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Sequel suits wish list

Hey, guys! So, this game had a TON of awesome costumes, but with the sequel inevitably on its way, I thought I'd post my wish list of alternate costumes I'd like to see in that game, as there are a few that they left out in this game, and they surely did that because they're saving them for the sequel! So let's begin!
Right of the bat, I want to say this : It would be awesome if you could actually transfer all of your suits from the first game, into the sequel. How? Well, it's a simple mechanic that other games have used. The PS5 supposedly will have backwards compatibility. Meaning you can play Spider-Man PS4 on it too. But okay, let's not just replay the whole game all over again, for this example (though, we probably will, cause we love this game). We copy our Save Data from the PS4, onto the PS5. And then we launch Spider-Man 2. The game would find the first game's save data and transfer data over to it. That data being all the suits from the previous game, into a Sub Folder of the Alternate Suits section, that can be titled "PS4 Suits" or something like that. They did this back in the day with The Incredible Hulk and the Iron Man video games, where if you had them both in your system, you would get the Hulkbuster Armor in the Hulk game. Or, for any of you who are DBZ fans, Xenoverse 2 would let you transfer your Xenoverse 1 avatar and make him into an actual character than your new avatar would interact with, if you have both games and save files on the same system. I don't see why Insomniac can't do this with Spider-Man 2, it would definitely be something new, as no other Spider-Man game's sequel did this. Now, granted, I know that the sequel will most likely have new and improved graphics, and so the suit models would need to be upgraded, but honestly I don't think that's necessary. The suits already look super realistic, I don't know how much further they could possibly enhance them in the sequel. But that's a different topic for another day.
Alright, now with that out of the way, let's get into the actual sequel suits. I mentioned Sub Folders earlier. That's because we'll probably have Sub Folders with Alternate Costumes, since we'll most likely have 3 playable characters. That's right, 3. We have Peter, Miles and Symbiote Spider-Man. I do believe that Symbiote Spider-Man will be his own, separate, character, with his own move sets, animations, dialogues, etc., akin to Spider-Man 3 and Web of Shadows. It wouldn't make sense to make Symbiote Spider-Man just a random alternate costume with a different Suit Power. They'll surely make him fight more aggressively, maybe use tendrils at one point, and have different dialogues. So, Symbiote Spider-Man will be a separate character, with his own set of suits.
So then, let's get on with the list. Now, this is just my personal opinion, and the suits that I want to see in the game. You are free to disagree with me and bring in your own opinions, and suits you want. Nothing that I say here is fact, this is just my hopes and dreams lol. So let's get started.
I will not mention any of the PS4 suits returning, as I already covered that I'd love for a way to transfer all the suits from the previous game onto the sequel anyway, so I won't be mentioning any of the previous suits like the Raimi Suit or the two Scarlet Spiders, since I already said I want all of those back in the sequel anyway.
For Spider-Man :
Ben Reilly's Sensational Spider-Man Suit : This is one of the suits I really wanted in the first game, and was a little let down that we didn't get it. But I realize that it just means that they're saving it up for the sequel. So I hope it makes it in. It would be cool if they handled it somewhat like this Concept Art from Spider-Man : Homecoming, since it looks just plain sick! But, regardless, whatever they decide to go for, when designing it, I just hope it'll make it in the sequel.
The Superior Spider-Man : Spider-Geddon, which will probably be mentioned in the game, Peter met Superior Spider-Man and fought the Inheritors, and Superior left something for PS4 Ock, which might actually have consequences that we will experience in the sequel. Maybe Otto actually does try to take over Peter's body in the game, and you have a mission, as Miles, where you prevent that from happening, and then after that mission, this suit becomes available. Whatever the case may be, I hope this suit makes it in the game! And yeah, once again, I hope they take some inspiration from the Homecoming Concept Art, since it just looks amazingly realistic, and it looks like something you would find in an Insomniac game.
Spider-Man Unlimited : Spider-Man Unlimited was a show that aired in 1999, some time after Spider-Man : The Animated Series finished its run. I grew up with this show, alongside Spider-Man : The Animated Series (TAS was actually my first introduction to Spider-Man, and I caught Unlimited airing like a year or so after that, alongside TAS' re-runs) and thus it does have a special place in my heart, due to nostalgia alone. Now, whatever your opinion may be about the Unlimited show, since, granted, looking back at it now, it wasn't exactly the best Spider-Man cartoon, but it had his moments, you can't deny that the suit is pretty cool. And while the concept of Spidey having an Unstable Molecules suit did make its way into the comics, with the Future Foundation Suit and the various Spider-Armors he made, while he didn't have his Spider-Sense, the Unlimited Suit never really made a comeback in any form of media, post PS1 Spider-Man. I'd really love to see how Insomniac handles this suit and I'd love it if they add it to the sequel!
The TASM Suits : I know, I know, the TASM movies weren't really good, and TASM2 was a disaster, but honestly, I loved the suits (and tbh I actually liked the movies too, please no hate). The TASM2 suit is actually my favorite suit and I like it even more than the Homecoming Suit (again, just my personal opinion, no need for hate). And while it's pretty obvious that Sony wants to bury that franchise and pretend that it never happened, I hope we do get the suits in the sequel. Just for the few of us who actually enjoyed some things in that franchise, and love the suits.
The Spectacular Spider-Man : Face it, Tiger, we all want this suit. What is easily one of the best incarnations of Spider-Man, and the best Spider-Man cartoon period, there's no denying that we all secretly, or flat out openly, wanted this suit in the first game. We didn't get it, but who's to say we won't get it in the sequel? Now, how would they make this suit in 3D, without it just looking like any other Classic Suit? Well, I found some Fanart, from people who answered this very question. They could make the suit like this, or if they wanna get real meta, they could do something like this (seriously, though, this second one is just amazing. Cudos to the artist!). Honestly, I feel like they may have teased it with the Spider-Manga suit, in the first game. The body shape and proportions and overall cartoonish feel to it, it really looked like the Spectacular art style, from certain angles. I feel like it may have been Insomniac's way of saying "Hey, this is an experiment, we're trying to do Spectacular". But of course, nobody confirmed that, so it's just speculation. But I feel like they might have unintentionally shown us that they can do a Spectacular TV show suit, if they wanted to (and got the rights). Here's hoping.
Ultimate Spider-Man (Comics) : I know what you're thinking. "Why? It's just the Classic Suit!". Yes, and no. It's the Classic Suit, but with some key differences, like the web pattern, eyes and symbols. They could model him in a cel shaded comic book-like style that looks like Mark Bagley's art brought to life, similar to how the Ultimate Spider-Man video game did it. And besides, they gave us like, what, 4 variants of what was essentially the Classic Suit in the first game? They could have at least made this be one of them. But maybe in the sequel.
Alex Ross Spider-Man Suit : Last, but not least, the Alex Ross suit that he designed for Sam Raimi's first Spider-Man. This was highly demanded in the first game, but we didn't get it. Granted, the Superior Spider-Man suit was highly based off of this suit, so I guess that if we have that one, we pretty much have this one too, but I still want this suit to be in the game, regardless. This is such an awesome suit and we've only ever seen it twice in video games (Spider-Man : The Movie, and Spider-Man 2 : Enter Electro, the sequel to PS1 Spider-Man). I really want to see this suit in the sequel. Here's hoping!
For Symbiote Spider-Man :
First off, I'll just say this right now, I don't think there's any need for me to add the "Classic Black Suit" on this list, because it's pretty much a given that we're gonna get it. Insomniac will probably design their own Symbiote Spider-Man, yes, but there's no way in hell that they won't add the classic Symbiote. There's just no way. So it's obvious that we'll get that, so no need to add it on the list.
Symbiote Spider-Man 2018 : From the pages of Amazing Spider-Man #800, this is how Spidey looked when he once again donned the Symbiote, in order to fight Red Goblin. Granted, I hate the way that the eyes literally stick out of the mask, but if Insomniac could fix that, I'd really like to see this suit in the game. Maybe we could even get its suit power to be a Rage Mode where you literally transform into Venom, like he briefly did in the comic. Or maybe that's too much....
Raimi Black Suit : Well, setting aside the Emo Peter Dance and the "You're trash, Brock" meme, I really do want this suit in the next game. Yeah, it's just a recolor of the Raimi Suit, with just a different Spider Symbol, but even so, there's a menacing vibe to it that I really love, and I'd love to swing through the city and terrorize bad guys with this suit, while also terrorizing civilians with these mad dance skills, haha!....... I'm sorry, I'm terrible.
Spectacular Black Suit : Spectacular Spider-Man had 3 different Symbiote suits for Peter. First one was pretty much just a Spider-Man 3 rip-off, third one was just the classic suit but with different symbols, but the second one was pretty interesting, with just a little bit of webbing on the mask, gloves and boots, and its unique Spider Symbols. I'd love it if we got this version of the Spectacular Black Suit in the game. Not to mention that this was one of the craziest incarnations of Symbiote Spider-Man, where Peter himself actually started saying "We" and was literally giving in to the Symbiote just like Eddie later would. This was one of the scariest incarnations of Symbiote Spider-Man, and I feel like it might be a direction that Insomniac will take for their Symbiote Spider-Man too. And if that's the case, we need this suit to go with it!
Ultimate Black Suit : One of my favorite things about Spider-Man : Shattered Dimensions was how they handled Ultimate Spider-Man, giving him the black Suit, and how they visually represented it. The cel shading and purple lighting made it stand out and look very comic book-ish, just as it should. I hope Insomniac considers adding this beauty to the sequel. I'd main the hell out of it.
Ultimate Symbiote : Ultimate Spider-Man did something interesting, in that they had Peter don the Venom Suit a second time (well, more like the suit ditched Brock in favor of a better host, which was Peter), but this time he was completely out of control. He was essentially a Mini-Venom (well, that is until he devoured stuff and became big and bulky... But for a while he was still small and skiny!). Now, it's essentially just an all-black Spider-Man, with no symbol, and Venomous eyes. But honestly, I think it would be pretty cool to add it into the game. It's never really been added in any game before, so it would be something new.
Poison Spider-Man : Now, this is technically NOT a Symbiote Spider-Man, but rather something new.... Well, okay, in essence, it's as if Symbiote Spider-Man got taken over by a... Different... Kind of... Symbiotes.... Hmm... Okay, jokes aside, Poison Spider-Man is an alternate universe Spidey who still had the Symbiote on, but was infected with a Poison Parasite. Poisons are these weird new aliens that showed up in Venomverse, who are like the predators of the Klyntar (The Symbiotes), bonding with a host that wears a Klyntar and consuming their very being. It's weird and convoluted, and I'm not really a big fan of the whole idea honestly, but the suit looks absolutely gorgeous, IMO. It's like an armored Anti-Venom Spider-Man on steroids. Granted, Peter's pretty much dead and a walking corpse inside of that thing, which sucks, but still, I'd really love to see this suit in the next game!
Spider-Carnage : Last, but not least, we've got Spider-Carnage! I think he needs no introduction. This psychotically deranged Spider-Demon was always my favorite "Symbiote Spider-Man", and I'd love to see how Insomniac handles his appearance. Granted, I highly doubt that Carnage will be in the sequel, in fact, I'm hoping that he won't be, and that they save him for the third game, but even so, hey, we got Ghost Spider in the first game, so why not Spider-Carnage in the sequel?
And lastly, for Miles Morales :
Like with Symbiote Spider-Man, I should mention that Insomniac will surely design their own, new, unique suit for Miles. But with that being said, they'll surely give us the Classic Miles suit, so there's no need to add it on this list.
Halloween Store Suit : This was Miles' first suit, this is how we got introduced to him, so in a way, this suit is iconic in its own right. I feel like they should really add this suit into the game. Here's hoping!
Spider-Verse : Need I say more?
Spider-Verse, without extra clothes : I'd like the version without the extra clothes to be in the game too. And from there, to each his own preference.
Cosmic Spider-Man / Captain Universe : Our boy, Miles, got the Power Cosmic in Spider-Geddon. We've seen the Peter version of Cosmic Spider-Man in so many games now, so I think it's time we got Miles' version this time! Granted, Spider-Geddon was released after the PS4 game, so realistically we didn't exactly get any other chance to see this suit in a game before, so hey! No time like the next game to bring him over, right?
Symbiote Miles? This is not a thing in the comics, but like, am I the only one who wants to see what Miles would look like if he wore a Symbiote? Granted his suit is already black, but still. What would a Symbiote Miles look like?
SO! This is my list. I'm sorry for the super long post! Looking at my clock, it actually took me a whole hour to write this, wtf.
What do you guys think? What suits would you like to see in the sequel? Do you agree with any of the suits in my list? Do you disagree with any of them? And what do you think of the idea of a way to transfer all the PS4 suits into the sequel? Let me know what you think! :D
submitted by KuroiGetsuga55 to SpidermanPS4

With the games inside xbox a month out. And a bigger reveal of Halo what do they do/show to pull this off?

Like many of you in this sub im sure were all in on Xbox, Halo and any other exciting new or returning IP they will announce. Heres my hopes, dreams, thoughts on some of the games and studios.
HALO: My worry is that with Halo, while i still will love it, will it be innovative? Sure its gonna be you're typical halo shooter with gameplay tweaks and what not. But what do they do to the world and campaign design to bring this franchise back to the fore front. Alot of you might be thinking all halo needs to be is an 8-10 mission story, Arena, forge, firefight, and warzone. And i completely disagree. Im hoping we get a story that is almost built like gears 5 was. Longer, quests, things to explore, etc. And some people will say thats not halo. But sonys recent God of War wasnt like the old god of wars, it built on those things and made people give it a shit about kratos. Im not saying strip out how Halo plays control wise either. Im just saying when it comes to story telling and the worlds i hope they take more risks.
FABLE: idk if this will finally show up this year. Playground Games hasnt really been working on it that long. But it'd be nice to see a teaser or something. And yes it has not been confirmed, but its all but known at this point with leaks, phils comments at e3s, and hirings for the studio. Im hoping this new fable brings back more choice and consequences, and also keeps that charm. They're not lionhead of course, but they are still brits lol. I just hated how dumbed down and simplified their systems were in Fable 3.
UNDEAD LABS: dont really want another state of decay. Couldnt get into the last 2. A better engine and possibly a new IP in the same vein could work. Without all the jankyness the first 2 games brought.
EVERWILD: looked absolutely stunning, and Rare is a very talented with alot of history. I just worry this game will feel kinda bare bones(heh) like sea of thieves did. Very basic controls and stuff. I could be very wrong and hope i am.
THE INITIATIVE: Never played Perfect Dark. But people seemed excited for a new entry in this franchise. So IF this is what they're working on, and also turning it into a 3rd person stealth action game im in. Xbox needs something in its stable that isnt just shooting and progressing like gears and halo. If they arent working on PD, then I'd still want a Narrative game in the vein of your uncharteds or horizons.
COMPULSION GAMES: We happy fews art style always jived with me but the gameplay and the systems never appealed to me. This studio seems to have an aesthetic and im here for it. Would like to see a more bioshock or dishonored approach to their next game. And less randomly generated, survival stuff.
OBSIDIAN: probably too soon, but either Outer worlds 2 or an open world rpg thats comparable. More variety in loot, romance options, bigger worlds and varied enemies, deeeeeper customization. Outer worlds was fun, but you could tell it was almost them testing the waters for a future game. Alot of the weapons and armor were just recolored and was disappointing. I want more customization when it comes to companions aswell. Very talented studio who im sure will bring it.
The other studios not listed we kinda knoe what their working on. Forza, hellblade. InXile(not a fan of wasteland so i dont really know what to expect). But yeah, what are you guys hoping to see in a month. And what do they have to do to pull new people in. Discuss/roast me in the comments.
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