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Sentry #2 - New Memories

The Sentry

Issue 2: New Memories
Arc: The return
Written by Deadislandman1
Edited by duelcard and Voidkiller826
“How’s the weather looking Tony?”
“Clears skies Robert, Clear skies.”
The Sentry cut through the sparse clouds like a hot knife through butter, flanked by both the egotistical Tony Stark and the stern and stoic Odinson known as Thor. They flew high above both the urban and suburban streets of New York, taking occasional glances at the little everyday people walking the streets of the city. As small as they appeared to be, every single one of them was a person to protect, a person who appreciated the help he gave, a person who cared.
Could the scene be any more idyllic?
“You’re looking a little airheaded there, Robert.” chimed Tony, resting his head in his hands as he flew past Sentry with his back to the Earth. That’s Tony for ya, always trying too hard to look cool.
“Just daydreaming a little, Tony.” remarked Sentry, “Though I’d say Thor’s the one whose head is in the clouds.”
“Bah, I’m simply reflecting on the fact that I’d rather be doing battle with some fearsome beast with Mjolnir than pantyhosing about with the likes of you two.”
“Oh c’mon, Thor.” said Tony, “You’ve gotta loosen up once in a while, relax!”
“Stark, all you do is ‘relax’.” mused Thor, “You sit in your tower with women or alcohol all day long.”
“C’mon guys, let’s not fight!” piped Sentry, who began to rub his chin, “Though...a fight with a monster doesn’t sound all that bad. Remember Fin Fang Foom?”
“You kidding me?” said Tony, “I’ll never forget that fight….especially after I ended up in that lizard’s mouth.”
“I’m sure he thought you were some brand of canned food.” joked Sentry, “You’re lucky I swooped in to save the day. Knocked that thing’s teeth out in one punch!”
“If I do recall, that was the first time you fought with us.” said Thor, “It was an impressive display to say the least.”
Sentry smirked, savoring the compliment given to him by a literal god, “Thanks Thor, I’d like to think that such a comment should be reserved for more deserving people.”
“Think nothing of it, Reynolds.” said Thor, “Power is power, as long as you keep using it for good, then the compliment is earned.”
Wrinkling his nose, Thor suddenly diverted his flight path, moving away from Tony and Robert, “Apologies friends, but I must depart. I have other matters to attend to now.”
“No problem, Thor! Have a good one!” said Robert, watching the Odinson depart. Now left alone with the billionaire, Robert glanced back at his armored friend, who continued to fly effortlessly through the sky with him.
“So...now that it’s just the two of us...Wanna head back to my place? I’ve got a bottle of champagne if you wanna share a drink?” asked Tony.
While Sentry did take a moment to contemplate the offer, he knew that he had other responsibilities, “Sorry Tony, I’ve gotta head home. Lindy’s expecting me to pick up dinner after the writers’ meeting she just had today.”
“Booooo.” moaned Tony, sighing before flipping back onto his front, “Well, suit yourself. I’ll see you later man.”
Putting more power into his boots, Tony rocketed off in a new direction, leaving Sentry to fly back towards his home. His heart pounded within his chest, sending warm fuzzy feelings throughout his entire body. Life was good...no, perfect.
“Do you really think that the life you’re leading can be this perfect?”*
Sentry stopped abruptly, floating in a single spot in the sky as his head darted every which way, trying to find the source of the voice, “Who was that?”
”I mean c’mon! That Tony guy’s a complete asshole! Wouldn’t it be better if you just cooked him in his little tin?”
“Stop it.” snapped Sentry, shaking his head in disbelief, “I don’t actually believe that!”
“And Thor? He thinks he’s so high and mighty just because he’s a god. I reckon we could snatch his little hammer from his hands and make a hole through his chest with it.”
“No!” shouted Sentry, clamping his hands over his ears, “I’m not listening to you!”
“Oh? You’re not gonna listen to me? Well, maybe I’ll just skip the talking then.”
Suddenly, as if someone had flipped the switch for the world, the sky turned from a pleasant blue to a dark foreboding grey. Clouds rushed to blot out the moon, unleashing a torrent of rain upon Sentry and blinding him to the sights below. As Sentry shielded his eyes against the water, a bout of thunder let out its cataclysmic clap directly above him, shattering his eardrums as he yowled in pain.
Then came the lightning.
A brilliant flash of light, an explosion of extreme burning and pain, and suddenly Sentry found the wind rushing by his ears, whipping his long hair up into a frenzy as he rapidly plummeted towards a burning hellscape of a city. He let out a horrified scream, shredding his own vocal cords as the sinister voice taunted him.
”If the first voice, the one that made you the hero, is the one that brought you up, then I’m the one who’s gonna drag you back down to hell. It’s where we all belong after all!”
The sinister voice then let out a howl of horrible laughter as Sentry flew directly into the blaze, consumed by the roaring flames as he cried out in unending agony.
“Holy shit! Put me down!”
“Oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck!”
Robert Reynolds idled in midair, his magnificent blue cape flapping in the wind as he gawked at his own reflection, still carrying the two criminals from earlier. His somewhat portly and unremarkable body had been shaped and formed into a body that might as well have been chiseled to perfection. Besides his new roaring muscles, Robert’s own face had taken on a new form. Baggy eyes and scruffy cheeks had now given way to sharp angles and beautiful blue eyes, all completed by a set of smooth, long blonde hair.
Pulled out of his own amazement at his reflection, Robert glanced down at the street to find Jack waving at him from below. Still utterly bamboozled by his own transformation, Robert absentmindedly floated down to ground level, unconsciously dropping the criminals as he descended those last few stories, letting them crash to the ground in an unconscious heap.
“Hey Jack…..” mumbled Robert, not quite sure of what he should even say in his new form, “What….what the actual hell is going on?”
“Dude, how the fuck should I know?! You’re fucking flying!” yelled Jack, who seemed to be freaking the hell out, “Did you know you could do this?”
“Of course not! I wouldn’t be asking you if I-GAH!” Robert felt a sharp pain in the back of his head as images flashed before his eyes, invisible to all but him. Like a slideshow playing out his greatest hits, Roberts absorbed years of memories, filling in gaps he never knew he had. As the pain began to subside and the flow of memory began to lessen, Jack walked up to Roberts, reaching out for his hand as he floated aimlessly.
“Robert? You ok?”
“I….Yeah...I’m good.” said Robert, who suddenly found himself in a more confident state of mind, “In fact, I think I’m better than ok. I feel on top of the world.”
Robert’s ears perked up as he detected something getting smashed on the opposite end of the city, a feat possible thanks to his enhanced senses. His knowledge of this power, among other abilities, was granted to him by the flow of memories, among other experiences and parts of his life that seemed to always exist underneath the surface.
“You have a duty Robert Reynolds. Uphold it!”
“I need to go, cover for me. People need my help!”
“What?! But we still have the rest of the shift to wor-”
Ignoring Jack’s protests, Robert exploded into the sky, flying towards the commotion he’d picked up while leaving his friend behind. Blown back a little, Jack glanced up into the clouds, finding no trace of his friend as he shook his head in disbelief.
How the hell is he supposed to cover for Robert after something like this?!
Robert dipped back under the clouds, flying past block after block as he made his way towards the commotion. He could be there faster, another product of the knowledge gained from his influx of fresh memories, but he wanted to take things slow, give himself time to adjust to the mental whiplash of getting a new host of memories crammed into his head. Closing his eyes, Sentry focused on the oncoming events popping up in his brain, experiencing them as if they were happening at the moment.
A night at the bar with Tony Stark. Tearing off a dragon’s head with Thor by his side. These memories reeked of nostalgia and were certainly memorable, so why couldn’t remember such events until just now? It’s as if entire portions of his life he didn’t know were there suddenly made themselves known, replacing the insignificant and borderline fake memories that existed beforehand.
The questions Robert had weren’t just limited to his newfound memories, he also had to contend with his new powers and the fact that he had a disturbingly intricate understanding of them, even though he had just gotten them. He knew exactly how far his hearing went, how much he could lift, what he was capable of killing in a single move.
Robert was so caught up in his questions that he didn’t notice the massive green dragon until it was right on top of him.
A massive scaly hand cut through the air, enveloping Robert in its palm as it swatted him out of the sky, sending him crashing down to the street as he collided with the concrete with a resounding crack. Blinking in confusion, Sentry floated back up to his feet, patting his own body down.
No pain and not even a scratch or wrinkle on his suit.
“Foolish creatures, you would do battle with the likes of me?”
The booming voice exploded off of Robert’s sensitive eardrums, forcing him to clamp his hands over his ears as he glanced upward, finding a massive bipedal dragon stomping about as it attempted to swat two tiny figures out of the sky.
Two tiny figures he recognized.
“Thor, he’s got sharp teeth!”
“I’m well aware Stark! Be sure that you don’t end up between them!”
Robert’s heightened hearing picked up the two heroes’ voices, but even if he didn’t suddenly have an intricate set of memories centered on his friendship with these two, the media coverage they got constantly would be enough for him to recognize them.
Tony Stark, also known as Iron Man, and Thor Odinson, the thunder god of Asgard.
Roberts followed the two as they zipped about, avoiding the dragon’s massive maw as they attacked his legs, attempting to cripple the beast before it could do more damage to the surrounding areas of the city. As Tony aimed a blast of energy from his repulsors at the back of the beast’s knee, the dragon’s tail suddenly lashed out, catching the Iron Avenger in the side and sending him careening towards a building on the opposite side. Pedestrians shrieked in terror, vacating the streets as Robert stood by in horror.
“Take action! Be who you are meant to be!”
As if a switch had been flipped in his brain, Robert’s nervous fear was swept away, replaced by stone-cold determination as he immediately bolted into the sky, putting himself between Tony and the building he was hurtling towards in an instant. The sound barrier snapped in half with such an act, sending Robert’s cape flapping upward as he opened his arms, catching Tony and halting his flight before any damage could be done.
“Gugk....” groaned Tony, discombobulated and bruised after smashing directly into Robert’s immovable form, “Ow.”
“Need a hand...Tony?” Saying the hero’s name like that felt strange to Robert, even with new memories insisting they’d known each other a long time.
“Ugh….No, I’m fine.” mumbled Tony, reactivating his jets as he hovered out of Robert’s grip to turn around, “Though I’m a little confused by the fact that you called me ‘Tony’. That’s usually reserved for date two-”
As soon as Tony laid eyes on Robert’s face, he stopped dead in his tracks, at a complete loss for words. Robert raised an eyebrow, floating closer in an attempt to see through the slits in Tony’s suit, “T-Tony? You ok in there bud?”
“Holy shit.” remarked Tony, popping the faceplate of his suit up to make sure he wasn’t hallucinating, “I...I can’t believe I...I remember you….but I didn’t as second ago...What the hell is going on?”
“I don’t know, Tony.” said Robert, “I mean...I just got my own set of memories and these powers like five minutes ago. None of this makes sense.”
“Stark! The Dragon!”
The two heroes glanced back to find Thor in the mouth of the beast, it’s jaws clenching as he struggled to hold back its bite. Robert stared at the monster, taking in its finer details as his eyes widened, “We’ve...fought this thing before!”
“What are you….Hot damn, you’re right.” said Tony, “That’s Fin Fang Foom, back again for another ass whooping if you’re on our side.”
Robert squinted, scanning for any good weak points on the creature before tightening his fists, “Tony, hit him from the front, center chest. I’ll get Thor out of his mouth.”
“You sure? Thor's having trouble keeping him at bay, and that dude can bench if you catch my meaning. You really think you can match that?”
Robert couldn’t help but smirk, “Please, if my new memories serve me right, I can hit with the force of a million exploding suns. An oversized lizard won’t do shit.”
Tony’s faceplate came down, “Alright, old pal, then let’s get it done!”
Adding more thrust to his boots, Tony rocketed off to get his angle on Foom as Robert cracked his neck and knuckles, tensing his muscles before finally darting forward, flying straight towards Thor as the god’s legs began to buckle.
As Thor’s strength finally gave out and Foom’s jaw finally clamped down, Robert swooped in, landing in the dragon’s mouth as he swung his hand upward, catching the top half of the monster's mouth and holding it at bay with a single hand. Thor, bewildered by the fact that he wasn’t dragon food, looked up at Robert, blinking in surprise as his friend’s face came into detail. Shaking his head a few times to make sure he wasn’t hallucinating, Thor got back onto his feet, getting to eye level with Robert as he looked on, amazed, “By the nine realms...It’s you!”
“Yup...Seems like it.” chimed Robert, placing his free hand on Thor’s shoulder, “I want to talk later, there’s a lot to sort out. For now though, wanna do the honors?”
Thor gripped Mjolnir tightly, “Hm, I think I will.”
Raising his weapon, Thor called down a torrent of lightning, watching it arc as it crashed against the back of Foom’s throat. Roaring in pain, Foom stumbled back, allowing Robert and Thor to disengage from the fight as the dragon shook it’s massive head, refocusing its vision on the two as he prepared to attack, only for a blast from Tony’s repulsor beams to catch him in the chest, sending him onto his back as the armored Avenger flew next to Robert and Thor.
“I’m assuming you guys caught up in all of five seconds.” said Tony, glancing at Foom, “He’s not gonna stay down for long.”
“I’m well aware...but maybe our returning friend has some idea of how to solve this issue.” said Thor.
Robert stared reluctantly at the massive form of Fin Fang Foom in front of him, getting a sense of just how big he was. He could easily compare to a typical Harlem tower, with hands large enough to crush entire cars. He would be one hell of a beast to fight, yet not only was Robert comfortable with the prospect of beating the beast down due to his newfound powers, but he was also graced with the knowledge that he had beaten this monster before. Leaning into the ears of his friends, Robert whispered a battle plan, prompting them both to fly off in opposite directions as Foom groaned, slowly rising from his spot on the ground with a growl.
“Insignificant Gnats! I’ll strike you out of the-”
Foom paused as he spotted Robert in his peripheral vision, prompting him to take a closer look. As he honed in on Robert’s floating form, he suddenly took a step back, surprise in his snake-like eyes, “You...I remember you.”
His voice seethed with malice, yet Robert stood firm, arms crossed, “Yeah, and I remember you. Ready to get your tail handed to you again?”
The words flew out of Robert’s mouth, almost as if they were not his own. Foom, enraged by the slight, let out a roar as he sprouted wings, “If we are to battle, then I shall meet you in the clouds above. Let this fight be between us and us alone!”
Flapping his massive leathery green wings, Foom ascended into the clouds, the force of each flap blowing inordinate amounts of wind at the ground below. Robert glanced upward, slowly rising towards the clouds as he took a deep breath.
This was his big debut….or return? Who knows? All Robert knows is that he had to stick the landing.
Filled with possibly fake determination, Robert passed the clouds above, ready to do battle with the beast who opposed him.
Next issue: Battle in the clouds - Coming December 9th
submitted by deadislandman1 to MarvelsNCU

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