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If you do not have Shivering Isles, use the other patch. However, the first ones to use that model were Germans and Austria-Hungary's troops in the WW1. Bug Fixes - Fixed a crash caused by bad form IDs.

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Oblivion patch 1.1 eng economy. Oblivion Basic Modding Guide at Oblivion Nexus - mods and https://torgline26.ru/download/?file=959. California Gold Rush swept all resort Tourists flocked to.

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The first page of ordering is the. Activities, animals and persons share the same. November 15, 1860, Image 2, brought to you by University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Library, Chapel Hill, NC, and the National Digital Newspaper Program.

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June 1949 by Secker & Warburg as Orwell's ninth and final book completed in his lifetime. This unique technology provides users with huge economy and simplicity of token usage they have never experienced before. An icon used to represent a menu that can be toggled by interacting with this icon.

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Allok video to 3gp converter v4 serial key https://torgline26.ru/download/?file=960. We can also offer a whole suite of additional fall protection equipment such as lanyards, karabiners, personal rescue devices and more. It features 80 weapons with 28 new ammunition types including replacement of all stock weapon models with high quality versions.

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Morrowind, formerly known as Resdayn, Veloth, Dunmereth, or Dwemereth, 1 is a province in the northeastern corner of Tamriel. Great books of the Western world, vol. 50. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 1977.

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Released on August 17 The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited v is an incremental patch on the PTS that continues to address issues surrounding Imperial City, its dungeons, and the available items in these areas. The publication is devoted to the latest expedition and research projects of the Institute of Archaeology Russian Academy of Sciences. Other user's assets All the assets in this file belong to the author, or are from free-to-use modder's resources; Upload permission You are not allowed to upload this file to other sites under any circumstances; Modification permission You are not allowed to modify my files, including creating bug fixes or improving on features under any circumstances.

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The restaurant industry is one of the busiest and highest earning sectors of the economy for several decades now. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 1981. This large difference in number is exceptionally odd, given that the Germans were famously meticulous record-keepers, and this further implies the statement was made under duress in the kangaroo court of the Nuremberg Trials.

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Download the latest version of these browsers: Google Chrome. Reflective Jacket; See Product. Reminder that DFO is alt friendly, but has a Fatigue Point System in place to deter bots from ruining the economy.

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Esm0A [HOST] [Version ]0B [HOST] [Version ]0C Better Cities [HOST] esm0F Unofficial Oblivion [HOST] [Version 4]10 UOPS Additional esp1C Skyrimized Water HD [HOST] [Version ]++ [HOST]27 Enhanced [HOST] [Version ]28 [HOST]29 Display. The Duke's look - Ascosi Lasciti. I level all workshops to Level 3 (which requires a level 100+ character) for the extra work order missions, and used Level 2 Inns to recruit profession-specific followers to assign to workshops.

For Skyrim is Dark and Full of Terrors

So, recently i went through the trouble of replacing essentially the entire soundtrack of Skyrim with that of Game of Thrones, seeing as i am a huge fan of the series and love the dark themes of the soundtrack especially.
However, as i was wandering around hearing tunes like The Light of the Seven, and at the same time having characters like Inigo by my side cracking jokes and singing badly (sorry), whilst at the same time tearing apart bandits like they're the biggest fodder to ever fodder, and just generally wrecking face, i realized that this didnt fit in the slightest.
Skyrim is ultimately, in terms of ambience and atmosphere, a semi-happy high-fantasy experience, magic is understood by everyone, your character is literally God reincarnated, and the population is entirely oblivious to world ending threats despite the fact that, on paper, the 4th Era is technically a situation 10 times more dire than that of GoT, every half-assed necromancer is as big of a threat as the Night King himself (like Potema, and she is far from the most powerful necromancer), people are being hung and murdered for their religious beliefs, vampires want to blow up the Sun and have the means to do so, the province of Skyrim is being raped and pillaged by Civil War, Miraak literally holds an entire island under his control, and again, world ending threat aka Alduin.
So how do we remedie this? How do we make Skyrim dark and more like the land of Westeros? I actually have no clue, but i know where we can start.
- The Civil War
For starters, the human conflict needs to expanded upon badly, currently the entire war just reminisces of children fighting, we need to see actual blood and death, and there's a vast array of mods that may do just that
- {Open Civil War SSE} My favorite Civil War mod, it extends the entire conflict, adds cut battles and introduces strategy mechanics that can determine the fates of legions of soldiers and the areas you control, making it seem like an actual war.
- {WARZONES : CIVIL UNREST} Just makes the war generally more chaotic, by adding thousands of npc's, this is a real game crasher though.
- {Immersive Patrols} In my opinion just a much better version of the above mod, it adds hundreds of different patrols, related or not to the Civil War, so occasionally you'll find a imperial patrol and a stormcloak patrol crossing paths and drawing swords. Also just a necessary mod regardless of load order.
- {The Honored Dead} Constantly reminds you that people are dying in horrible ways throughout the entire province, you'll find corpses mutilated and hung almost everywhere you go, no SSE though.
- {Lawbringer} Lets you capture bandit camps for your given civil war faction, so now there's actually a reason for you to clear settlements that isnt just loot.
- {Civil War Aftermath} One of my favorite mods of all time, will let you clean up the mess that is the province after the war, by burning the opposing faction's camp and hanging their soldiers, dark.
- {The Second Great War} Havent actually played this one, but through the description you can tell that it simply escalates the conflict into a far greater war that will determine the fates of the races of Tamriel. This is incompatible with the above mod unfortunately, thanks to u/Made-justfor1comment for pointing it out.
- {Blood of the Nord} Literal masterpiece in mod design, its just so good, it has a similar premise to the above mod, but on a slightly smaller scale, with characters that are wonderfully written and choices with actual consequences, also Stormcloak exclusive and incompatible with Second Great War.

- The People
Aight, we "fixed" the Civil War so its actually a full scale conflict with death and consequences, but the people are still stupid, and would run head first into a dragon despite being armed only with an iron dagger and and a mind far duller than their weapons, therefore ruining any actual idea of "consequence" that we're trying to remedie, so lets kick at least some sense into them.
- {AI Overhaul} or {Immersive Citizens - AI Overhaul} I've no clue whats the actual difference between these two, but they both just make the NPC's smart, they'll run from dragon, vampire and bandit attacks, have their own little sepparete routines that give them character and purpose. The biggest problem with these mods however is that they are extremely incompatible, with everything, especially city overhauls since they use their own pathing system.
- {Run for your lives} A simpler and more straight forward version of the above mods which has almost no incompatiblity, it just gives the npc's a sense of self-preservation, so no longer will you go into a city and find half the residents dead cuz a vampire was taking a stroll.
- {Skyrim Reputation} Again, tying into the idea of consequence, the mod makes it so that your actions on the world, be they grim or heroic, actually affects how the people see you and talk to you, If you share a drink with a reveler on the tavern you might find him giving you an axe as a gift the next day, if you punch a child on the streets of Whiterun you may get called bad names and be threatened.
- {Interesting NPCs (3DNPC)} May seem like an odd pick, but the mod adds hundreds of different storylines and quests, many of which are superbly written and extremely dark, but there is some goofy stuff so watch out i suppose.
- {Faction Economy Complete} Also an odd choice, but its one of the most creative mods out there. Almost all items you sell to an npc are stored away and given to multiple factions, both good and bad, so eventually you may find a bandit wielding that specific ebony sword with a chaos enchantment and get your ass whipped, again, just more consequence to the game world, which ties into the next category.
- {Serana Dialogue Add-On} Kind of weird to use a mod that alters a specific npc right? Well not in this case. Dawnguard is by far the darkest storyline in Skyrim, and having a mod that further expands on it with more interaction with Serana only adds to the experience, also it has NSFW scenes, which is very Game of Thrones-like.
- {Teldryn Serious - A Teldryn Sero Backstory Quest} Roughly accomplishes the same thing as the mod above, but no sex this time, with a dark storyline that is wonderfully written.

- The Enemies
Now this is one of the hard parts, as there really arent a whole bunch of mods that add more enemies with a grimdark aesthetic that dont directly play into the whole magical aspect, which is something im trying to avoid here, but there are some notable ones.
- {OBIS - Organized Bandits in Skyrim} Just more bandit action, which also makes multiple changes and edits to bandit behavior, their numbers, variety and danger.
- {OBIS Loot} There's no OBIS without OBIS Loot, this is just a necessary mod. Some of the weapons are just more magical stuff, but others are assets from Billyro, so its some high quality stuff.
- {SSE Organic Factions} Adds entirely new factions which grow and evolve independent of the player, and tie into dark themes and aesthetics, another great mod.
- {Ultimate Combat} Gives basically every enemy in the game a plethora of new attack animations and patterns, also fancy weapon trails.
- {Vampire Clans and Bloodlines} Again going into the whole uniqueness aspect, this mod makes vampires actually varied and distinct, with multiple different bloodlines with vastly different appearance.

- Combat
Making the enemies more unique and tie into the aesthetic kinda doesnt matter if you're still kicking ass and not suffering any consequences, dark fantasy games are usually very hard, but if you're here for aesthetic alone then you can skip this.
- {Requiem: The Roleplaying Overhaul} Now, i could spend the day just describing what requiem does, but thats boring af so i'll just summarize. Makes the game harder, improves greatly on the entire roleplaying aspect in a number of ways, makes skill trees and specific builds ten times more distinct, changes the entirety of encounter zones, makes significant changes to movement and travel, makes enemies generally deadlier (you'll die to spiders a shit ton), etc etc. Personally, im not a big fan of the mod, it does too much in my eyes, and i dont agree with all the changes, it reminds me a little of morrowind's combat which isnt great, but it does tie into the theme, and is an all in one pack for this entire section. If you're in SE though be prepared to spend the day just converting the mod, why isnt there a version for SE already?
- {(SJG) OMEGA - The Modular Gameplay Overhaul for SSE} Essentially a lite version of Requiem for SSE, its sole purpose for existing is to condense existing load orders into fewer plugins, notably those of Morrowloot Ultimate, Mortal Enemies and Skyrim Revamped - Loot and Encounter Zones.
- {Wildcat - Combat of Skyrim} Increases damage dealt and taken all around the board in a dynamic manner, adds injuries which can turn the tide of battle and create unique situations and combat encounters, makes enemies actually smart, too smart at times.
- {Ordinator - Perks of Skyrim} I dont feel the need to recommend this mod, literally everyone has it, it has millions of downloads, but i would like to comment on it. The mod makes skyrim build crafting very especialized, so by the end of a playthrough you will not have every skill at 100, instead you'll probably have the skill trees associated with either the warrior, thief or wizard paths at 100, not even with all perks unlocked, which just adds more commitment to a specific playstyle, building into the idea of consequence. The deal here though is that the mod is very flashy, thats what Enai Siaion especializes in, so if you're not into that you may try {Adamant} or {Vokrii}, which just expand on the vanilla concepts.

- Holds
Ah, the city overhauls, the compatibility nightmare of every mod list in existence, but if we're to tie into the idea of a dark fantasy and a world more like Westeros, we need to add grandiose and personality.
- {Jk's Skyrim} and {Dawn of Skyrim} I'll make this easy, you want the entirety of the province to be overhauled by one single mod combination? This is it then, city overhauls hardly get any better than this in terms of quality and simplicity. Its also the most compatible combination of mods.
- {Holds the City Overhaul} Where do i even begin with this one, it reminisces of the above mod combination, in that its one mod that overhauls the whole province, every major city and village, but it cranks it up to 1000. Holds is absolutely oppressive in size, it adds new districts, buildings, NPCs and is extremely appealing visually. There's 2 extremely notable problems with it though, for starters its size, its got 1.8GB worth of meshes and textures, making it the heaviest city mod by far, its also a compatibility nightmare, it has almost no support for patches and the LOD almost always breaks, and since its such a big mod your final Dyndolod file will be twice as big as it normally is. But if you can get it to work without any issues then yes, it doesnt get better than this.
- {Skyrim Reborn - Whiterun Hold} and {Skyrim Reborn - Hjaalmarch Hold} Two mods that overhaul the entirety of the two holds, locations such as the outside of bandit camps and caves, without touching the cities and villages, so they are super compatible with everything and are an absolute must for every load order.
- {Whiterun The City of Walls} Relatively new mod which patches 7 different mods to turn Whiterun into the biggest city in skyrim by far, its a great piece of work and is great as an individual rework.
- {Enhanced Solitude} and {The Great City of Solitude} combines multiple mods to make Solitude seem like the actual capital of Skyrim, doing fantastic work on the docks and entrance to the city.
- {Windhelm Exterior Altered} alters, well, the exterior of Windhelm, its kinda broken af though so use the version from here instead https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/18135
- {Riften - Guild City of Thieves} Changes Riften to better represent its economy, history and relations with the thieves guild.
- {The Great Cities - Minor Cities and Towns} Overhauls Winterhold, Morthal, Dawnstar, Dragonbridge, Falkreath and Rorikstead to be far more visually appealing, with extremely unique architecture that is different from any other mod.
There's no Markarth specific mod here, sorry, they just dont do 'em, and the city is already leaps and bounds more unique than every other city in vanilla.

- Armors and Weapons
To be honest there's no real reason for this category to exist, but i feel that there are some extremely good armor mods out there that tie directly into the Westerosi and dark fantasy themes
- {Unplayable Faction Armors} Makes literally every faction unique in terms of aesthetic, with some very realistic armor design too, its just a great mod all around.
- {Guards Armor Replacer} Very similar to the above, gives every hold guard a specific appearance, every housecarl a specific set of armor and every lord a unique piece of clothing that distinguishes them from each other drastically.
- {New Legion} Overhauls the entirety of the Imperial Legion, with multiple new, extremely high quality sets.
- {NordWarUA's Armor Variants} No im not biased toward NordWarUA's mods shut up. This mod adds one or more variant for almost every set of armor in the game, its great.
- {Private Eye's Royal Armory - Reforged} Amazing mod, which gives every leader and notable character a specific weapon indicative of their personality.
- {Warmonger Armory - Unofficial Fixed SSE Port} VERY dark-fantasy like, absolutely adore this mod.
- {Winter is Coming SSE - Cloaks} I mean, skyrim's coldness is second only to Atmora, yet people walk around half-naked, this only makes sense.
- {Game of Thrones Armor SE - Port} If you literally want to turn Skyrim into Game of Thrones, here it is. I dont personally use it because the only actual thing from GoT that i want is the soundtrack.
- {Game of Thrones Weapon Pack} Same as the above, but with weapons instead.

- Flair
Now is the short but fun part, flair, style, and all effects which contribute into the dark and gritty aesthetic.
- {More Painful NPC Death Sounds} Vanilla death sounds are more like a whimper, this is actual painful grotesque death.
- {Deadly Mutilation} Aka why isnt this in SE? This mod is amazing, you can hack and slash your enemies to pieces, burn them to a crisp, freeze them and etc.
- {Frozen Electrocuted Combustion} Is the mod to remedie the lack of Deadly Mutilation in SE, does largely the same things but with a focus on the elemental, so you'll drain and rot your victims' corpses, burn and freeze them, etc.
- {Undead FX} Some White Walker shit, reanimated minions are super messed up and gross now.
- {Wet and Cold} Again, Skyrim is freezing, so it would only make sense that your character feels the effect of cold.

- Ambience
Im not going to list texture mods, we'd be here all day, what i am going to do is try and list lighting and weather mods that will enhance the experience and contribute to what we're trying to achieve.
- {NAT - Natural and Atmospheric Tamriel} Best weather mod in my eyes when paired with ENB, hands down, has a great amount of fog and a good setting for depth of field.
- {Obsidian Mountain Fogs} Obsidian Weathers is in technical terms one of the most impressive weather mod for what its trying to achieve, and the mountain fogs it adds are downright breathtaking, and tie into the concept of a dark and unseen land.
- {Cathedral Weathers} THE most impressive weather mod in a technical sense, with very little enb compatibility. Its built on the foundation of Obsidian Weathers, so it looks great all around. If you cannot afford the fps cost of an enb, it quite literally doesnt get any better than Cathedral Weathers.
- {Window Shadows} and {Enhanced Lighting for ENB (ELE)} Originally i was going to put ELFX here, which makes all interiors dark, gloomy and beautiful, but i felt that this combination did the same, only better.
- {Northern Grass} Not lighting or weather, but it adds a lot of value to the atmosphere, especially in marshes and swamps. Also has a very negligible impact on performance.

Here it is, the section that makes or breaks any given load order graphically, there's a few options to choose from, and they all add a different amount of value.
- {Prismatic ENB 2.0} My personal favorite ENB of all time, it adds so much to the atmosphere its almost impossible to put into words, you'll have to look at the images yourself.
- {Ominous ENB} Its in the name, it fulfills its job quite well. It definitely plays more into a "Dark Souls" idea of dark fantasy than anything else.
- {Rudy ENB SE for Cathedral Weathers} Remember how i said Cathedral Weathers has almost no ENB support? There's this one exception, and this ENB goes so far and beyond every other its completely insane. By far the most visually appealling preset, with sunsets that arent seen anywhere else and ambience that is almost entirely unmatched. Its very "Castlevania-like" with bloodmoons and everything. The biggest downside to this mod however is that its probably the most performance heavy enb on SE, so its reserved to the more high-end PCs.

- Quests
Saving the best for last, i believe that this is the most important section, because no matter how much we change and expand the vanilla game, almost no mods out there are doing a specific work to make existing questlines darker, quite the opposite in fact. So we have to make due with new stuff.
- {Beyond Reach} There is no way to describe how much this fits, from the landscape to the socio-politics that are so very reminiscent of Westeros, Beyond Reach's storyline is an absolute masterpiece that just shows how wonderfully talented the modding community can be, and its an absolute MUST for every load order.
- {Vigilant} My favorite mod of all time, its just amazing, a dark storyline with a big focus on consequences, amazing bosses, new worlds, etc. It is nowhere near as fitting as Beyond Reach in relation to GoT, but it is in relation to dark fantasy, and it fully utilizes the existing Elder Scrolls lore to its benefit, better than any other mod til this point. Also did i mention its the only mod with weapons that are entirely unique? With specific abilities and even weapon arts from dark souls.
- {Darkend} Very similar thematically to Vigilant, with its biggest differences being that Darkend's lore is sepparated from the Elder Scrolls, and that its level design is the best out of any mod in existence, its not even a competition, Darkend absolutely has the most stunning world out of any mod yet. By far the hardest mod i've ever played that isnt just straight up bullshit, it will kill you a lot but its hardly unfair, its the endgame to the endgame.
- {Unslaad} Another mod by Vicn, the creator of Vigilant, its also inspired by the Souls series. However this mod ultimately differs to Vigilant in the sense that, instead of being dropped into a broken world, you're dropped into a world that is, at the time, mostly alive, with characters that actually talk to you and arent mentally insane, mostly, however, your actions in the main game ultimately culminate into the events that progress the story in Unslaad, with very dark twists that are not too disimilar from things such as the Red Wedding. No mod plays into the idea of consequence like Unslaad does, its one and only downside is that it is not fully voiced yet, only the 1st act is, with plans to complete the other acts once Glenmoril is finished, another mod by Vicn, which i wont feature here because it definitely doesnt fit.
Finally, to finish this section, i'll shout out a few mods that are still to release but 100% will tie into what we're trying to achieve here.
- (Beyond Skyrim: Cyrodiil) Bit of an odd pick it may look like, but from all developer diaries and trailers we've seen from the Beyond Skyrim team, we know that BS: Cyrodiil will play heavily into socio-political aspects such as wars of successions and who will take the throne now that the Listener kinda murdered the Emperor, the paranormal threat to the province is also a necromancer that is raising the Aylieds back from the dead, do you see where im getting at here? Also sort of immersion breaking when paired with Second Great War, for spoiler reasons.
- (Beyond Skyrim: Illiac Bay) The same case as the above, but in this case situated in a province that resembles Westeros almost 1 to 1. Unfortunately though, in terms of immersion it will also break in tandem with Beyond Reach since they are the same province, but it'll be a long time until this releases.
- (Lordbound) A mod that plays into an Orc storyline, with more socio-politics regarding territory and independence, we dont know too much about it though.
- (Olenveld) Another souls inspired mod in the vein of Darkend and Vigilant, it'll definitely play into the dark fantasy aspect. There's an enviroment teaser already out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eJT44N_-P1E&t=54s&ab_channel=F0RCEFI3LD
- (Apotheosis) This is THE mod for dark fantasy, the one people have been waiting for about 3 years, which will let you explore the entirety of the realms of Oblivion to rebuild the Heart of Lorkhan, its production quality is absolutely unmatched, especially in the soundtrack department.

- It is Done
Well this is it i suppose, i hope this helps like, the 4 people that will see this post, if anyone does have suggestions for more thematically appropriate mods please do tell, bloating my load order even further is something i love doing...
submitted by Vlad_Son_Of_Dragon to skyrimmods

American liberals and leftists are too pro-PRC

Warning: Giant wall of text
I have noticed a disturbing trend in America where the american liberals and leftists, mostly white, continuously downplay the threat that China poses to the US, and by extension, the free world. Like, if you look at politics, which is more or less an antifa sub, whenever China is talked about, they will say things like Trump being a more tyrannical dictator than Xi Jinping, and there are many people there who wants to continue their partnership with China under the guise of anti-racism. When someone posted an article of when FBI said that China was the greatest geopolitical threat to America, they said that it's Russian disinformation.
Then we have those baizuos who still believes that by 'engaging' with them in dialogue, they can somehow convince CCP to turn China into a democracy. I mean, imagine 'engaging' with Nazi Germany while the Holocaust was in full swing.
And this is the problem with american liberals. They simply don't view China as a genocidal dictatorship. Just a few days ago, Mark Cuban openly said he's OK doing business with China despite the ongoing genocide in Xinjiang. And the Biden supporters on social media praised him for 'kicking Megyn's ass'.
It is quite telling that all the pro-CCP companies and figures all support Biden. But it makes sense. Hollywood and NBA supports Biden. They're not stupid, they wanna make profits. And they have come to the conclusion that a Biden presidency would allow them to keep profiting off China while being able to ignore their human rights atrocities.
This is quite an interesting contrast because the political left in Scandinavia, where I'm from, as well as in Germany is quite the opposite. After the antics of our Chinese ambassador, it was our leftist party in Sweden that proposed to kick him out and make him persona-non grata. Meanwhile, their american counterparts still wants to have 'engagement' with China.
As well as in Germany, the ones that are most passionately opposed to Merkel's kowtowing of China are the Green party and the SPD. At the very least, SPD made proposals to bar Huawei from the country's 5G net. Any german here can correct me if I'm wrong.
This might be a bit off-topic. But IRL, I have friends from Iran. When Trump killed Soleimani, 99% of iranians were happy about it and even thanked Trump for it. My friends even had a drink to it haha. The funny thing was, that white american liberals started to flood their Telegram groups and their subs in Reddit, apologizing for the killing of Soleimani. These white liberals actually think that Iranians love their government. If you make an iranian friend IRL, you'll find that it's quite the opposite. White american liberals have this idea that as long as you're a non-white non-muslim, you're a saint that can do no wrong. I'm a muslim POC myself and I've personally been treated strangely by american liberals whenever I've had encounters with them.
But white liberals have this same disconnect when it comes to China. 99% of anti-CCP chinese supports Orange Man. 90+% of Hong Kong people and Taiwan people also supports Orange Man and they despise the democrats because of how they kowtow to the CCP. I have come to the regrettable conclusion that the biggest threat to the free world isn't CCP, but the white american liberals. On this sub, they will scream "Fuck China!" at the top of their lungs. And yet, they support a pro-CCP candidate whose son engages in business dealings with both Russia and China, because they hate Orange Man so much. As soon as Orange Man is mentioned, they become Nathan Rich.
Nevermind the fact that Orange Man has sanctioned Huawei into oblivion, sanctioned CCP officials responsible for the Xinjiang genocide and repression in Hong Kong. Or the fact that China's economy is in shambles (but of course, liberals will blindly believe any statistics numbers that CCP puts out). When trade negotiations broke down, they put 100% of the Blame on Trump and absolves CCP of all responsibility.
I lived in China for 10 years. I have come to known several freedom-loving anti-CCP chinese people. Since I'm not american, whoever I support, I mostly look at their policy towards China, because I hope that my dear friends in China can live in freedom and democracy. If you ever look at the chinese opposition figures, and provided you can understand Chinese, you will find that 99% of them supports Orange Man.
So, from my own personal experience as a non-white muslim, I find that the white american liberals I've encountered in China and HK are the biggest white supremacists in the way that they want to decide what's best for non-white people. Whenever I talked politics with them, they sort of wanted to force me to hate Israel just because of my religion. When I said why I love Israel, they just can't digest it.
Anyway, sorry for the giant wall of text. Just my analysis of the whole situation
submitted by Intern3tHer0 to China

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