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/r/DCcomics 2020 Quarantine Reading Recommendations

Hey there, folks of DCcomics! Last year, the mod team shared our recommendations for some summer pool-side reading. This year, with many of us staying home and hopefully safe, we're sharing some of our favorite reads for the long quarantine, separated into five fun categories. So, the next time you're browsing Comixology or DC Universe, we hope you give these a look!

A Long Read for a Long Stay

AhhBisto - Justice League, by Scott Snyder, James Tynion IV, Jorge Jimenez, Jim Cheung, et al.
If, like me, you enjoy the deep history of the DC cosmos, you will enjoy this story. With roots going back to his Batman run with Greg Capullo, Snyder and his protege Tynion manage to create a story for continuity nerds while also mixing in crazy action and high stakes.
beary_good - Wonder Woman, by Greg Rucka, Drew Johnson, Rags Morales, and Cliff Richards
In what is arguably the definitive modern take on Wonder Woman, Greg Rucka embraces Diana's role as an ambassador striving to bring harmony between two worlds: her home of Themyscira and the world at large. In this run, Diana finds herself beset by enemies on multiple fronts, from power-hungry Gods on Olympus to her political opponents on Earth. Rucka utilizes an eclectic array of iconic Wonder Woman villains, including Ares, Dr. Psycho, Circe, and Medusa. He also introduces Veronica Cale, an executive of a pharmaceutical corporation who wants to de-platform and undermine Wonder Woman's message of peace and progressivism.
Rucka's run is collected in three hefty paperback trades, which bundle together 32 issues, his original graphic novel The Hiketeia, and a three-issue Blackest Night tie-in. And for those that missed out the first time, be sure to also check out Rucka's Wonder Woman Rebirth run, which is heavily informed by his prior work. I recommend reading the Rebirth issues in publication order (which is the same order that the Deluxe Editions use).
bhavbhav - Fables, by Bill Willingham, Lan Medina, and Mark Buckingham
We're all familiar with fairy-tales and folklore - but what if all the stories we've heard weren't actually fictional?
In the world of Fables, it’s been over 200 years since the heroes and villains we've heard about for so long have had to leave the Homelands - becoming refugees and passing as human in order to walk among us unnoticed. They all have new lives, have regular jobs, and are paying bills and rent. However, new settings do not change old relationships, and all the friendships, romances, and conflicts that were started in the Homelands have come along with them.
With 15 deluxe volumes worth of material and several spin-off limited series, you ideally won't run out of anything to read, and you certainly won't be let down by this unique take on fairy stories. Willingham brings life, nuance, emotion, and substance to familiar characters, such as The Big Bad "Bigby" Wolf and Snow White, and, as a reader, you very quickly forget the anachronistic versions of them you know from your childhood books.
If you decide to pick up this series, definitely roll yourself up in your favourite comforter, get yourself a nice warm drink, and be ready to immerse yourself in a wonderful and rich world you won't forget.
discophant64 - Batman: No Man's Land Saga, by Greg Rucka, Chuck Dixon, Devin Grayson, Kelley Puckett, Greg Land, Alex Maleev, Dale Eaglesham, Dan Jurgens, Mike Deodato, Bill Sienkiewicz, Sal Buscema, et al.
While maybe not the most uplifting story for a world already facing tragedy, this event is my Gold Standard for epic cross-over events that plagued the 90's. The story is a masterpiece, with each supporting character in Gotham getting their moment to shine. It's a sprawling epic that pushes Batman to the brink, but also gives us some of the best "on-the-ground" character building we've arguably ever had. Gotham is a living, breathing world in No Man's Land, so if you're looking to immerse yourself in a world other than this one, No Man's Land offers a perfect escape.
Reading Order:
  • Batman: Cataclysm
  • Batman: Road to No Man's Land, Vols. 1-2
  • Batman: No Man's Land, Vols. 1-4
MaskedPB - Saga of the Swamp Thing, by Alan Moore, Stephen Bissette, John Totleben and Rick Veitch
A true classic in DC's horror catalogue, Alan Moore's Swamp Thing is terrifying, horrific, compelling and thoughtful. Set against the backdrop of many common themes of the time, the book features a beautifully sordid mix of body horror and thought-provoking messages to make your quarantine a positively chilling place!
simplegodhead - Starman, by James Robinson, David Goyer, Tony Harris, Peter Snejbjerg, et al.
One of the best books to ever tackle the concept of DC legacy characters, it follows brand new Starman, Jack Knight, as he steps into the role his father and brother left him, and touches every corner and era of the DC universe on the way there.

Comfort Food Reading

AhhBisto - Bizarro, by Heath Corson and Gustavo Duarte
Jimmy Olsen goes on a road trip with Bizarro and gets up to all kinds of shenanigans. The story telling is whimsical and the art work is pure joy. BOORAY!
beary_good - Nightwing, by Peter J. Tomasi, Rags Morales, and Don Kramer
This short and underrated Nightwing run is often overlooked as it came out right before the beloved Batman Reborn era, but Tomasi wrote a collection of some very solid, character-focused stories with Dick Grayson. This run cemented him at the crossroads between the Bat Family and the superhero community at large, starting with an investigation into the missing bodies of deceased superheroes. While there isn't much in the way of world-shattering stakes, Tomasi highlights Dick's sincerity and optimism. There are some memorable team-ups with Superman and Tim Drake, clashes with the al Ghul family, fun interactions with Wally West and Barbara Gordon, and even a heartfelt send-off as Dick returns to Gotham for good to honor Bruce Wayne's legacy.
bhavbhav - Super Sons, by Peter Tomasi, Jorge Jimenez, and Carlo Barberi
Super Sons is largely a feel-good and family-friendly series about two kids determined to follow in their fathers' footsteps, only to grapple, somewhat charmingly, with the reality of being children, as well being just fundamentally different from their parents.
While the storylines themselves are not particularly novel, Tomasi does a stellar job of fleshing out Damian Wayne and Jon Kent, making their interactions (and child-like bickering) feel genuine. It is evident he has derived a lot of joy from writing these two, and that he can so elegantly draw parallels to the relationship between Bruce and Clark while preserving the the kids' individualities makes this book a truly delightful and binge-worthy read.
If this isn't enough to get you to take a look, perhaps the simultaneously cute and rad artwork will; Jorge Jimenez's art was made for this title, and his frenetic style works wonderfully with children looking for adventure.
discophant64 - Dial H for Hero, by Sam Humphries, Joe Quinones and Jordan Gibson
Hands down the book that took me most by surprise over the last few years, Humphries' take on Dial H is as fun and fresh as anything to come out of DC in recent history. But what really helps this book shine is Quinones tireless work elevating the art in a quest to outdo himself in every issue. The story is fun, wholesome, funny and off-beat, but still has a heart beating furiously beneath it all. Humphries and Quinones shine in this book, and I dare you to read this and not crack a smile. It's arguably one of the most accessible love letters to comics history, and the end result is something all its own.
MajorParadox - Adventures of the Super Sons, by Peter Tomasi, Carlo Barberi, Art Thibert, and Matt Santorelli
Read Super Sons but need more? Check out Adventures of the Super Sons as they face off against younger versions of the most dangerous super villains out there. The adventures take them into the depths of outer space, where they meet new friends and work together against new enemies!
MaskedPB - Mister Miracle, by Jack Kirby, Vince Coletta and Mike Royer
Mister Miracle has had quite a time recently in the Tom King maxi-series, but let's take it back to the beginning to see how it all started. Scott Free is the breakout star of Kirby's Fourth World, so follow him on his adventures as the man who can escape anything! Featuring some truly classic Kirby-isms, it's essential reading for any Fourth World fan, but even more importantly, it's fun.
simplegodhead - Sugar and Spike, by Keith Giffen and Bilquis Evely
A revamp of an old DC property featuring two children, Sugar Plumm and Spike Wilson are now grown up detectives investigating the ridiculous oddities and troubles of big name DC heroes. What happened to Batman's rainbow batsuits? Whatever happened to Hal Jordan's alien starfish pal Itty? The answers may surprise you!

For Mature Readers

AhhBisto - Gotham by Midnight, by Ray Fawkes, Ben Templesmith, and Juan Ferreyra
When an ancient evil rises in Gotham, the GCPD calls in the Midnight Shift to investigate. Led by Jim Corrigan, host of the mighty and unforgiving Spectre, they must set things straight before forces both normal and supernatural stop them. A great horror story set in the backdrop of DC's most dangerous city, Gotham By Midnight will delight fans of the supernatural while also serving up some of the most amazing and scary Spectre pieces in history.
beary_good - Dark Night: A True Batman Story, by Paul Dini and Eduardo Risso
In 1993, Paul Dini, one of the most influential Batman creators ever, was assaulted and nearly beaten to death by a pair of muggers. His life spiraled downward on a self-destructive path as he shunted aside his passion and career for alcohol and self-loathing. Dark Night is an autobiography of how Dini pulled himself out of his misery by looking inwards into his own imagination and asking himself: what would Batman do? It's a story about how anyone at their lowest moment can find inspiration from an ideal, even if it comes from a fictional character. This original graphic novel is a must-read for anyone whose childhood was shaped by Batman animation and comics.
bhavbhav - 100 Bullets, by Brian Azzarello and Eduardo Risso
If you're looking for something pulpy and noir, you've come to the right place. This series is a great read for those looking for heavy stories with grit, themes of revenge - and a lot of gore.
The visual storytelling is just stylized enough to be cool, but not jarring. Pane-to-pane, there is a lot happening that is easily missed if you're not paying much attention, but this is not surprising given Azzarello's writing style. The story also features a diverse array of characters from different ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds, though they are all deeply flawed in their own ways. While Azzarello does not always hit the nail on the head with these characterizations, the series arc and grand finale make 100 Bullets absolutely worthy of attention.
100 Bullets can be a somber read during these difficult times, but taken as a literary work, it shows itself to be an expertly-structured story that has lot of impact. And, at 100 issues, it is certainly quarantine material.
discophant64 - Harleen, by Stjepan Šejić
The heartbreaking story of Harleen Quinzel's tragic descent into villainy, this is not "just another Harley story". Harleen is an emotionally gripping tragedy that focuses on Harleen and the life she was robbed of by the Joker. The art is sensational, but the story here is what shines. An absolute gem and, so far, the gold standard in DC's Black Label initiative.
MaskedPB - V for Vendetta, by Alan Moore and David Loyd
In a world without personal freedom or the ability to go outside... no wait, that's our world! V for Vendetta offers us a glimpse into a world even darker than our own - a world without personal freedom and the complete loss of individuality. Get inspired to rise up against those that oppress us! Just, in a way that respects social distancing....
simplegodhead - Green Arrow, by Mike Grell
A grittier, street level take on Oliver Queen, also featuring longtime companion Black Canary. Green Arrow is known for tackling mature topics while paying little attention to what's going on in the rest of the superpowered DCU, staying gripping and extremely engaging all the while.

Entry to a New Universe

AhhBisto - Invincible, by Robert Kirkman, Cory Walker and Ryan Ottley
For my money, Invincible is one of the best runs in the history of the medium. Starting off as simple superhero fare, Kirkman and co. lead readers down the path of a sci-fi, political and horror drama that will delight, frighten and leave your jaw dropping on multiple occasions. Once you read the first 6 issues you will be hooked, and it'll open you up to a whole world of new heroes and villains.
beary_good - Locke and Key: Welcome to Lovecraft, by Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez
Coming to you from the acclaimed horror writer Joe Hill (son of the one-and-only Stephen King), Locke and Key tells the plight of the Lockes, a grieving family who move into the mysterious Keyhouse mansion following the murder of their father. In the Keyhouse, the Lockes discover a series of keys that can perform all sorts of magical wonders, while an ancient evil seeks to destroy and claim the keys for a darker purpose.
At its core, this award-winning fantasy/horror series is about a dysfunctional family coming together stronger than ever. It dives into the ways we process grief, come to terms with our own identity, and learn to accept responsibility for ourselves. It's hard to put this book down without getting emotionally invested in the Lockes and their friends.
The main series ended in 2013, but the universe has been supplemented with a number of one-shots that go over the history of the Keyhouse. Hill will be returning to this franchise later this year, kicking off In Pale Battalions, a prelude to a new series in the L&K universe, titled World War Key. The franchise will also cross over with Neil Gainman's Sandman Universe in Hell & Gone, due out some time this year.
bhavbhav - House of X/Powers of X, by Jonathan Hickman, Pepe Larraz, and R.B. Silva
It's engaging, it's serious - but sometimes hella campy ... it's X-Men! I've been avoiding the Marvel universe for a while now, not quite on purpose, but for the same reason that many potential readers avoid DC - the intimidation factor around not knowing much of the lore.
With HOX, the limited and somewhat outdated context I had didn't really matter. The story starts with the (re-)introduction of the Pacific island Krakoa - a territory that both Charles Xavier and Magneto have claimed as a new mutant nation. The ecosystem is conducive to producing ~special~ plants, which Xavier processes into life-saving/body-enhancing pharmaceuticals and subsequently sells to the human nations in order to cement political alliances and power. Yes, the mutants are selling drugs. But that's okay! Because it means we finally have a narrative wherein they have the high ground, and a place to claim as their own.
Also, Charles ends up wearing this weird orb helmet for pretty much all of the book.
While House of X definitely does make references to lore, it's also an addictive read with a lot of well-encapsulated world building of its own. The theme of oppression has certainly been recycled in X-Men history over and over again, but Hickman provides a fresh new approach - even if it's overly expositional at times. Plus, if you find yourself disappointed that there isn't more once you get to the end, you can check out Dawn of X, a spin-off intended to succeed the HOX/POX stories.
Disclaimer: I do know some X-Men lore already, but I still feel like this is a great read.
discophant64 - Black Hammer: Secret Origins, by Jeff Lemire and Dean Ormston
From the busiest man in comics comes a whole new universe that feels as though it's existed forever. Before it was expanded to what it is now, it all started here in the pages of Black Hammer: Secret Origins. With a group of instantly lovable heroes stuck in a world not their own, follow their emotional journey as they struggle to come to grips with their new lives, and hope alongside them for a way to return to the way things were. I promise you, this won't be the only Black Hammer book you read, because once you enter this Universe, you won't want to leave.
MaskedPB - Star Wars: Darth Vader, by Kieron Gillen and Salvador Larroca
The Star Wars Universe has offered us countless compelling characters to enjoy over the years, but perhaps none are as compelling or impactful as the Emperor's right hand man. Enjoy the adventure of one of the galaxy's most ruthless wielders of the Dark Side - an adventure that will leave you wanting more. This series also explores the seedy side of the OT Star Wars universe, introducing Dr. Chell Aphra, a savvy anti-heroic archaeologist who reluctantly finds herself working for Vader while doing whatever it takes to protect her own skin. Dr. Aphra is one of the best new characters to come out of the Disney era, and she was even given her own spin-off series Doctor Aphra, penned by Gillen and later Si Spurrier. Good thing this is Star Wars, because there's always more where that came from, including more Vader content from writers like Charles Soule and Greg Pak.
simplegodhead - Chew, by John Layman and Rob Guillory
CHEW is the story of Tony Chu, a man with cibopathic powers; that is, he has food-based telepathy. When he eats something, he'll see the history of it, from farm to table... to consumption. This is surprisingly useful in solving crimes and galactic conspiracies! Chew is a universe (or a Chewniverse- thank you beary) where all superpowers are food-related. The book is really fun, with a lot of hilarity and the occasional gut punch.

Creator-Owned by DC Writers

AhhBisto - Undiscovered Country, by Scott Snyder, Charles Soule, and Giuseppe Camuncoli
The United States of America has closed its borders and built an all encompassing wall to deter people from entering and nobody knows why. 30 years later the world has changed, continental-wide alliances like Euro-Afrique have risen in the power vacuum but a global pandemic has put the world on edge. When a mysterious message from America comes out promising a cure, the alliances send a group of experts in on a diplomatic mission but find a land that is almost alien in appearance.
If that synopsis doesn't grab you, then holy hell. Snyder and Soule have crafted a fantastic story that matches the grandeur of the premise and it promises to be the next big epic, along the lines of The Walking Dead, Saga and Invincible.
beary_good - Criminal, by Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips
You may know Ed Brubaker from his work Gotham Central, Catwoman, and Batman. In the indie space, he and artist Sean Phillips are the masters of crime noir, and their crowning gem may very well be Criminal, a series of interconnected stories about career criminals, honor, lust, police corruption, and committing the perfect crime. Honorable thieves, dirty cops, revenge-fueled killers, and adrenaline-seeking robbers occupy this seedy world. Each story can be read on its own, focusing on different characters at different points in time, and showing how their lives are shaped by historical events. The series was just recently relaunched under Image, and is currently being collected non-linearly. The older stories have also been re-printed.
Suggested reading order:
  • Coward
  • Lawless
  • The Dead and the Dying
  • Bad Night
  • The Sinners
  • The Last of the Innocent
  • Wrong Time, Wrong Place
  • My Heroes Have Always Been Junkies (original graphic novel)
  • Bad Weekend (Criminal v3 #2-3)
  • Cruel Summer (Criminal v3 #1, 5-12)
bhavbhav - The Abominable Charles Christopher, by Karl Kerschl
While not technically a writer, Karl Kerschl has been known for bringing real warmth to whatever he has worked on, from Gotham Academy to Teen Titans: Year One. The Abominable Charles Christopher is no different and, while technically a web-comic, has won an Eisner for its well-written and sweet story-lines, as well as its gentle and engaging characters. Collected in two deluxe hard-cover volumes, it's certainly worth a read, especially if you're in the mood for some silly but heart-warming stories about a dopey yeti who accidentally stumbles into adventure again and again.
discophant64 - The Fade Out, by Ed Brubaker and Sean Philips
Brubaker has made a career on pulpy crime books, and The Fade Out is his love letter to old Hollywood. Set against the backdrop of post-war, 1950's Hollywood, the book is positively dripping with a noir feeling that only Brubaker can harness without feeling like a cheap knock-off. Phillips shines as always in amplifying the aesthetic the words aim for, and the entire story leaves you feeling like you've walked into the worlds made famous by Chinatown or L.A. Confidential. The mystery is a good one, the story engaging, and the setting absolutely captivating. Sadly only three volumes, it will leave you wanting more. Hopefully one day, we get it.
MaskedPB - Essex County, by Jeff Lemire
Arguably one of Lemire's most personal stories about the area he grew up in, Essex County offers us a closer look into the fictional lives of those in his hometown. It's equal parts tragic as it is uplifting, and it's all accentuated by Lemire's expert artistry. An absolute pillar in the world of Canadian Indie Comics, the book is immediately accessible to anyone, and offers us important lessons on life, love and secrets. Do yourself a favour and read this critically acclaimed classic.
simplegodhead - Gideon Falls, by Jeff Lemire and Andrea Sorrentino
A stylish, thrilling horror comic focused on cults, curses, and conspiracy theories. Dare you enter the Black Barn?
Of course, feel free to add your own suggestions, too!
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How To Totally Rock Her World

I tried posting this in sex, but the mods removed it as it wasn't a "discussion". I figure since sub is all about seducing women, so here is a way to keep her coming back.
Mindset and Attitude
I don't care how un-PC this sounds: most women want to be dominated in bed. There's a reason 50 Shades of Gray blew up, despite being terribly written and erotica-lite.
Here's an article that's worth reading: https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/darwins-subterranean-world/201910/are-we-facing-the-end-sex
You cannot be timid or meek. You need to come at her as a MAN. A confident man. A man in tune with her body that is taking her on a journey. Don't act hesitant or shy, but don't be an asshole. Pay attention to how she's reacting to things and don't think that you can't slow down and communicate if needed, but don't play 20 questions during sex. Again, read the article above.
If you aren't a man, then you can still use all this stuff and your partner obviously doesn't want a man, so it all works out :)
If you're in a relationship with someone, then having a conversation about what they like and don't like obviously makes a ton of sense.
"Would you like it if I was a little rougher with you in bed?"
"Would you enjoy if I took charge more in bed?"
For a variety of reasons, a conversation might not happen prior to sex. Luckily, the way she reacts to you as things progress are also communication. If you push her onto the bed, she may moan and smile at you or she may look annoyed or turned off, etc.
What you don't want to do is be in the heat of the moment and go "Would you like it if I slapped your ass?" Ideally get those conversations out of the way before sex.
Conversation during sex is a turn off, but sometimes it is the lesser of two evils. If you move her into a new position and she stops enjoying it as much, you can either move her back to what you were just doing or ask her what's up. "What position?" is something I say frequently. If you take a break from fucking, kiss her passionately and then groan it into her ear it feels a lot more like it's part of the dance, rather than an interruption.
If you want to be a good lover you HAVE to pay attention to her. You have get synced up and tuned in with her body and how it is responding. The way she moves, the sounds she makes, her facial expressions... if you're really tuned in you will be able to feel the vibe that her body is giving off. Is she tense? Is she relaxed? Is she buzzing with energy? To be a good lover you must be a considerate lover.
Sensuality and Sensual Domination
When I talk about being dominant here, I am not just talking about the classic "Get on your knees you dirty slut" style of domination. I am talking about a mindset that you are in charge, that you have a vision for how you want things to go and that you are leading her on a journey. Yes, you can be physical with her, but you do not need to be particularly rough or degrade her verbally to be "Dominant". It's much more about having a commanding presence and being confident than anything else.
A few examples of things that if done confidently and with a hint of aggression are "dominant":
- Pushing her onto the bed, climbing on top of her, grabbing her on the side of her neck just below her ear and kissing her passionately.
- Sticking a couple of fingers down the front of her jeans and yanking her into you so you can kiss her.
- If she's going down on you, gathering up all of her hair and holding onto it, telling her to look at you and meeting her rhythm with thrusts. I am not talking about full blown face/throat fucking here, though that can be fun too :)
Generally speaking, I like to start off very sensual and slowly be rougher as things progress. As she gets lost in ecstasy, so should you. Let your primal side come out. When things get super hot and heavy, growl at her. Not in a stupid bear kind of way, just a low rumbling sound kind of deal. Make primal, manly noises, but understand that the noises women make during sex actually have a scientific name "Female Copulatory Vocalization" and have been studied and researched. To my knowledge, there is not an equivalent for men. I say this because when I was younger I felt like I should be making as much noise as her, but that simply doesn't seem to be the case.
Warming Her Up
It's probably fairly common knowledge that women take a while to get fully turned on. What I think gets missed is just HOW turned on a woman can get.
Go twice as slow as you think you should: She's not going to complain if you spend an extra 5 minutes kissing her and playing with her nipples.
Relax into it: Anxiety inhibits pleasure. Let her know with the way you're going about things that there is no rush.
Enjoy Her: Take your time and savor the experience. While you're kissing her let your hand/s roam. Explore her body. The key thing here is to go slow and give her time to really warm up. There are tons of awesome ways to tease and play with her pussy externally. They are linked in the section below, The Pussy: Fingering and Eating It. I CANNOT RECCOMEND THESE VIDEOS ENOUGH.
Ideally she should have a few orgasms before you even slide a finger inside of her. One of my favorite things to do is give ample attention to her breasts with my mouth, usually with one hand playing with her pussy externally. You can also climb on top of her and just worship her breasts for awhile. Get sloppy, suction your mouth onto her breast and move it around. Suck on her nipples. Be loud, be nasty!
Put Her At Ease
Most women are self conscious about the way their pussies look, smell and taste. Those feelings are going to get in the way of her pleasure. Yes, godpussy has some fine examples of vaginas. If I'm being honest though, all pussies are sexy. Even so called "meat curtains" are just more lip to suck on or grab onto. At the end of the day, a woman doesn't have any control over how her pussy looks and you shouldn't be such a little boy that you find it anything other than sexy. If you think her pussy looks sexy, tell her!!!
Same goes for smell and taste, but with these you can also SHOW her:
- Inhale sharply and tell her how hard the way she smells makes you
- Before you start fingering her and her juices have collected at her entrance suck/lick them up
- If you've been fingering her, suck or lick her juices off your fingers
Be creative! You're worshipping the divine feminine. Get lost in it. Be primal. Be nasty.
The Pussy: Fingering it and Eating It
These two videos together are a Master Class in pussy eating, as well as the pussy in general:
Layla Martin has some great videos on YouTube, here's one about Pussy Massage: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0awN8gaeXfU&has_verified=1
Obviously a true Pussy Massage is a more gentle, intimate thing and doesn't make sense to incorporate into every session. You can incorporate certain techniques into your regular sessions, though.
I like to explore her vagina. I am "waking it up" and also finding which areas she likes stimulated. Pay attention to how she's responding!
Another trick I like to do is to stimulate her sphincter from inside the vagina. You can actually sort of finger her ass from the inside out. When I say finger, I really mean just like a bit of the tip of your finger, going in circles and maybe gentle "thrusts" so to speak. Don't try to shove her vagina out of her butt.
I like to use my fingers to make a woman cum at least a few times before sex. As things get intense she might squirm or kind of involuntarily pull away. Grab her with your other hand and make her take it. If she really wants you to stop she'll use her hands or push you away.
Being nasty and loud while you go down on her is a turn on for a lot of women. Loudly spit on her pussy and then lick the fuck out of it all, then slurp up her lips into your mouth and pull your head away, releasing her lips. Shove your tongue deep inside of her pussy and "mmmmmmmm" in enjoyment. There's tons of things to do and the How To Eat Pussy videos I linked above are an excellent resource!
Best I can tell based on what I've read, and from personal experience, there are two kinds of squirting: from the bladder and from the Skenes Glands.
Squirting from the bladder isn't urine, perse. The bladder fills with fluid, which is then expelled during orgasm. That may contain some urine if she doesn't pee before sex, but according to an article I once read they did a study and found little or no traces of urea.
Bladder squirting is the messy squirting you typically see in porn (when they aren't just super hydrated and peeing). Squirting from the bladder can be achieved with over stimulation of the G spot. A word of warning though: Some women report discomfort from this afterwards. Sometimes for days. It can feel like a strange UTI. It takes a lot of intense stimulation to get to that point, though, so don't be hesitant to really go into overdrive with your fingers once she's really warmed up.
Kneel beside her, insert your middle and ring finger, palm up(if she's really petite/tight you might be better off with just 1 finger) and jerk your hand up and down so your jamming your fingers up and into her G spot, while simultaneously doing a modified version of the well known "come hither" motion. Once she's super into things, go as fast as you can. My suggestion, if you're unsure about how fast/intense, is to gradually increase the intensity and pay attention to how she's responding.
Some women bladder squirt from "normal" orgasms. I don't really understand the mechanism or whatever. I just know it happens. And if you're wondering if they're forcing themselves to pee, I've had women apologize profusely (I don't care - I have one of those nifty mattress protectors) and one that even took a quick break to go to the bathroom so she wouldn't make as much of a mess.
Squirting from the Skenes Glands(https://myvagina.com/skenes-glands/) is true "female ejaculation". In Tantra the fluid is referred to as "Amrita", or Nectar of the Goddess. For me personally, this is the Holy Grail of pleasing a woman. True female ejaculation comes about from very deep, very intense orgasms. There's no short cuts, you have to take her to the highest peaks of pleasure for this to happen. In my experience, the A-spot is the best way to achieve this. From what I've read and experienced, I'd say the amount of fluid is usually only a tablespoon or maybe two, so if she cums hard and all of a sudden things get extra wet - there you go :)
The Anterior Fornix (A-spot)
Here's a link: https://www.healthline.com/health/healthy-sex/a-spot#vaginal-vs-anal-stimulation
My preferred progression is clitoral orgasms -> G-spot orgasms -> A-spot orgasms.
That's not a hard rule. Sex is jazz: it's about improvisation and it shouldn't ever be exactly the same.
This part is going to make guys self-conscious, but oh well: this is when having a big dick comes in handy. A longer penis can reach the A-spot better. But guys, listen: If a woman loves you and(or?) you can do even most of the shit I'm talking about here SHE WON'T CARE HOW BIG YOUR DICK IS.
One technique that I like to use in the early stages of fingering her is to slowly explore her pussy - every part of it. Gently! You can reach back and feel her cervix, then explore the area all around it, which is the A-spot. Pay attention to how she's responding!
The Lower Abdomen
Think about it, if the A-spot is ~5-6 inches up, that would put it roughly right above the pubic bone. This means that you can put pressure on it from the outside and it will feel pleasurable. Some things to try:
- Get some coconut or almond oil (use something that can go in her pussy and not cause issues) and massage her lower abdomen. A good time to do this is before you really start doing much with the pussy, but you can also do it while you eat her pussy in a really chill way. Mouth massage for the pussy, hand massage for abdomen.
- If you really want to give her a treat, as a special event and the main focus of the night, do a full body massage and as the step before you start doing a pussy massage you can focus on the abdomen.
- If you're say, laying next to her, you can kind of cup her pussy in your hand. Fingers on her lips and clit, palm right above her pubic bone and apply pressure and rock your hand.
- While you're fingering her with one hand you can use your other hand to gently apply pressure on her lower abdomen, sandwiching all that tissue between your fingers and your hand.
It's been my experience that after a woman has a bunch of orgasms, her pussy feels different. It's tight, but unlike the unaroused tight pussy the highly aroused tight pussy wants to be stretched. It feels AMAZING and if you need a selfish reason to go through all of this, this would be it.
Women seem to all be laid out just a little differently down there in terms of which positions get at the right spots. The article about the A spot linked above has some good advice on this.
Energy and Intensity
If you want to have a marathon session I recommend starting with low energy. Rom-Com level energy is impossible to sustain for that long mentally, and what both of you will notice is the DROP in intensity. It kind of ends up feeling like one or both of you got turned off. If you're confident, experienced and comfortable with each other it's not as big of a deal, though.
If my aim is to really take her on a pleasure journey, I don't get crazy intense until intercourse starts. Even then, as the Tenacious D song goes: sometimes you've got to fuck her gently. At least, at first :)
Physicality During Sex
You don't have to choke a girl or degrade her to dominate her. Sex is a physical act, but it's about so much more than inserting Part A into Slot B. The more you can use and demonstrate your strength, the more she'll get turned on. I've had a lot of women tell me that they LOVE when I just pick them up and carry them wherever I want. Some other things to try:
- When you grab her, GRAB HER. Her hips, her breasts, her thighs while you're going down on her, etc.
- Pull her hair. I've yet to run into a woman that doesn't enjoy at least a little bit of hair pulling. Grab it close to the roots, not at the ends.
- When you're doing doggy style grab her around the biceps and pull her into you.
- In missionary, grab her behind the back of the neck and pull her into you with each thrust. You can also grab her around the shoulders.
- In missionary, hold yourself up with one hand and use your other to grab onto her hip.
- When she's on top, place your hands on either side of her face and make intense eye contact.
- Most women like to have their asses slapped. I'm not talking about legit spanking, just a good smack on the ass.
- Bite her! Not hard, but playfully. On the neck, shoulders, ass, thighs.
There's tons of other ways! Improvise, be creative, have fun! There are obviously other far rougher things that can be done, I'm not going to include those here as they aren't as universally enjoyed as those I've listed above.
Eye contact during sex is huge. It shows confidence just like in any other situation and in my opinion it's an important element of being dominant. Locking eyes with her, especially when you are seriously pounding her into the mattress, is amazing. But it makes some people uncomfortable, so they'll keep the lights off or avoid eye contact, essentially hiding from their partner.
Don't hide! You're having sex with another human! Connect!
Ultimately women are truly amazing creatures with a capacity for pleasure that is magnitudes larger than men's. Society has conditioned women to think that the opposite is true, as well as thinking that sex is bad/dirty/immoral/etc. If you can come to her as a man that truly appreciates women and their capacity for pleasure and get her to open up it will be an incredible experience for both of you.
A couple notes:
For guys that aren't well endowed or can't last that long, please notice that the majority of what I've written here isn't about intercourse. You can totally and completely rock a woman's world with just your hands and mouth.
If you suffer from ED or premature ejaculation, I really think that putting effort into really getting good at everything else would be good for two reasons: 1) your partner is super satisfied and 2) because she's super satisfied you'll feel more confident and less anxious = your penis might cooperate more.
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