the stun duration of Kunoichi's heavy and stealth attacks by 100%
  • Increased immobilize chance of Gamestalkers
  • Increased stealing-related bonuses of Ragamuffin
  • Increased the average quality of stolen items
  • Changed the stealth duration provided by Illusionist's Now You See Me ability to 10 seconds.
  • Reduced health of Gamestalkers
  • Reduced health of Tourist
  • Reduced the number of pre-generated settlements. This should have little to no impact on the number of settlements actually discovered during gameplay.
  • Elders now reward scrolls and tomes, with the former being more common.
  • A detected steal attempt is now treated like an attack, and is met with similar reactions.
  • The stun duration of a heavy attack is now based on the size of the weapon used.
  • Feeding animals now increases their stamina.
  • Throwing liquids or containers of liquid will now make anything hit by it wet.
  • Made some changes to overworld travel and mounts: --- Mounted entities no longer use stamina while traveling, and instead will expend the stamina of the mount --- Entities serving as mounts expend twice as much stamina to travel --- Mounted entities now benefit from the speed of the mount. Basically, time, hunger, and thirst increase at a lower rate during mounted travel. --- Mounted entities can no longer be stealthed. Attempting to stealth while mounted will dismount the entity. The current exception to this is the Illusionist's Now You See Me ability. --- Mounted entities have an increased chance to escape combat, and a higher chance to avoid attacks while moving. --- Traveling while stealthed now requires twice as much stamina
  • Fixed crash caused by NPCs casting Flame Geyser.
  • Fixed a bug that caused area-targeting spells to instantly fire at the caster's location when cast via scroll.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented hunger and thirst from building at the same rate while traveling as they do when using /wait or /rest.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented docile-turned-hostile entities from showing up on the map
  • Fixed a bug that prevented docile-turned-hostile entities from attempting to block fleeing targets
  • Fixed several bugs around the position of carried and allied entities in the world. This should address an issue where thrown objects where hitting objects that didn't appear to be in the target area.
  • Made a few area optimizations that hopefully make moving around feel a tad more responsive.
2018.07.02 Patch Notes
  • Added a form of crash recovery. If the game crashes, you can now try typing /recover to save your current items and key fragments and reload the page. After making a character, you should get your key fragments back, and any items you had should be in the starting area.
  • Added /factoryreset to clear all game settings
  • Boss monsters now have classes
  • Fixed a bug that caused stacked items to duplicate when dropped
  • Fixed a crashed by the map attempting to update before new areas were ready
2018.07.01 Patch Notes
  • Added more combat options for NPCs
  • Added additional benefit to Yogi - the stat bonus they gain from each position has been increased by 300%
  • Duelist's disarm chance is now triggered by successful parries instead of interrupts.
  • Reduced the amount of healing Gatekeepers receive from blocking with a shield. The big boost recently given to shields and block chance made Gatekeepers nigh unkillable.
  • Increased the damage bonus provided by Strength by 100%
  • Fixed a bug that prevented Dervishes from properly transferring conditions when dancing
  • Fixed a bug that prevented spellcasting NPCs from casting offensive spells as often as intended
  • Capped the number of items a Mad Scientist can animate at 5. Animating more will deanimate the oldest ones.
  • Made some tweaks to the way /hold behaves. If you are holding two items, typing /hold (name/number) will now swap out your first held item instead of saying you can't hold anything else.
  • Cleaned up some of the messaging around parrying. You should no longer see entries claiming attacks hit the target when they were actually parried.
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