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The Complete Round-Up: Everything We Know about Amazon's LORD OF THE RINGS TV series

After the success of my round-up post on Amazon's Wheel of Time show last month, I thought it might be worthwhile to do another one bringing everyone up to date on what's going on with Amazon's other huge fantasy epic, The Lord of the Rings: The Second Age.
The Lord of the Rings: The Second Age - which may not be its final title - is a TV series set in J.R.R. Tolkien's signature fantasy setting of Middle-earth. It is a prequel to The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings and draws on material in Tolkien's other writings, most notably The Silmarillion and Unfinished Tales.
The series is being made by Amazon Studios, with New Line Cinema and their parent company Warner Brothers involved as producers.
The show is officially in production. A small amount of shooting was apparently undertaken in November 2019 to hit a development deadline (without which Amazon would have lost the rights). Full production is expected start next month in Auckland, New Zealand and run for two months. This will be followed by a pause as the studio prepares further scripts and material for the second season, after which production is expected to run for at least the rest of the year and likely into 2021, during which time most or all of two seasons will be shot.
According to comments from creative consultant Tom Shippey, Amazon are planning to shoot twenty episodes in total during the initial production bloc, which will likely consist of two ten-episode seasons.
The first season is likely to air in late 2021, with the second season to follow in 2022.

Development of the project began in August 2017 when Christopher Tolkien, J.R.R. Tolkien's son and literary executor since 1973, resigned from the board of the Tolkien Estate. Christopher had long been opposed to authorising any TV or film adaptation of Tolkien's other Middle-earth material; the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings movie trilogies were made only because J.R.R. Tolkien had sold the film rights way back in 1969, before his passing. The other members of the Tolkien Estate, including two of Christopher's own sons (one of whom had worked on the Jackson movies) and his younger sister Priscilla (who had advised on Ralph Bakshi's 1978 animated film), were much more open to further collaborations with film-makers. In addition, the Tolkien Estate had several times had to take legal action to recover licence fees not paid properly from the films. With them being more closely involved in a new series, they could avoid this problem.
The Tolkien Estate themselves seems to have initiated discussions on the project, teaming with New Line Cinema (the subsidiary of Warner Brothers which had owned the Lord of the Rings movie rights since the late 1990s) to put together a package. This package appears to have consisted of certain time-limited rights to Unfinished Tales and some material from The Silmarillion (but not The Silmarillion as a whole, which the Estate considers to be a real goldmine for a future, much bigger collaboration). This deal was then shopped to at least three companies: HBO, Netflix and Amazon. HBO rejected the idea out of hand, as they remained committed to their Game of Thrones fantasy franchise. Netflix balked at the $250 million asking price for just the rights, reportedly counter-offering $100 million. When this was turned down, they decided not to proceed any further. However, Amazon, who had recently been ordered by Jeff Bezos to find "their Game of Thrones" was receptive and paid the fee up-front.
Amazon and the Tolkien Estate appear to have entered into a prolonged period of negotiation with the full deal not concluded until May 2018, although it was announced earlier (possibly to prevent any other companies from trying to jump on board and gazump Amazon, although this appears to have been unlikely).
It should be noted that the Tolkien Estate and New Line did not enter into any kind of agreement with MGM, who continue to own the film and TV rights to The Hobbit. New Line and MGM's collaboration on Peter Jackson's Hobbit movie trilogy had been tempestuous and reportedly the main reason for that trilogy's contentious filming and reception (including the decision to extend the adaptation from two standard-length films to three very long movies). Whether MGM was invited to the party and declined, or whether the Estate and New Line decided to simply not go there in the first place, is unclear. With the storyline of The Hobbit not expected to play any role in the new series, it may have been deemed unnecessary.

Content & Story
The content of the show remained a mystery for a long time, with rumours of a "Young Aragorn" series set between the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings trilogies circulating (mainly from The One Ring.net, a fansite that had made its name through its exhausting coverage of Jackson's original trilogy but has had a much spottier record with covering this new series). This appears to have been based on the "interquel" movie idea proposed by Peter Jackson and Guillermo Del Toro in the early 2010s, when to address MGM's demands for a trilogy they suggested a two-film adaptation of The Hobbit and a new movie focusing on Legolas, Aragorn and Gollum set between the two series. Significant development work was done on this idea before it was dropped. This led some fans to conclude that this existing material would make a starting point for the series.
This initial idea, which was not well-received by fans, was soon replaced by a much more promising one. The series would instead be set in the Second Age of Tolkien's legendarium, the time when the One Ring was forged, when Sauron first made war upon elves and men and when the world was dominated by the mighty island-empire of Numenor in the uttermost west. This idea also seems to have gained traction from the enormous success of Middle-earth: Shadows of Mordor, a 2014 video game which featured extensive flashbacks to this time period.
Despite almost a year passing since the confirmed Second Age setting, Amazon have not yet firmly confirmed the precise setting and background. The most likely starting place for the story would be circa the year 1600 of the Second Age, when Sauron, disguised as an elven prince named Annatar, makes alliance with Celebrimbor, Lord of Eregion, and works with him to create the Rings of Power. This leads Sauron to create the One Ruling Ring and unleashing his armies on the elves. The elves are almost defeated, but an alliance with Numenor swings the balance in the other direction. Sauron then resolves to destroy Numenor, helping first corrupt it and then tricking its rulers into bringing about their own downfall. This leads, many centuries later, into the War of the Last Alliance as seen in the opening to The Fellowship of the Ring.
To do this story justice, the TV show would have to be an anthology of sorts, leaping forward perhaps years or decades between episodes and centuries between seasons. The immortal elven characters, such as Elrond and Galadriel, could appear throughout the show's run, but the human cast will likely have to change on a regular basis.

Budget & Rights
Amazon have already paid $250 million for the rights to make the series and have pledged a budget of no less than $10 million per episode and up to $15 million per episode. They have also provisionally agreed to a five-year run for the series (and have already renewed the show for a second season). This doesn't mean that the show will run five seasons regardless, even if it is a massive bomb, only that this is the current plan. If five ten-episode seasons are made at the maximum budget, then combined with the initial rights payment this will give a round figure of $1 billion, or almost twice what HBO paid to make eight seasons of Game of Thrones. This would comfortably make The Second Age the most expensive ongoing TV show ever made.
Because Warner Brothers and New Line are involved, the project has inherited their screen rights to The Lord of the Rings and its appendices in full, which is likely why the project has so far borne the title "The Lord of the Rings" despite being set long before that book. The use of the map of Numenor - a copyrighted part of Unfinished Tales - on promotional material seems to confirm that the Tolkien Estate has also provided rights to that book. As well as the map, Unfinished Tales contains a detailed history of the Second Age and several short stories set during that time period, as well as extensive information about the goings-on of characters such as Galadriel and Elrond. One unknown is whether the Tolkien Estate has provided rights to The Silmarillion, as one large section of that book ("The Akallabeth") focuses on the Downfall of Numenor and the arising of the more familiar kingdoms of Arnor and Gondor from its ashes. It would be hard to tell the story of the Second Age in full without access to that material.
Intriguingly, composer Brian Ralston recently posted some music from an audition for the role of composer which was rejected. This music includes nods to lyrics from The Lost Road, part of the History of Middle-earth series, which suggests that the deal may include material from those books as well.

The show's title has not been officially confirmed, with Amazon referring to it only as The Lord of the Rings or "the Lord of the Rings TV series". This is likely due to rights issues, confirming it is a spin-off from the existing TV licencing deal, and not related to the Hobbit movies.
The final title will likely be something along the lines of The Lord of the Rings: The Second Age or The Rings of Power.

The Creative Team
The showrunners of the series are Patrick McKay and John D. Payne. Payne & McKay have built up some interest in Hollywood based on the quality of their early scripts, although their only produced script of note is that for the film Star Trek Beyond (2016), which was heavily revised prior to shooting. Notably, McKay and Payne had no showrunning or production experience before landing this job, which some has felt is an odd choice for what should be the most in-demand job in Hollywood.
The other writers include Jason Cahill (NYPD Blue, The Sopranos, Fringe, Halt & Catch Fire), Justin Doble (Stranger Things, Fringe, Into the Badlands), Stephany Folsom (Toy Story 4), Gennifer Hutchison (Better Call Saul, Breaking Bad), Glenise Mullins (Mine, Gray) and Helen Shang (13 Reasons Why, Hannibal).
The show's creative writing consultant is Bryan Cogman, who wrote many of the best-received episodes of Game of Thrones. The other consultants are Tom Shippey, a respected Tolkien scholar for many decades (best-known for The Road to Middle-earth), and John Howe, one of the most respected Tolkien artists. Howe previously worked on the Jackson movies as a concept artist and art consultant.
The only confirmed director at the moment is J.A. Bayona (A Monster Calls, The Ophanage, Penny Dreadful, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom), who will direct the first two episodes of the series. Mathew Dunne and David Waters are currently reported to be assistant directors.
The other confirmed production team members are as follows:
  • Production Designer: Rick Henrichs
  • Art Direction: John Dexter
  • Costumer Designer: Kate Hawley
  • Production Manager: Jared Connon
  • Concept Art: Igor Knezevic
  • Storyboard Art: Kur van der Basch
  • Visual Effects: Dane Allan Smith, Jason Smith, The Third Floor (company)
Many more key creatives are yet to be announced, including the musical side of things. It is also unclear if Weta Workshop/Digital are going to be involved in any capacity. Peter Jackson has reportedly talked to the new team and wished them well, but declined to be involved in an official capacity.

The Cast
To date, almost all of the casting announcements for the show have come through secondary sources (such as agents and casting companies) with Amazon declining to confirm or deny anything. Many of these actors have also reportedly auditioned using codenames or fake names in the scripts to preserve secrecy, meaning we don't even know if this is who they'll really be playing. Still, the names announced so far are as follows:
  • Robert Aramayo (Game of Thrones) as Beldor, the male lead
  • Markella Kavenagh (The Cry, Romper Stomper) as Tyra, the female lead
  • Morfydd Clark (His Dark Materials) as Galadriel, a younger version of the character played by Cate Blanchett
  • Joseph Mawle (Game of Thrones, Ripper) as Oren, a villain
  • Maxim Baldry (Years and Years, Rome)
  • Ema Horvath (Like.Share.Follow)
For now, this is all the information we have on the project. Hopefully Amazon will release some more information once full production begins in a few weeks.
submitted by Werthead to Fantasy

Another look at the Infamous YOGTZE case

The so-called 'YOGTZE Case' refers to the unexplained death of German Food Engineer Günther Stoll in 1984, to this day much is still unknown about his final hours and it remains one of Germanys most enduring mysteries.
Background to his death
Günther Stoll was a 34 year old unemployed food engineer who was living in Anzhausen with his wife in 1984. According to his wife for several months he had been displaying the symptoms of increasing paranoia.
On more then one occasion he had spoken to her of people he only referred to as 'Sie' or 'them', he alleged they were out to harm him and that he had seen them following him on several occasions though she has said she never noticed anyone. Despite her prompting him on more then one occasion to elaborate about who they were he never did.
Late on the night of October 25th, Günther had been telling his wife once again of a threat that 'they' posed when he suddenly stood up and declared "Jetzt geht mir ein Licht auf!" Or "Now I've got it!". His wife said he then fetched a scrap of paper and wrote down 'YOGTZE'. This has also been suggested to be 'YOG'TZE' or 'YO6TZE' depending on interpretations of Günthers handwriting. He then immediately crossed this cryptic note out.
Later that Night
Günther didnt explain what this meant to his wife and instead left his home driving his Volkswagen Golf, he is next known to have visited his favourite pub in Wilsndorf. Shortly after arriving there he was witnessed ordering a beer before he fell over, injuring his head. Witnesses believed he wasnt drunk due to only having ordered his beer and he hadnt been acting drunk prior to the fall.
He lost consciousness for several minutes after the fall but upon waking up, Günther headed for his car and drove away, witnesses said he had been distressed about his collapse and had seemed anxious to leave without answering questions. The next two hours are unknown as no one witnessed him during that time. Around 1am on October 26th he arrived at Haigerseelbach where he had grown up.
While visiting Haigerseelbach, Günther had encountered a woman with whom he had grown up. She said he had woken her up by banging at her door and she only opened the door enough to speak to him. She described him as acting agitated and said he spoke of some kind of terrible incident but wasnt specific.
when later questioned by police further she suggested he was speaking of this terrible incident as if it would happen soon rather then having already happened. She suggested that he should visit his parents who still lived nearby and tell them about it and he left. It isnt known if Günther followed this advice though his parents claim not to have seen him that night.
Günthers Death
What Günther did for the next two hours is again unknown, around 3am on the morning of October 26th his car was spotted lying in a ditch alongside the A45 section of the Autobahn just before the Hagen-Süd exit.
Two truck drivers later testified to having seen a man in a long white-grey coat or possibly a lab-coat, walking around the car and appearing to be injured. The truck drivers called in what they had seen before pulling over and hurrying back to the car.
The man in the white coat was nowhere to be found when they reached the car but the men did find Günther Stoll, naked and seated in the passenger seat of the car. He was severely injured but conscious and told the two truck drivers that 4 men had been in the car with him but fled after the crash. One of the drivers had asked if these men were friends and he had shaken his head.
Günther Stoll died on his way to hospital.
The police investigation into Günthers death found that the majority of his injuries had been sustained before his car crash. His injuries were consistent with having been run over before being placed in his car prior to the crash. Investigators also concluded that he had already been naked when he was run over, his missing clothes were never recovered.
It was established through a forensic examination of his car that his car hadnt been the one that ran him over. No fingerprints are believed to have been recovered from the vehicle other then Günthers and his wifes.
The individual in the white coat seen by the truck drivers was never found and another man seen hitchhiking at the Hagen-Süd exit around the time of the crash was never identified.
It's highly likely that no matter what was going on with Günther prior to the night of October 25th-26th, he was murdered by someone driving a different car to his. Its likely that he may have been run over by this unknown person before he climbed into or was put into his own car naked and fled for some distance before his injuries caused him to lose control and crash into the ditch.
Exactly why he was naked or where his clothes went is unknown, reasons for his being naked have been suggested such as an affair he may have been involved in at the time or the effects of some kind of drugs that might have made him remove them.
Considering the fact he was able to convey information to those first on scene but didnt name his assailant or assailants would suggest he didnt know who they were.
If Günther did know someone who was out to get him he may have been too scared to identify them and considering two witnesses say that there was at least one other individual at the scene it would appear that someone out there does indeed know more about the case, by not coming forward it all but guarantees there is foul play involved.
Another likely scenario is that Günther was either in the middle of a psychotic episode or had become manic before he left that night. He may have been hit by a car having run into the road somewhere on the Autobahn and then made it back to his car before crashing. In this case while someone must know who ran him over that night they may not have intended to harm him specifically.
This would explain why he may not have known who harmed him or why it has proven so difficult to find a motive for why anyone would have wanted to kill him.
Much like the suicide theory it's possible that due to some sort of mental problems that Günther was having he had ended up having an accident, some people have suggested that while police believe he was run over by a different vehicle to his own it may still be possible he ran himself over with his car and the subsequent crash into the ditch prevented identifying his car as the one that hit him.
The Significance of YOGTZE
Depending on what you believe happened to Günther that night, the note he scribbled before leaving his home may hold the key to the case or simply be a dead end with no significance.
Some believe that the note was actually a license plate number that he had been trying to remember. In this case it would most likely have been Y06TZ3 as no other arrangement would fit a european licence plate format at the time. This hasnt lead to any new leads in the case however.
It was discovered shortly after Günthers death that Y06TZE is the call sign of a Romanian radio station, most have dismissed this as coincidence as it doesnt seem to have any possible connection to the unemployed food engineer.
Knowing that he was a qualified food engineer, it might be that YOGTZE was referencing Yogurt with YOG in which TZE is in fact the code used for a type of Artificial Flavouring. The significance of this isnt clear.
It has also been pointed out that YOGTZE is an anagram of Zygote, the earliest developmental stage of an organism. The term is sometimes used when referring to genetic enhancement of foods and might have been referencing a project that Günther had been working on.
An eagle-eyed blogger in the early 2000's also indicated that YOGTZE as it had been written appeared to be written to be read backwards, when flipped and with a dot that might have been an apostrophe included it becomes 027,906, the significance of such a number isnt known. When entered as various latitude, longitude coordinates this appears to give results of a small Hawaiian island and an area deep in the arctic.
It's likely that the death of Günther Stoll will never be solved, with the passage of time the case has gone cold and there has been little new developments since that October night.
The meaning of YOGTZE may hold the key to why he died or it could be irrelevant, the ramblings of someone suffering a mental illness.
What do you believe YOGTZE might refer to and what do you think likely happened to Günther that night?
Wikipedia Link
Article Link
The YOGTZE Note comparison
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