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The phone book holds a healthy 1, 000 contacts with room in each entry for five phone numbers, e-mail and Web addresses, a job title and company, work and home street addresses, a birth date, and notes. The children can look to find a puppy for the month of May, one of their favorite seasonal characters. INTRODUCTION: #1 From Puppy To " Best Book From Puppy To Dog How Do They Grow " Uploaded By Laura Basuki, from puppy to dog how do they grow library binding september 1 2020 by jillian powell author visit amazons jillian powell page find all the books read about the author and more see search results for this author are you an author learn about author.

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Jul 23, 2020 - Explore Gina Russell's board "Puppy! Buy Here's Patch the Puppy 1 Pupil's Book with Audio CD: Pupil's Book with Songs Audio-CD: Level 1 by Joy Morris, Joanne Ramsden (ISBN: 9781405074759) from Amazon's Book Store. 20+ Best Bilingual & Other Languages images.

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Department of Education's Ready to Learn Grant. Also, contains full teaching notes for carrying out each activity, scripts of the songs, stories and chants and the classroom language. To help his discouraged son get through college, a funloving and obnoxious rich businessman decides to enter the school as a student himself.

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Free puppy Primer by Patricia B. McConnell, Brenda Scidmore

Help your kids memorize 1 Corinthians 13: 4-7 with our printable 16-page flip book! Unit 1 Patch and Elephant Key language Main receptive language. The chairs were filled with guys from the football team – about 15 guys in total – except for 2 chairs, where Chelsea and Claire were sitting next to each other.

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Become part of the world when autoplay is enabled, a suggested video will automatically play next Be civilly liable under florida's dangerous instrumentality law Before 3 in 1 policy 1 salt lake city from $16 salt lake city blvd c, houston 77080 (713) 827-2221 hospitalization, medical surgical Agency 3 main st, north reading, ma off market $492, 218 4 bds 1. Find more similar flip PDFs like Wonder-pdf. Four Nonfiction Points of View - Story Grid.

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Anyone who keeps learning stays young. Heres patch the puppy 1 teachers book. But here's the thing, the thing I need you all to know especially if you are of voting age and live in Warren County NY, Rob Smith put that itty bitty cynical part of me at ease within the first 10 minutes of our conversation.

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I would recommend this book to kids in grades This book is about Charles and Lizzie Peterson who know a lot about puppies because their family is a foster family for puppies. Aoyama- Tokoyami 2. Ashido- Yaoyorozu 3. Asui- Ashido 4. Iida- Kaminari 5. Uraraka- Iida 6. Ojirou- Sero 7. Kaminari- Shouji 8. Kirishima- Satou 9. Kouda- Aoyama 10. Satou- Kouda 11. Shouji- Hagakure 12. Jirou- Uraraka 13. Sero- Ojirou 14. Tokoyami- Todoroki 15. Todoroki- Kirishima 16. Hagakure- Asui 17. Bakugou- Midoriya 18. I really like to read this book This Sense And Sensibility: Intermediate PDF Kindle will add to a collection of the best books of the year.

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This book tells us how and then, she said, like every one Saturday a month we do a training and people can come and volunteer to pet the dogs or to give some baths and like you just yeah bookstore laundromat bar. And the read write now summer reading challenge. James Callahan from Lowell High School in Massachusetts created a.

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Strictly's Amy Dowden reveals she was hospitalised at the. Download a bumper Ladybird activity pack!

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The Teacher's Pets: How Long Is Too Long to Leave Your Dog

The three puppy Stars of the week! Test Professional testers shop for, cook, and taste to make sure recipes work. Everyday Health: Trusted Medical Information, Expert https://torgline26.ru/download/?file=951.

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Compact Key for Schools Student's Book offers intensive revision and practice to quickly maximise student performance. Download MAC Eng 6 Audio CD PDF Free. Discover recipes, home ideas, style inspiration and other ideas to try.

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FREE topical teaching resources for you to download and enjoy. Bitten (Otherworld, #1) by Kelley Armstrong full report. DECIPHER The Greatest Codes Ever Invented and How to Break.

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Beep 2 teacher s book. Well in the haze of sleep deprivation, with cracked nipples, in the height of a pandemic, and desperate for money from a completely unpaid and too short maternity leave, I came back to an obscene amount of work and angry clients. The book I'm looking for is a book with mostly pictures and some writing, probably published between 1990-1995.

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Home; Meet the Teacher! I Want A Puppy or a Dog is the 4th book in the series Best Pets for Kids from Crimson Hill Books and promotes loving and responsible pet ownership and good care for healthy, happy pets and their families. New Puppy Here's What You Need to do to Raise a Happy Dog.

Seven steps to being all the narcissist you can be

Here's some handy advice for the aspiring narcissist parent to truly polish their A game and make it shine almost as brightly as you.
Money - you have to work every day, hard. Never let the kids forget that, always remind them of how hard you have to work for them. Help them see their true status as burdens keeping you off that beautiful tropical beach. Do not let them have any sense of ownership and always remind them they are wearing your clothes, riding your bicycle and eating your food. Do not give them an allowance, this may teach ideas that foster independence and provide them a measure of self respect (all measure of the child's self worth comes from you, the parent). Assign chores, but never do such in a fashion that suggests the child is contributing to the family, instead use power words like "you owe us" to put the child in the position of an eternal debtor at the company store of mom and dad. Make them ask for money every time they want a comic or to go to a matinee with friends. Deny often and randomly. Ask the child to explain why such is deserved. They will stop asking. Pro tip - if the child ever receives birthday or Christmas money or similar from an aunt or grandparent or whatever, have the child place it in your hand and state that this is "the least I can do to offset the burden I am", should the child balk then-
Don't Talk Back - this is your power phrase as a Narc parent, use it often, use it out of context, use it any time you feel like it and always give the child a slap across the cheek when you do. Don't let the child think they are worth a clearly enunciated sentence, instead mash the syllables together, sort of dontabac, with the slap delivered with the final mangled syllable. As a back up tool when a slap is not appropriate or CPS officers are in the area, the phrase because of your attitude, can be used instead. Obviously you dont ever want to tell the child what is wrong with their attitude, keep them looking to you for an answer that need never come.-Pro tip - do this even when the child is completely submissive and silent.
Schoolwork - you have the right to not be dagged into sums and spelling you mastered years ago, let the kid figure it out themselves. your time is more valuable. If they somehow get good marks, point out just how weak the school system has become. Teach the child what "participation A" means so they can start doubting themselves and will turn to you in the hopes of affirmation that is never coming. If they do well and hope for praise, let them know what the phrase "the heat death of the universe" means. Pro tip - if they get an F, write it on their forehead and make them wear it to school, all day. stay home from work (don't forget to shame the kid for that as well) to make sure the letter is still there when they get home.
Home Sweet Home - This is your home, you work hard to pay the mortgage or rent or stand in line to collect your subsidy voucher. Anyway it is your [redacted] castle. Watch hard for signs your child is attempting to co-opt your precious ownership such as inviting friends over to "his place", its yours not theirs. Remind them they are guests. Remind them that they may sleep and eat there but they are not stakeholders in the "family" home, merely occupants. Never involve them in household decisions and never explain or announce them. If these children butt in then-you guessed it- a quick dontabac/slap will set matters straight. They will come to see you as the lord of the manner who's whims and moods hold the force of natural law. Pro tip - don't give them a door key, make them wait patiently outside for your return, if you are feeling generous you can allow them to wait in the back yard away from the prying eyes of neighbors with CPS on speed-dial.
Sex - way too awkward to talk about, its uncomfortable. should they ask about the "facts of life" its time for you, the aspiring Narc, to demonstrate your mental agility by finding something they have done to fail you, if you are doing your job this should be easy, and tear them apart about it all over again, Don't answer. If you cant do that just talk into your armpit and ignore them. A dontabac can be used as a conversation ender. Never actually discuss this awkward subject. Those kids have no right to put you on the spot. Pro Tips (yes you get two - you lucky NARC) Don't get a privacy lock for your bedroom or explain boundaries in any way. That way when the inevitable happens and you are walked in on you can do a truly epic performance as you explode all over the kid (5 is a good age) in a physical and verbal detonation of truly epic proportions. slap, scream and punish, how dare these rude children violate your privacy. Pro tip 2 - when they get older, make sure they do not masturbate, follow them, catch them, shame them, take the door off "their" bedroom so they cant do it there. Have fun-its like playing whack-a-mole and you have all the mallets, let them fear your inevitable approach.
Conflicts (outside the home) - first off you are, in your shining glory, always right and you have dontabac to remind the child of that. Teach them never to argue with an adult, any adult. Tell them adults are always right and to be respected. This way you can reinforce respect being based off age and not character, buffering your position of deserving (unearned by any rational observer) respect from your children simply because you are older, and bigger, and have all the money 0 Tell them never to disobey an adult, your pervy "uncle Bob" will thank you. Punish the child for scrapes with their schoolmates, if they win you must strike fast and hard as the child may develop self respect which represents respect not being paid to you. this will take more than a dontabac, you must truly bring your A game and be flexible. A sure fire win is to drag the child (not literally-CPS again) to the home of the other kid involved in the altercation and make yours apologize. Pro tip - tell the other family that you will punish your kid most severely if he/she even so much as raises a hand to the other family's kid again no matter what. The schoolyard bullies will appreciate the snack you have prepared for them.
Discipline. I suggest you, an aspiring NARC, immediately buy a copy of "Starship Troopers" - the book, not the movie - and read the part where Rico and his teacher discuss how to housebreak puppies, understand it, and now do the exact opposite. Make punishments random Make the severity of the punishment dependent not on the offense, but upon your mood, that way the child will learn that error is not pleasing you, correct behavior is pleasing you and all things are dependent on your whim. Save punishments, that way you can create a "bank" you can withdraw from at any time and of course this one bank to which the sin of usury dues not apply. It also keeps the child in a position of asking "do they know or don't they", once again bringing the child's focus back to you. This also allows you to have well deserved NARC fun by playing cat and mouse with the child and pouncing when the child is just beginning to feel the hope of escape, a delicious treat for the NARC parent. Pro tip - have a family vacation, on the way to the airport drop the kid off at a friend's place (assuming you have any) and tell them they are not going because of their "attitude". super pro tip - juvenile psych center instead of a friend's.
Please give me a bit of slack on my seemingly tongue - in cheek tone, this was painful to write and taking the POV of a NARC primer made it much more doable. In no way did i intend any disrespect for the experiences of others who suffered a toxic family situation, I've been there too. All the pro tips are based on actual events I experienced, except the juvenile psych center, that was done onto my sister, not me. I know there are others who have suffered, many worse than me. you have my support, my understanding, and my respect.
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I am 31 years old, make $107,582, live in Copenhagen, and work in epidemiology

Section One: Assets and Debt
Retirement Balance: Total is around $65700 spread out between my pension from my current job + Roth IRA + ~$4000 in a pension account from a country I lived in prior to moving to Denmark. I know I’m behind with this, the downside of moving often and working as a contractor for three years.
Equity if you're a homeowner: None, I’ve always rented.
Savings account balance: $25,186.28 in a HYSA, $5,164.73 in CDs
Checking account balance: $641 in my US-based checking account (used to pay some US-bills every month) and $13,858 in my Danish checking account.
Credit card debt (and how you accumulated it): None.
Student loan debt (for what degree): $44,365.65 left (down from $125,357.97) from Bachelors and Masters loans. My dad and I split college 50/50 – I had a full scholarship that covered the first year, my dad paid for two years under the condition that I lived in campus housing and maintained above a certain GPA, and I took out a loan for my final year. I'm a first generation college student (only one of my grandparents completed more than 9th grade and neither of my parents went to university) so college was always a non-negotiable for me. I worked about 16-24 hours per week in an on-campus job during undergrad. I went to a state school for undergrad and private school for my Masters – I worked full time during grad school but took out loans to cover the tuition.
Section Two: Income
Income Progression: I've been working in public health/international development for ten years. 2011: My first full time job after undergrad (during my masters) paid $16.50 an hour, and when I left 15 months later, I had gotten a raise of a whopping 49 cents, making my final total $16.99. 2013: I got a research assistant job next, which paid $17.50/hour (full time). While I worked this job, I also had a part time evenings and weekends gig on another community-based research study for another $15/hour, which was my favorite job ever. 2014: I took a leave of absence from the first research assistant job to do an internship for my masters abroad, which was partially paid for by a scholarship from my uni (around ~$3000) and also offered a $700/month stipend. Came back to the US briefly and then in 2015… 2015-2018: …I moved abroad again, this time as a contractor, where I made $45,000 the first year with small increases during my second and third years there. I ended making a little over $49,000 per year my third year. However, this position also included substantial allowances for education, housing, and shipping, for a total package of around $80,000. 2018: I moved to Europe and started a PhD program with a stipend of $35,484 per year. I left that program after a year to take my current job. 2019: The first year I made $100,463 per year, but this year, with my annual raise plus cost of living adjustments, the salary increased to what it is now. My salary fluctuates a little every month, since a portion of my salary is a rental subsidy (around $300) and cost-of-living adjustment, which changes with inflation rates and exchange rates. This also came with a relocation package and shipping allowance. I really love my current job, and although I sometimes get frustrated working within such a bureaucratic system, I look forward to where my future career can take me (both location-wise and career-wise).
Main Job Monthly Take Home: $8,021.59
Side Gig Monthly Take Home: None right now – by contract, I cannot take any outside employment. Any Other Monthly Income Here: None – my husband, F, lost his job a few months ago and right now gets around $3000 pre-tax in Danish dagpenge (a type of unemployment insurance that is privately funded. He paid into this while he was employed, and now can use it for up to three years or until he finds a new job) – but our finances are separate with no real plans to combine them. Rent we split proportional to our income, but most other things we just each chose some bills and pay them, and split groceries and entertainment pretty evenly, but we don’t really keep track and don’t nickel and dime each other.
Section Three: Expenses
Rent: $3256.77 – I pay $2100.99 of this, F pays $1,155.78. My work provides around $300 per month rental subsidy (included in the monthly take home pay). Before F lost his job, I took home twice as much as he did per month, so we felt it was fair to split rent like this.
Renters and property insurance: F pays this once a year (he pays because it’s offered on discount as part of his union fees, and because it covers his very expensive sports equipment)
Retirement contribution: $928.33 from each paycheck. I pay 7.9% of my monthly gross income, my work pays 15.8%, which is really great for someone who started really late with retirement savings. Savings contributions: After I built up my savings to around $50,000, (we bought a car recently so savings are a bit less now) I’ve been putting more towards my loans so I actually have not been intentionally saving anything lately, but usually end up with around $2500 left over at the end of the month.
Investment contribution: $6000 per year to a Roth IRA (I’ve only been doing this the past year). I usually make a transfer once a year from my Danish account to cover this.
Debt payments: My only debt is student loans. I paid off my private loans in 2017 and with 0% interest on the Federal loans, I’ve been channeling as much money towards them as possible the last few months. Since 0% interest began 6 months ago, I’ve paid more than $18,000 to my student loans – my minimum payment pre-covid was only $286 per month, so I paid about 10x the minimum. Until 0% interest ends, I plan on paying most of my paycheck to my loans. I hope to have my loans paid off by this time next year.
Donations: I don’t have any reoccurring donations but make a lot of random donations throughout the year. In August I donated $50 to a friend’s MS fundraiser, a bunch of books to a women’s collective in Copenhagen, and my work has an option during check out of the canteen to “Share the Meal” and add 10% on to your order as a donation to the World Food Programme. I Share the Meal any time I buy anything at work, and usually end up donating around $5-10 per month that way. F and I also volunteer once a month with Danish Refugee Council.
Electric: F pays this
Internet: F pays this. It’s common for Danish workplaces to pay for household internet, so F’s work used to pay, but he assumed this bill after he lost his job because likely his next job will also cover internet.
Cellphone: $27.22/month. It’s a deal through work and is deducted from each paycheck before the monthly amount above.
Subscriptions: $15.77 HBO MAX Nordic (only in the winter months), $13.10 Netflix (I pay and share with my sister and Dad in the US)
Gym membership: $53.08/month for unlimited Power Yoga.
Car payment / insurance: $1,145.18 once a year for car insurance. We bought a new car this year and paid cash for it – one benefit of being a diplomat is tax free vehicles! In Denmark, where car taxes can be up to 180%, this is a huge benefit!
Medicine: $1.99/month
NYT Crossword App: $39.99 per year.
Intro: This is a follow up diary to my last MD, which I wrote just shy of a year ago. A lot has changed since then! The good – F and I eloped in late spring, we bought a car, and I made some friends. The bad – I haven’t seen my family in a year and F lost his amazing and interesting job in early summer in the first round of COVID-related firings at his work. Since then, the mood has been pretty low in our apartment. He’s been unemployed before (a downside to all the moving in development work is that there can be huge gaps in between contracts and jobs) so we don’t know how long this round will last. We know we are so fortunate to be able to still afford our lifestyle, and I know so many people have it way worse, but it still is incredibly difficult to see the one you love feel as though they are worthless when they lose a job.
Day 1 - Saturday: $70.03
8:20am – Wake up early and head to a Power Yoga class that’s a ten minute bike ride from my apartment. I always arrive super early so I can read and stretch before class starts. I’m about 3/4 through Girl, Woman, Other by Bernardine Evaristo and it’s such an interesting book.
10:00am – Out of yoga and head to the bakery to grab some fresh pumpkin seed bread and to the grocery store for small things like avocados and orange juice. We make breakfast (bread and avo with scrambled eggs and spinach and a fruit smoothie) and decide to take a drive to the north cost of Sjælland today. $12.83
12:15 – We get ready for the day and head out. F drives. On the way, we stop at a bakery, each get a pastry, and sit in the sun outside for a bit and read. $7.01
2:00pm – When we are about 20 minutes away, it starts to downpour. We had planned a short hike, but it won’t be fun to walk in the rain and neither of us brought a rain jacket, so we turn around and head home. I browse Instagram and see one of my favorite shops is having a sidewalk sale. My good friend T just moved into a new apartment after a horrible break up and mentioned one time that she loved the mugs there. F drives me there and I scoop up two mugs for her at half price. I’ll give them to her at her housewarming brunch next weekend. $39.83.
3:15pm – F and I eat some leftover pasta from dinner last night and relax on the couch and read for a bit. We light some candles and play a game of backgammon and a few games of Hive and drink some coffee. I secretly love rainy autumn days. We watch an episode of the Sopranos. Neither of us feels much like cooking tonight, so we decide to order pizza from this new place we discovered. The owner is always watching Italian soap operas and the Pope on Sundays, so we know he is legit.
6:15pm – F goes to pick up the pizzas. We end up with tons of leftovers, super convenient since tomorrow will be busy. I get ready to meet my friends out. I try to encourage F to call one of his friends or to see his brother, but he has been extremely down this week and doesn’t want to see anyone. He had a second interview for a job he didn’t end up getting last week, so this week has been especially rough. He is naturally an introvert, but it breaks my heart a bit to see him always at home these days.
8:15pm – I meet my friends out and have just one beer before switching to water. After T’s breakup, her and I made it a point to meet new people and make some friends. Between people from my Danish classes and her colleagues, we found a fun and diverse group of women our age that we’ve been seeing once or twice a week. Tonight, there are four of us from different countries there – Belgium, Poland, Italy, and me. $10.36
09:30pm – It’s last call at the bar. As of last Friday, bars started closing at 10 with masks worn inside unless you’re seated at a table. Denmark made it through the first wave of COVID without imposing masks or too many restrictions, but the past weeks the R value (the number of people one COVID-infected person is assumed to infect) is creeping closer and closer to 1 (under one is good, over one is very bad) which means more restrictions. We chat outside until 11ish when I ride my bike home and F and I chat and read before falling asleep.
Day 2 – Sunday: $96.20
09:30am – A slow start to the morning. Over coffee we chat about taking another mini road trip to Hamburg or Berlin in October if COVID allows us to travel (right now, Germany is on the ok’d list for Denmark). (Note – as of Wednesday, this is no longer possible since Germany does not allow travelers from the capital region in Denmark to travel to Germany).
12:00pm – T meets me at the parking garage and we head to IKEA, chatting about our night last night and plans for the week. I brought T to IKEA a week ago, and we ended up in here for more than four hours, so I really hope this trip turns out to be different.
1:30pm – T and I are on our way home, bags full of glass food containers, bath mats, and other essentials. We drive back into the city, chatting about her ex and how life is infinitely better for her now that she is single. $39.25
2:00pm – At 3, F and I have plans to go see my friend B and her husband, who just bought a house and are expecting a baby in January! I stop by my favorite bakery on the way back to drop T and get a chokolade trekant (a big pastry filled with marzipan and cream and covered in chocolate) to bring with us. $9.89
2:15pm – Back home, and F is back from his bike ride. We agree that he will shower while I run and pick up flowers to bring to B. I run down to the local department store that sells flowers outside. I grab a tiny bouquet of sunflowers and a tiny bouquet of these red flowers (#notabotanist), they’re two for 119DKK, or $18.99.
2:45pm – F and I meet at the car and drive over to B’s, which is in a part of Copenhagen that’s very suburban and a little far away. It is SUCH a nice home. I can see that F is feeling bad again. The morning he lost his job, we were supposed to meet with a housing agent to make an offer on an apartment. I think F still feels a lot of guilt over that happening, but honestly – I think it was for the best. The place we wanted was a little far from the city center and was awfully expensive for being in an area that isn’t so interesting or fun. We chat with B and her husband about work, life, buying a place, B’s pregnancy, and more. B is a friend from Danish class – she is German, but also married to a Dane. It goes really well getting the husbands and us together, and we agree that we have to do this again really soon.
4:30 – Leave B’s house and drive to a nearby grocery store. They’re having a sale on beer and candy (only in Denmark), so we pick up a few different kinds of both. I buy all the stuff I need to meal prep lunches for the week and dinner tonight. F pays for the beer and the fun stuff, I pay for the healthy groceries. $28.07
6:15 – While F makes dinner (pasta with peas in a lemon mascarpone sauce with a side salad), I make lunch for the week – a quinoa/red peppechickpea/tomato/cucumbered onion/parsley salad with a jalapeno lemon dressing. I portion them into my new glass containers and feel accomplished.
8:15 – After dinner, we start the movie Leviathan, a Russian movie that got very good reviews. I find the beginning tough to follow but it gets really good towards the middle. Around 9:45 we turn the movie off (it’s a long one) and will finish it this week at some point. We get ready for bed and read. Sleep somewhere around 11.
Day 3 – Monday: $5.28
06:30: Up showered dressed makeup. Doing six months of Accutane in my early 30s is the best thing I ever did for myself. My makeup routine now is just a light dust of Neutrogena powder foundation, Becca rose gold highlighter, Eyeko liquid liner, Benefit mascara. Takes two second.
07:00 – Can’t find my bike key, eat two pieces of toast with Lotus spread. I grab my mask and head to the train. Read a few pages of the book on the way.
07:45 – Arrive at work. The office has thinned out considerably since the Prime Minister’s last press conference where she encouraged everyone to work from home. Surprisingly, my work’s response has been super vague on this. Since I work for a multilateral, we don’t really fall under Danish public authority, so I guess my work thinks it can do what they want. Still, my boss, N, makes me choose two days a week I want to work from home. I pick Tuesdays and Thursdays.
08:30 – Work day passes relatively quickly due to meetings. I meet with N, who is more like an older brother than a boss to me some days, and we chat about his upcoming trip to see his fiancé who lives in another country and who he hasn’t seen since before COVID. He leaves Wednesday for more than 3 weeks. I’ll assume his role for the weeks he is gone, attending his meetings and responding to requests directly from our director.
12:00 – I grab my book and head out in the sun to read with my salad lunch. After reaching the last chapter, I open the NYT crossword puzzle app. This Monday is tougher than usual, but I finish – 17 Mondays in a row!
1:20 – Rest of the day passes quickly. N clues me in on everything he has been working on and ensures me he will be available even though he is on leave. I’m not really stressed at all, N is chronically stressed so he thinks everyone else is.
3:00 – Listening in on a huge virtual meeting while doing admin work I’ve been putting off for weeks due to preparation for this big meeting, where all our partners come together (virtually this year) to make some big decisions for programs and budgets in the upcoming year.
5:15 – I text with my mother-in-law, MIL, who I meet with once a week to have an informal Danish lesson. It’s been helpful to have these lessons, not just to improve my Danish but also to foster a good relationship with her independently of F. We get along really well and I really look forward to these lessons. I leave work and train home, carrying a computer screen for tomorrow’s first day of work from home. I run into F, who is on his way to the grocery store and sees how much I’m struggling with my screen. He takes the screen from me and walks it home and goes back out for groceries.
06:15 – F was planning on making quiche but forgot spinach. I run to the grocery store to pick it up along with some cottage cheese, and by the time I get back, F and MIL are together in the kitchen. I get the quiche ready for the oven, stick it in, and MIL and I sit down at the table to snakker Dansk. $5.28
7:30 – MIL and I talk in mixed Danglish while drinking some IPAs we bought yesterday until F takes the quiche out and we eat. Shortly after, we talk a bit more, and F drives MIL home so he can see his dad and their puppy.
08:00 – I clean up from dinner and read the rest of Girl, Woman, Other. I find it annoying that you can’t give half stars on Good Reads. I liked this book better than a 4 but very few books deserve a five. I give it a five anyway and think of looking at the next book but decide to video chat my sister instead.
10:00 – F gets home and into bed and we chat for a bit, he starts to read, but I fall asleep almost immediately.
Day 4: Tuesday - $33.19
06:30 – Wake up, morning routine, today is a work from home day. I cycle to a yoga studio (F found my bike key… in the coat I wore on Saturday!) and take a 7am vinyasa class with a hilarious instructor.
08:45 – Phone call with our program assistant, M. We end up talking about her husband’s 60th birthday before eventually landing on business. F heads out on a bike ride.
09:30 – A colleague texts me and asks if I could join a call she is having with colleagues in our Montenegro office at 10. She sends me three documents and I briefly glance at them before the call starts. Afterwards, I end up with a lot more work. Spur of the moment invitations that end with me having a lot more work seem to happen often, and I wonder if maybe I’m too agreeable at work.
12:00 – Do some admin work and answer emails, then have a quick lunch of the quinoa salad while reading. I pick up Where the Crawdads Sing, which I bought only a week ago even though I’ve seen it everywhere for months (years?).
2:00 – I have another meeting with my counterpart at our HQ office. He’s a nice guy so we end up chatting about life for a bit first. Last year, I was in Geneva about once a quarter, so this is the longest I’ve gone without seeing my friend and without Swiss chocolate.
4:00 – I knock off work early since it’s so nice out. F and I decide to take a long walk to a grocery store that’s in another neighborhood. We grab the stuff we need and an ice cream to eat while we walk home. $22.34
5:45 – On the way back, we pass my favorite cute store. I stop in and buy a fancy leather bookmark because despite reading so often, I’ve been using a crumpled paper bookmark I got for free at a bookstore in Stockholm for more than a year. $10.85
6:00 – F cooks while I lay in the hammock on the terrace and read. This book is already really good and I’m only on the third chapter. We eat dinner (broccoli fritters in a wrap with hummus, spinach, tomato, pepper, and lots of hot sauce) and play Rummy outside. September nights like this make me totally forget that in two months it’ll be pitch black at 4 pm.
9:00 – I clean the kitchen and do the NYT crossword. Today’s theme is Black Panther. It’s tough but I finish! Two day streak! F’s nephew is turning 7 on Friday, so I text his sister in law and ask what we can bring. She suggests ice cream and chocolate – easy enough! Night time routine (Omorovicza products are seriously my vice) and hop into bed and read.
11:30 – My phone pings with an urgent request from our director at work regarding some talking points for her for a meeting tomorrow. Luckily, I’m still awake reading (I’m more than halfway done with Crawdads) and put something together quickly for her, send it off, and head to bed.
Day 5: Wednesday - $83.67
06:30 – Wake up, shower, breakfast. I quickly email my colleagues in Montenegro some information for our follow up call this morning. Since we’re meeting at 8, I decide to take the call from home then head to the office.
09:30 – Call is over so I get on my bike, beautiful weather again. On the way, I stop by the dry cleaners and drop off a few things. The price shocks me ($40.93 for two pairs of pants and a dress), but since they only take cash and I have no cash on me, I decide to pay when I pick them up on Monday.
10:15 – I arrive at work and on my desk is a parking ticket from when we visited a national park in July. Since my car was purchased using diplomatic privileges, any mail relating to the car is sent to my office, including parking tickets, I guess. OOPS. Apparently authorities took a picture of our license plates and only billed us now. $26.74
11:45 - Run down to the mailroom and mail the last three of our wedding thank yous. Even though we eloped, so many people have been so kind sending gifts that have been long delayed by COVID post times so it seems like our wedding is never ending! $14.17
1:30 – On the way back to my desk, I pick up an iced coffee from the café. A call with colleagues in Ukraine leads to a pretty big assignment with a quick turnaround time. I really enjoy doing work with different country offices though, so it doesn’t bother me at all. I send a quick summary of action items from the call and get to work. ($2.36+$0.25 share the meal donation).
2:00 – Last week, a student wanting to work in public health reached out via LinkedIn for some career advice. I invited her to the office to have a coffee and chat. Turns out she doesn’t drink coffee, but I grab another one and we chat in the café anyway. My imposter syndrome is getting the best of me and I feel like I’m not experienced enough to be giving career advice, but at the same time wish that I had the foresight to do stuff like this when I was a student. ($2.36+$0.25 share the meal donation)
4:00 – I head out of the office and cycle home. The weather is so beautiful and I never want it to end. F meets me at the park and we lay out on a blanket and read for an hour. I’m flying through Crawdads.
5:00 – I stop by Sephora and pick up a new mascara on the way home. For dinner, we roast some vegetables and toss them with some chickpea pasta with a side of maple balsamic brussels sprouts. We eat on the terrace. $37.54
6:15 – Tonight is a two class yoga night, power flow then yin. Home around 8:45, quick shower, and in bed to finish Crawdads. I give it five stars on Goodreads and go down the rabbit hole of negative reviews of the book. Valid criticisms, but I still liked it!
Day 6: Thursday - $0
7:00 – Up later than usual since I work from home today. Start a load of laundry and make an almond milk latte. Email a consultant about some lingering things. Thursdays are my longest day and I start my new level of Danish class this evening. Eat a slice of banana bread that I defrosted last night (love finding secret baked goods in the freezer)!
8:30 – Make a massive bowl of zucchini oats with cinnamon and homemade applesauce stirred in. Eat breakfast, respond to emails work.
10:00 – Work on the Ukraine project from yesterday. Takes the better part of the morning and I’m still not done. I want to finish this by the end of the day since I like having relaxed Fridays.
12:00 – Have a quick lunch and then head out for a doctors appointment at 1. I’ve recently been having some side effects from a medication I take (like inability to focus, difficulty sleeping, constantly hungry). I visit the doctor and she confirms that there’s something very wrong with my thyroid, and she suggests I take a sick leave from work and tells me to get blood drawn every other week so they can monitor my thyroid hormones. I don’t think a sick leave is necessary right now, but I think I’ll talk to my boss N about it when he gets back from holiday. The doctor told me I should take it really easy and work from home if I can’t take a sick leave, so I might do that.
2:30 – Feeling a bit off since that appointment, I ride home through a neighborhood with a lot of independent shops and browse but buy nothing. I go home and chat with F about the appointment. He is really good about making me feel better.
4:00 – I send off my work to Ukraine and hope for the best.
5:30 – Eat a quick dinner and head out to Danish class.
6:30 – I see my friend from the last course, A, and take a seat near her. The class is more than 3 hours long, and once you get to the B2 level, most people are relatively confident in their speaking. I feel very confident in reading and writing, but speaking is so difficult and I get self-conscious. The new teacher is okay – I liked the last one more. I text my MIL about the new Danish teacher.
9:45 – Class is over. On the way out I chat with two women in the class who suggest we get drinks together soon. I love that idea! More new friends!
10:00 – I’m home and in my apartment and make some quinoa to take to work tomorrow with leftover veggies from the week. F is out on a run. I skype with my childhood friend in Seattle, I haven’t seen him in more than five years so we work out a time when we could potentially visit our hometown at the same time. We think it might happen in March (COVID permitting).
12:00 – Eventually fall asleep after F gets home. He’s been in a much better mood today!
Day 7: Friday - $0
7:30 – Oof, woke up super late. Three ingredient banana pancakes to the rescue along with some homemade applesauce I made the other day. It’s downpouring so F suggests I drive to work. I guess the nice weather is over.
9:00 – I get into work, take my coat off, and the fire alarm rings telling everyone to evacuate. I put my coat back on, pack up my things, take my car key and head to the parking garage to leave for the day. There are fire engines outside of the building, so this won’t be a short wait outside in the cold, wet, Copenhagen autumn rain.
9:30 – Back at home and have a few phone calls. I only have two big tasks today, but my attention span has been really bad lately (which I found out is a symptom of hyperthyroidism, so it’s all starting to make sense!). All I have to do is listen to a Teams meeting (not even talk… just be there), write up a short analysis of a proposal that was sent to us, and put together some slides for a keynote address to be given by someone higher in the pecking order than me.
12:00 – Break for lunch, having done not much but listen to the meeting and open a PowerPoint and Word file. This afternoon won’t be fun.
1:30 – Power through the rest of the day. Create a few slides, write what I need to write, send it off, chat on WhatsApp with my boss, talk with our program assistant on the phone, and before I know it it’s after 5 and F is telling me we have to go (the Danes are nothing if not punctual, and if the dinner starts at 5:30 then we are late if we aren’t there at 5:30 exactly).
5:40 – Arrive at brother-in-law and SIL’s place, they live in this super posh penthouse on the water. SIL’s parents are there, and her mom has always been really nice to me. SIL’s parents give us some nice wine as a wedding gift – we haven’t seen them in almost a year!
10:00 – The night passes quickly because it’s so enjoyable. I always get very nervous to go to these all-Danish gatherings, but they always turn out fine and tonight I even felt a connection with F’s four-year-old niece (I guess my Danish is equivalent to four-year-old Danish). She seems to really like me and it makes my heart grow ten sizes. We take the metro home and end the night chatting in bed. It’s been a good week.
Weekly Total: $288.37
Food + Drink: $101.00
Fun / Entertainment: $0 (although a lot of the food/drink I put under entertainment in my personal budget, but the way this template classifies fun/entertainment it’s not)
Home + Health: $39.25
Clothes + Beauty: $37.54
Transport: $26.74
Other: $83.84
Lastly, reflect on your diary! This was a pretty normal week for me. We usually cook at home and I normally bring lunch but am definitely guilty of buying coffee at work. I don’t go out so much during the week (mostly because my weeks have just been so busy lately) but on the weekends I love a good drink or dinner out. I would love to have my loans paid off by this time next year and if I try a bit harder than I have been, it’s a definitely possibility. I have to say I don’t even mind spending on fun/entertainment lately since a big priority of mine is to have and make friends, and a big part of that is having dinner a drinks out so I am 100% okay with spending on that right now. Maybe next year it will be different 😊
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