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Groudon Move Pool Prediction & Prepare for Groudon Raid

(I) Intro
Groudon’s appearance in the Gen 3 trailer surely brought the hype to a whole new level. With Gen 3 being launched anytime soon, Groudon could follow Ho-Oh as the new Tier 5 boss. When imaging what a Groudon raid will be like, I found Groudon’s learn set in the main series (levelling up + TM/HM + tutoring) very interesting, hence making the Groudon raid unpredictable, and fun!
Now, assuming the 10 new moves discovered by the TSR’s APK teardown are all that we will get, and combining with the current moves in the game, we can narrow down Groudon’s potential moves by cross-matching. See detailed discussion below.
Predicted Fast Move Pool: Mud Shot, Iron Tail
Predicted Charged Move Pool: Precipice Blades, Fire Blast, Solar Beam, Ancient Power
(II) Fast Move Possibilities
Mud Shot, Dragon Tail, Iron Tail, Shadow Claw, Hidden Power
Luckily, unlike Ho-Oh, Groudon has access to a STAB quick move – Mud Shot. Mud Shot is quite good a fast move (if, of course, not rebalanced) for attacking, featuring low cooldown. For defending as a raid boss, Mud Shot Groudon should be relatively easy to beat as well.
Groudon’s giant tail gives it access to Dragon Tail and Iron Tail, both of which are excellent defensive moves, especially Iron Tail which covers one of Groudon’s weakness – ice.
Shadow Claw and Hidden Power aren’t too much to look at. Hidden Power will make the raid a little bit more unpredictable. Shadow Claw is just....well, anti-Mewtwo/Gengar DPS machine?
Predicted Fast Move Pool: Mud Shot, Iron Tail
(III) Charged Move Possibilities
When it comes to charged moves, things quickly become tricky. Groudon has access to such a variety of charge moves! Nonetheless, I categorized them into 5 types – STAB (Ground), three coverage types (Groudon’s three weaknesses, Grass, Water and Ice), and others.
1. STAB Moves
1) Ground Moves: Bulldoze, Earthquake, Precipice Blades
These are Groudon’s STAB charged moves. Precipice Blades is a must-have for Groudon since it is Groudon’s signature move and just got added into the game. I expect it to be a two-bar, high damage and medium-to-long cool down move like Outrage. As for the other two, it’s unlikely that they will be added into Groudon’s move pool as the design of move pool by Niantic has evolved into pursuing diversity since Gen 2.
2. Coverage Moves for Grass types
1) Fire Moves: Fire Punch, Fire Blast, Flamethrower, Overheat
I used to always mistaken Groudon as a Fire type since he’s always with lava! Anyway, he does have access to some popular fire moves in the main series. It’s very likely that Groudon will learn one of the fire moves in PoGo. I put my money on Fire Blast as it is naturally learned by leveling up for Groudon, although it’s a suboptimal fire move. Fire moves are also great coverage to grass attackers.
2) Flying Moves: Aerial Ace
3. Coverage Moves for Water types
1) Grass Moves: Solar Beam
This is where things get interesting. Yes, Groudon learns the devastating Solar Beam. Still remember Solar Beam on Ho-Oh? Now we have Groudon! Considering that Groudon’s ability in the main series which enables himself to use Solar Beam directly without charging, this is one of the most iconic moves that Groudon learns. If there is only one coverage charge move, this is the one.
2) Electric Moves: Thunderbolt, Thunder, Thunder Punch
While everyone is happy with Gyarados getting Waterfall and becoming a supreme counter to Groudon, don’t forget that Groudon might learn Electric attacks! It is, however, less likely to make the cut as Solar Beam would likely fill the place of this category.
4. Coverage Moves for Ice types
1) Rock Moves: Ancient Power, Rock Tomb, Stone Edge, Rock Slide
Speaking of Lava, one must not forget Rock! Groudon also learns several popular Rock moves in the main series. He could get a Rock move in PoGo as well, tho less likely than fire moves, if I must say. Rock moves are devastating to almost every ice types, except maybe Piloswine.
2) Fighting Moves: Brick Break, Focus Blast
3) Steel Moves: Iron Head
5. Others
Dragon Claw, Dragon Pulse, Hyper Beam
Groudon does know some many popular Dragon moves in addition to the universal Hyper Beam. However, I don’t really see the value in these moves. Neither is likely to be added to Groudon’s move pool.
BTW, is it just a coincidence that this category is exactly Dragonite's pre-Gen2 charge move pool?
Predicted Charged Move Pool: Precipice Blades, Fire Blast, Solar Beam, Ancient Power
Yep, I don’t think the size of Groudon’s charge move pool is limited to 3. It could be like Mewtwo, or, to go extreme, Mew! It would be a pity to discard some of those wonder coverage moves.
(IV) Groudon Counters
Since Groudon potentially has access to so many types of moves, there isn’t an attacker who can deal with every Groudon. Therefore, we probably would need to prepare multiple teams of Groudon counters and select attackers based on Groudon’s charged move. Below is an imagined list of supreme counters in different scenario:
1. Grass Attackers: Exeggutor
If it is not a Fire (or Flying) Groudon, then Exeggutor, among other Grass types, will be the MVP. He resists most of Groudon’s attacks (including weird Electric Groudon and Fighting Groudon) and is neutral to the rest of them.
2. Water Attackers: Gyarados (w/ Waterfall), Vaporeon, Kyogre
If it is a Fire Groudon, then Water types are your best friends. If it is a Ground Groudon, then Gyarados with Waterfall will definitely be the MVP. You need to watch for Rock Groudon tho – it hurts Gyarados badly!
3. Ice Attackers aren’t that relevant in Groudon raids because Grass and Water types pretty much solves every type of charge move that Groudon could have.
4. Honorable mentions:
1) Solar Beam Ho-Oh. Aside from Rock and Electric Groudon, Ho-Oh resists almost every attack of Groudon’s. With the high base stats, he makes the best tanker. It is expected to see a lot of Solar Beam Ho-Oh in a Solar Beam Groudon raid as it is likely to get picked by auto selection.
2) Solar Beam Groudon. He resists Rock attacks from the Groudon boss, which makes up the gap.
EDIT: Minor Text Fixes
submitted by biowpn to TheSilphRoad

A Compiled Overhit Guide for New Players and FAQ

Hi guys, the game just launched and we're getting new players. With that in mind, I decided to make a quick guide with a FAQ section to help centralise things a little and to help answer some common questions. Most of what I will include in this guide can be found on the discord channel, https://discordapp.com/invite/Ha9KT8W. These are information contributed by the community. If you have any questions while reading the guide, make sure to check out the FAQ at the end. If it is not answered there, you can head to the multi-thread for questions or go to the discord #beginner-help tab. If you do go to the discord channel, make sure to check out the pinned messages as the answer to your question may be already there!

Should you reroll? Only if you want to progress with ease especially as a f2p player. Characters are level capped at 40 and in order to increase the level cap, you need to upgrade your character with a duplicate of the same character. Increasing level cap is important as it gives you more stats and allows you to enhance your skills further (increased damage, extra target, etc)
How to reroll?
  1. Log in as Guest
  2. Play tutorial/campaign till 1-4 to unlock gacha
  3. Go to mail and collect pre-registration rewards
  4. Collect mission rewards
  5. Use 100 gems to roll for one of the 5 guaranteed SSRs
  6. Summon using gems and tickets
  7. If what you got is not to your liking then go into settings -> info -> delete account
  8. Repeat from step 1
  1. Continuing from step 6, play through campaign until 3-10
  2. Go back to lobby and click on "selectors" on the top left side of the screen. This is the 50x10 draw. You can reroll your draw with 1 guaranteed SSR. (Note: you will always only draw 1 SSR)
  3. If all 50 rerolls in the selector were bad, go into settings -> info -> delete account
  4. Repeat from basic step 1

Who Should I Roll For?
Obviously you would be aiming for the highest rarity in gacha - SSRs followed by SRs. As for which units in particular, you have to decide which content of the game you focus on and which specific unit you want more. The maximum level cap is 65 and each duplicate adds 5 levels. Hence, you will need 5 duplicates (excluding the original) to maximise the potential of a character. Because of how rare SSR units are, SR units are easier to build and will eventually become stronger than a none upgraded SSR unit. Here is a tier list made by GamingRaz, Unlucky and Blancpoulet, https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/18nfwRjqC5LaWuRrba153P9ixx4WoogcrDUyxKwwA0Ok/edit#gid=1773991986 .
The game in global is still fairly new and it is different from JP/KR due to changes made by Nexon. As such, the contents are still being updated so please be patient and understanding. To beat through campaign, you would want a strong tank, a dps with aoe clear and a healer.
The SSRs that you want to go for are
  • Angelo - One of the strongest aoe clear, will carry you through campaign
  • Teze - One of the best single target, used in raids and pvp
  • Ash - All-rounded starter character, S2 is an aoe clear (hits 4 targets instead of 3 when upgraded), 25% attk buff (as team leader)
  • Sophia - One of the best healers, starter character, free revive
  • Helena - Another strong healer, like sophia has a free revive
  • Leika - Another strong aoe, great in pvp, similar leader skill to ash
  • Blossom - Another strong aoe, 40% attk buff to fire types
For the SRs
  • Proxy - S1 decreases enemy's healing, s2 damages and heals 2 allies. Very strong
  • Cicero - Is a tank, can heal, can increase defense buff, can damage
  • Darkhell - One of the strongest aoe clear, very useful in water raid boss
  • Victoria - Starter character, like darkhell, strong aoe clear
  • Nekoroid - Heals, barrier buff, buff removal + aoe attack
  • Gleck (SR) or "Young Gleck" - Very good in dark raid boss
Most of the characters are good and situational, but the ones mentioned above are the common ones you would see in players' decks. A list of SSRs and SRs you wouldn't want includes Aria, Jack, Alter, Amati, Niflheim and more that you can find in the tier list. The reasons are that their stats at +5 dupes are underwhelming compared to others or because they are a niche character suitable for one content. Of course, you are welcome to experiment around if you like the character.

Deck Building:
A team of up to 5 is sent into the battlefield for all content.
  • On the left most slot is the 'leader'. Each character has a leader skill, it could be increasing attack or defense of the party.
  • Some skills have a condition such as requiring 3 of the same type to be in effect.
  • I recommend placing Ash as the leader in the beginning as he gives 25% attack regardless of your team members' type (Unless you have other SSRs). The right most slot can be replaced by a friend's unit.
  • If you have not added any friends yet, you can select from the recommended list (Note: you can scroll down the list). To ease up the search, you can filter characters by their type on the top left while choosing your character to fill up the slot.
  • Team leader skills stack when you use your friend's character! So this may be useful when trying to overcome a challenging stage! Some characters have link spells, you can search them up through the menu on top right -> guide -> link guide.
  • You should place tanks in the first and second row and your dps/healers in the third row as there is a defense buff on the second and third row with the third row having a higher defense buff.
A team could consist of 1 tank, 3 dps and 1 healer, 2 tanks, 1 dps and 1 healer or 2 dps and 3 healers! It is entirely up to you on how you want to build it, I personally use 1 tank, 3 dps and 1 healer and would occasionally swap 1 dps for a healer.

As mentioned before, the level cap is initially at 40 and goes up by 5 per dupe upgrade. You can use "light of talent" to upgrade any character. So it is wiser to save it for the character that you have no luck in pulling from the gacha.
  • N-R characters are used as fodder for leveling (fortify) your SSRs and SRs. You can retire them but they only give 50 gold. There is no other use for N-R characters.
  • Each character has their own grimoire. "Fake" grimoires give stats but do not activate their grimoire skill.
  • You can further upgrade your character through their grade, skills and abilities. Each consumes their own material.
  • The further you upgrade your character with a duplicate, the further you can upgrade their skills. Some skills get additional effects, whereas most will have increase %, be it damage, buff or debuff.
  • You can purchase grade elixirs from the shop for 10 gems or get them from trek missions. It is important that you do not waste your rainbow catalyst on random units as these materials are hard to come by and requires a lot to upgrade a unit to rank S (about 40 for SRs and 80 for SSRs).
  • Upgrading abilities costs "essences", it doesn't matter whether you choose the top or bottom branch of the tree. Eventually you will want to have everything maxed.
  • (TIP: It is important to level some units of each type to at least level 20-30 for trek missions.)

Type System:
  • 50% damage increase for advantage TYPE attacks
  • 30% damage decrease for disadvantage TYPE attacks
  • LIGHT and DARK advantages only apply to each other.
  • Fire -> Wind -> Water -> Fire
  • Light <-> Dark

Ok, you've made your team, what's next?
  • Play through the campaign. You get free gems just by completing a stage. You get more gems if you 3 star the stage. You get even more gems by getting 3 stars on every stage at the end of the chapter. 1 Chapter has 10 stages, if you get 30 stars, you can collect the gem reward in that chapter 3 times. To get 3 stars in a stage, all members are required to be alive when the stage ends. Even if they were killed in battle but was revived, as long as they are alive at the end, you can still achieve 3 stars.
  • Complete guide missions. Not "missions", guide missions. You get some good rewards from there and it gives you an objective on what to do next. (TIP for S rank mission, it costs 1, 2, 4, 10 grade stones to upgrade a N rarity character to S grade.)

Dailies reset at UTC+9, 5am. There are a total of 5 dailies to look out for. Go to more menu (at top right) -> special or challenge (for exploration and arena).
  • Exploration - You can get hero ability materials, such as Essence and skill stones. Each day of the week represents a different type of monster and reward.
    • Monday: Dark, Tuesday: Fire, Wednesday: Water, Thursday: Wind, Friday: Light, Saturday: Fire, Water & Wind, Sunday: All types.
    • If your character dies while doing exploration, you can swap the character out and their gear.
    • (TIP: Spend the 10 gems to reset.) Don't be stingy, 10 gems is nothing compared to the rewards you'll be getting. At the highest difficulty, you could get 3 manastones. Each manastone costs 10 jewels to craft and requires 1 of the 10 limited crafting you get weekly. It's worth it.
  • Terra Shift - Free gold (260k at Master), free character upgrades, free equipment upgrade materials
  • Dimension Gate - You can get soul shards for certain characters.
    • It takes 50 shards to craft 1 character. (Can be found under crafting). You get about 3*1-2 shards a day. Could take up to 10-15 days for a free SSR.
    • You can sell unwanted shards for a currency and use that currency to buy another shard in the soul stone shard shop.
  • Raid - You get gear here. 5 tickets, each ticket refreshes every 2 hours. There is currently 3 boss raids (Vedr-Fire, Liegestein-Water and Fafnir-Dark).
    • Drops are the same across bosses, with the only difference being the elemental gear you get from them. Vedr is fire, Liegestein is water and fafnir is dark.
    • According to Eazon, there is also dual element gear but it is rare.
    • Each boss has their own unique set of skills.
      • Vedr has an attack buff/dmg reduction buff. You have to chill him to remove the buffs.
      • Liegestein has 2 towers that you need to break in order to damage him. Green/Wind units with aoe like Darkhell or Victoria is useful here.
      • Lastly, Fafnir has passive crit and crit damage reduction. I recommend farming Fafnir as he does not have conditions for you to put up a fight, thus making him the easiest boss.
    • IMPORTANT TIP: Never go for raids higher than your team can handle. Rewards are given based on rank (damage done to the boss). Only the top 2 or 3 yields the best rewards. So always make sure to start or enter raids that you are confident to be first or minimally second place.
    • Do not enter the same raid more than once. It is a waste! You will still get the same amount of rewards depending on your rank.
    • If you realised you started the raid with "closed to public", you can always change it by clicking on your raid -> settings. The recommended level to farm raids is 7, but remember to adjust the difficulty to your level.
  • Untamed Sanctum - Very important. This is where you farm for 'grimoires'. When you defeat the boss, you get a currency/material called "Untamed Sand". It is used to buy grimoire cores which 10 of those can be crafted into a grimoire. It's other use is to strengthen the grimoire by going to inventory -> exclusive equipment -> equipment fortification. Don't waste it unless you know what you are doing.

You get gear from doing raids. They can be swapped between each character for free. It is highly recommended that you do not raise the level cap of 4 star gear as you can combine them into a 5 star gear of the same equipment type (e.g. 4 star weapon into 5 star weapon, armor into armor, etc). To combine them you need 4 level 40 gear of the same rarity and equipment type. Afterwhich, you need to go to inventory -> synthesis (found at the bottom in red). Make sure the gear is unlocked. You cannot synthesize elemental gear with regular gear.

5 tickets, Each ticket resets every 30 mins. You get arena points from winning or losing the match and it can be used to purchase elixirs and essences. The conditions for winning is to either wipe out your enemy team or have more total health when the timer ends. Some strategies include having multiple healers and wait for the timer. If you do that, thank you for bringing us more suffering.

Current on-going event can potentially get a free SSR- Colette. Try to advance as far as you can to get those tickets. Once you have completed stage 1-5 on hard, it is recommended to farm here (1-1 to 1-5) on consecutive mode until you run out of stamina. This allows you to farm for XP, coelette tickets and accessory equipment fodder.

  • I can't find the game on the app store!
    • Try downloading the APK from somewhere. QooApp is one of them.
  • I just reached 3-10, which SSR should I go for in my 50x10 selector?
    • Getting a duplicate SSR from gacha isn't easy. So using your selector for a character you already owned is wiser. Most people would do that as a duped SSR can mow through content easier. Of course you could still pick something else that you like!
  • Is my roll good?
    • If you read the tier list, followed some of the recommended characters and have a good number of duplicates on your main SSR and SR units then chances are it is good!
  • I saw JP/KR's tier list! It's so different from yours!
    • JP/KR has been around for 1-2 years. Nexon changed some of the characters in the game. As such, those tier list are not reliable in Global.
  • Is a SR+3 better than a SSR+0?
    • Yes, there was a comparison made that a SSR+3 is about the same or stronger than a SR+5 as well.
  • Why are some players saying ____ is better?
    • It could be that they have a team that synergises well together and brings out the potential of the character. Again, global just launched, so there may be an unknown character build.
  • What changes did Nexon make to the game?
    • Some of the characters' rarity has been changed including UR units which did not exist in JP/KR version. Rates.
  • Isn't the highest rarity UR? How do I get those units?
    • Yes it is. However, you can only obtain them through crafting. The material (UR stones) needed to craft them can be obtained as a mileage reward when you do ancient pulls.
  • What are ancient pulls?
    • Ancient pulls are Nexon's pity system which essentially is a free guaranteed SSR unit. To get the currency for an ancient pull, you need to do 10 gacha pulls 10 times (100 unit pulls in total). It is a mileage reward from the normal gacha pull and will be sent to your mailbox directly.
  • Should I save my gems?
    • If you are worried about better summon rates incoming then there is currently no announcements from Nexon about banners with rates up. I would spend them to achieve the 35 x10 summons on the guide mission. Again, guide mission can be found from the top right menu -> guide missions. Once you have achieved 35x10 summons, you can save the rest of the gems for rate up banners. But to each their own!
  • What should I spend my gems on?
    • Gacha pulls. Don't waste them on gear gacha. You can easily get them from raids. What you really need is duplicates.
  • What do I pick for SR selector tickets?
    • Dupes!
  • Are there any dispel, cleanse or immunity skills for buffs and debuffs?
    • Yes! For removing debuffs on your units there is Shoumei when her s2 is upgraded a couple times and Elphie s2. For removing buffs from enemies there is Nekoroid s2 and Luna s1. You can read more about character skills in the tier list "Unit & Skills Overview tab"
  • You said something about the formation? So must I keep the same formation as __?
    • No, you should experiment around to see what works for you. Formation could change the way skills are targeted and whether the units might be hit, but this needs some testing or someone to confirm this. Personally I run 1 tank in the front row, a unit that can take damage well in the middle and the rest are my dps/healers at the back row.
  • Is there a difference between elemental gear and regular gear?
    • Elemental gear can only be equipped by units with the same type. The basic stats on elemental gear also appears to be better than regular gear at the same rarity.
  • Why do some players have triple speed multiplier?
    • You can get it too by completing 15-10 campaign on normal.
  • Help! I've hit a wall, what do I do now?
    • Have you tried recruiting your friend's character to progress? Otherwise, you could farm Colette's event.
  • Where should I waste my stamina points?
    • You should spend your points in the Colette's events. You can farm XP for your other SRs and SSRs that you may use in the future, gain Colette tickets and accessory equipment fodder. If you have already hit the level cap on your other SRs and SSRs, you may want to consider raising the level of fodders such as faeries to not waste the xp. A level 1 faerie leveled a SR unit to level 7 whereas a level 40 faerie leveled the same unit to level 23 (level 6 and level 20 for SSR).
  • Should I farm campaign 1-1?
    • Maybe in the future. You should make use of the Colette's event as it reaps more benefits!
  • You said farm Colette's event, how do I do that?
    • You can auto farm Colette event once you hit 3 stars for the stage. Just go to the stage level -> battle plan -> set up team -> consecutive battles. (NOTE: You can borrow a friend's unit for consecutive battle, but each battle will select a new random unit)
  • Which stage and difficulty of the Colette's event should I farm at? 1-1 or 1-5?
    • Do the stage that you can complete smoothly. For difficulty, I recommend the highest difficulty.
  • I'm done with Colette's event! What do I do now?
    • You can try farming at 8-10 hard as it can give you soul shards.
  • How much free gems can I get in total?
  • How do I get light of shards?
    • As of now they are from guide missions reward.
  • How do I rank up my 3* gear to 4* gear?
    • You need to have 4 gear at level 40 minimally then go to the top right menu -> inventory -> click on synthesize (big red button below)
  • How do I rank up my 4* gear to 5* gear?
    • Same as ranking up 3* gear to 4* gear above!
  • Help! I clicked synthesize but my maxed gear isn't showing.
    • Ensure that the gear you want to synthesize is unlock. Also, you cannot synthesize elemental gear with regular gear.
  • My SSSR is already maxed! What do I do with my dupes now?
    • Retire them for manastones/jewels used for upgrading skills. (not to be confused with essences)
  • Help! Stage ___ is too difficult!
    • Change up your strategy, according to Emberelle's guide, reducing boss damage is key and you should be aware of the type of boss you are dealing with. For example, you can use double cicero for his damage reduction buff or use skills to reduce healing effects.
  • Arena is too hard! Where are these guys getting their dupes from??
  • Your Guide Is Lacking, I Need Another One

That's all I have for this guide. Please give me your feedback if any or let me know if there's anything you want to add as well, it will be much appreciated!

Edit: Changed how gear synthesize works and added more to FAQ section.
Edit 2: Changed some FAQ stuff
Edit 3: Added more to FAQ, gear and which units to roll for
Edit 4: Changed link to tier list
Edit 5: Added type system
Edit 6: Added more to FAQ
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