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Practice materials for the phonics screening check, key stage 1 and key stage 2 national curriculum tests, including past test papers. Key Stage 1 Sats Resources. SATs examinations are taken by students nationwide towards the end of Year 2 (KS1) and Year 6 (KS2). Past papers are possibly the most useful resource when carrying out revision. KS1 SATs will be scrapped by 2020 but until then, Year 2 pupils will be required to sit the following SATs papers: The KS1 Reading SAT. Children as young as six are sitting mock key stage 1 tests, taking practice papers home and being asked to come to after-school revision classes, a survey by Tes and the National Education Union has found. At Key Stage 1, the teachers in your child's school will mark the SATs papers.

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SATs Keystage 2 - past papers and resources - free on one resources. Fun murder mystery activities useful link. KS2 Year 6 SATs Papers this article. Activate 2 is split into distinct Biology, Chemistry. KS2 SATs Level Threshold Tables. Sample materials including test papers, mark schemes and test administration instructions, to help teachers prepare for the tests. Key stage 1 mathematics test Paper 1: arithmetic.

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Write a sign in each box to make this correct. 910 Top Year 6 Comprehension Teaching Resources. Out of 5 stars magical sats revision key stage 1 maths workbook letts magical reviewed in the united kingdom on 25 february 2020 verified purchase great book to revise form and revisit what they learn at school easy to understand and very good at reiterating lesson read more helpful comment report abuse naomi 50 out of 5 stars fun and educational reviewed in the united browse cgps 9 1 gcse. Key Stage 1 (KS1) for Maths, English and Science. Ks1 Sats Optional Class Record Sheet. Professional skills tests - Numeracy skills tests. Using repeated practice testing throughout, our Collins KS1 practice books improve SATs performance.

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Free KS1 SATs and KS2 SATs past papers for parents. The aim of the new Key Stage 2 SATs was to ensure a fairer and more advanced way of assessing pupils. New KS2 Complete SATS Practice Papers Pack 1: Science https://torgline26.ru/download/?file=979. In primary school, children take their Key Stage 1 SATs at the end of Year 2 and their Key Stage 2 SATs at the end of Year 6. SATs papers are taken in English Reading, Maths and Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling (GaPS or SPaG). Whilst there haven't been any published since 2020, Year 9 SATs remain valuable to children in Year 9. Especially for the KS3 SATs papers in Maths. Key stage 1 Nick Dale. Find Key Stage Two Maths SATS papers and mark schemes to help your child revise for their KS2 Maths SAT exams.

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3 National curriculum past papers 46%
4 Maths Made Easy - MME - Revision Tuition and Exams 75%
5 Key Stage 2 SATs Practice Test 1 - Exam Papers Plus 93%
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[DOC] Year 5 Optional Sats 2020 Teacher Guide

This resource contains a set of six Year 2 practice papers. Free eBook Ks2 English Sats Practice Papers Set 1 # Uploaded By John Creasey, ks2 key stage 2 sat english achieve good grades by practising with the latest key stage 2 english test papers if you have a child that is preparing for the year 6 english sats papers then there is no better way to practice than sitting past papers find a selection of. They are then marked by the class teacher. Covering all the core subjects and much more, our worksheets will help your child practise key concepts and have been carefully designed in line with the national curriculum. Key stage 1 sats papers to. Science Vocabulary - Every Monday, students will be given a. Looking for interesting ways to learn about Maths SATs Past Papers?

Ks2 English Sats Practice Papers Set 1 [EBOOK]

This part of Key Stage 1 SATs is optional, though most schools choose to opt in. (3) Maths Children will sit two separate papers as part of Key Stage 1 SATs. The Europress Key Stage 1 programs are designed to help children achieve their maximum potential in the compulsory Key Stage tests they face in school. [eBooks] Past Key Stage 1 English Sats Papers click here for more. Year 6 SATs Arithmetic Code Breaker Activity (teacher made) hop over to this website. For families; For schools and communities; Careers; Members' Login.

[update] someone thinks hey bought our garage

A big thank you to everyone that offered advice.
Original post here: https://reddit.com/LegalAdviceUK/comments/i2mq72/someone_thinks_theyve_bought_our_garage/
to keep things easy to understand I’m going to do a timeline of events.
Saturday night: we discover that the hedge and garden at our garage has been removed and concreted over.
Sunday afternoon: my parents and myself go to the garage to see what’s up, when I arrive there is a group of people mid argument with my parents. We get each other’s contact info.
Sunday night: my parents return without me to demand to be let on to their property and is refused, the police are called but say there is nothing they can do.
Monday: spent the day trying to contact our solicitor and researching the people who thought they’ve bought it.
Tuesday: finally get into our garage have to endure a speech from the other party but the car is safe and the garage is secured once again.
Detailed version: We discovered the situation with the garage when someone interested in buying it said it didn’t look like the description and then sent us a picture. It was rather late at night by this point so we decided to go there tomorrow.
My parents and I travelled separately as I was on my to work (I work nights). I arrived a couple minutes after my parents, there is a black car parked on the road in front of it, 3 people standing around and couple tonnes of construction debris on the concreted lawn. There was the mother (aka B), the son (aka A) and the sons partner , All of them were defensive (which is reasonable in that situation), when asked they said they keep tools in it when we asked to open the garage they told us they couldn’t open it as the only key was with Mr W (the antagonist of this story) who was working till 8pm on a Sunday. I gave my number to A then I went to work and my parents went home.
(Relevant detail: my parents had me late and are both well over 65+ while I am 20)
Later that evening my parents returned to see if they could see the car as we weren’t even told that the car was still there, Mr W answered the door and my mother tried to present him with relevant paper work (land registry, proof of sale etc) he refused the papers and got aggressive (balling up his fists), my parents left.
Monday after I had got back from work we spent the day finding out what information we could about them; they bought the house and the 2 garages attached (ours garage being the third) 6 weeks after we had submitted the land registry paper work, they had converted one a garage into a living room with out planning (but that’s not relevant). We considered reporting the car stolen but decided against it, we did call 111; they said that they can’t send an officer in case something happens only when something happens, expected but it did make my mother feel a bit better.
On Tuesday my parents, myself and my uncle (he had helped move the car originally) arrive a bit before the agreed time, my parents parked in front of the garage, my uncle up the street and I parked a street over.
My first interaction with Mr W went as follow it’s all be paraphrased but the gist is about right.
Generic greetings
Mr W: we should introduce our selves properly I am Mr W
Me: good idea, I am Mr Y
Mum: I am Mrs Y
Dad: I am Dr Y
Mr W: well you’re not a doctor tho are you you’re a mister
a bit of back and forth here but we soon gave up
Uncle: I am Mr C
Me: I think we’ve waited long enough unless there is any reason not to shall we open it?
Mr W: well there is some stuff I want to say so if you’d all come inside we can talk as I don’t want the neighbours hearing
Me: well due to C19 I think it’s best we stay out here.
we comprise and go to his back garden
We has done our research we knew there was nothing new he could tell us, Mr W gets himself worked up and starts going on about the land registry and how he spent £26 to get the papers (they’re £3 so he probably got scammed). A way into the conversation;
Mr W: it cost us thousands to get it like that. I don’t understand why you’re being so rude about this
directed at me as I’d done most the talking
Me: I think we’ve been very patient, we’ve come at a time that suits you on a day that suits you, keeping in mind we could have come at any time cut off your lock and put our own on then sue for the cost to replant the hedge and lawn.
Mr W: people were complaining about the overgrown hedges no one has cut them for at least 10 years
Mum: we cut them less than two years ago
while I agree the hedges were over grown gross exaggeration doesn’t help, we try to keep them cut but we forget
Mr W: people have said they like looking at it now it looks so much better
Me: they like looking at rubble and rusting metal?
Eventually he takes us to the garage, he had cleared the tools out and moved all the rubble and junk onto the foot path behind it, which explains why he wanted Monday to himself. We uncover the car and inspect everything all the gardening tools we left that were gone, the car was fine but a few small dents on the bonnet at the front (some tools probably fell onto it, we know he did it as it was inspect it as show room condition shortly before it went into storage) He denied the damage while doing so he was leaning against our car, I told him get off (and he call us rude) he does. He goes inside his home we stay in the garage, my uncle drove a concrete lorry his entire working life so knows that at most there was a couple hundred £ worth of material there not thousands.
Aftermath: we get the car moved to our new house, I put up some “no parking” signs and we only hear from Mr W 3 more times, once to ask for copies of the paper work he refused, he asked us for permission to park his work van on the concreted lawn we said no as it was back on the market and people would’ve viewing it and finally to tell him to move his van after he ignored us and parked there anyway.
The garage door was fine they had bent the locking mechanism breaking in but we quickly fixed it. While the gardening tools being stolen is annoying we don’t care that much. We’re not going to sue him for the cost of restoring it as the total property value is about the same, we gave him first refusal and didn’t hear anything before the deadline.
(This bits will be boring if you don’t like cars) The car is a 94 mint condition Suzuki with less than 5k miles on the clock, about £20000 we think from a quick google, obviously we wanted to get the car out ASAP, there is a garage that works on the brand near by (we’ve used them before they’re excellent), they tell us the fuel pump has ceased, we could buy a new on from Japan for £522 but we found a second hand one for £70 locally so we bought that and it’s now sat on our drive way waiting for someone from Poland to arrange its collection.
FAQ: Q:why didn’t your report it as stolen A: we didn’t want to have the headache of having to get it unreported stolen if we were able to recover it.
Q: how much would it have cost to restore the hedge and lawn A: were not sure but lots, they were very tall old trees making up the hedge and paying the labour needed to tear up the concrete would have been a massive cost as well. In total easily £10k+
Apologise for the very long post but a lot has happened. My final note is that A and B were both incredibly pleasant and genuinely wanted to get it sorted they were let down by Mr W’s attitude, who in my opinion knew they didn’t have a claim to the garage but wanted to chance it (if they had genuinely no idea then they should sue the solicitor they bought the house with for the market cost of the garage).In the end we lost nothing but it was a lot of unneeded stress. The junk is still blocking the door path to this day.
TLDR: the family of the house owner were pleasant and understanding the step father however not so much, he’s was aggressive, rude and had no sense of irony. The car and garage are in the final stages of sale and soon we’ll no long have to think about it.
If I can figure out how to I’ll link some pictures, if there are any questions let me know and I’ll try my best to answer
submitted by sir2fluffy2 to LegalAdviceUK

Dream House purchase story with Neville's methods

Many readers have asked about large successes in this group.
This one is a big one, and was logically close to impossible. It also doesn't involve any financial windfall or gifts - it just worked - see below.
This is also a story with a strict timeline. I will add a link to the job + car story later.
(Edit - added some relevant comment/answers to the bottom of this post - as some of you had further good questions)
After going through some financial difficulties for many months, we were renting a flat nearer to a school. I was out of work for a time and had recently got a good job on a one-month trial basis with possibility to have a confirmation by the end of the next month (July in this case). I will write that job story later and link it.
All of a sudden, my landlord texted me, one-month notice to vacate because he wants to stay in the flat. I had 30 days to vacate.
My family got real freaked out. Kid's school was a key factor and every rental place nearer to the school was either gone or too expensive (with us running low on cash). We still registered with real estate agents and started looking for a rental. Remember this story is about a purchase of a dream house. I knew if I mentioned the word 'purchase', my family, esp my partner would consider me mad. We saw a few places and finalised one rental property.
I decided something else. In my mind, I decided to shameless, fearlessly think of a house purchase. No confirmed job, very low cash, no family gifts, with a landlord asking to vacate in 30 days. I decided to ignore that. I decided to keep this topic to myself (for the fear of being labelled crazy!).
One Thursday, I got a text alert from an estate agent for a viewing for a rental property. I just realised that I forgot to tell them that we had already finalised a rental property. Their website said all cancellations would need a 24 hour notice. Nope. Too late. Since the property was just 1-mile away, I decided to honor the appointment. I didn't have a car those months (link coming soon on that story). And I had to pick my kid just before.
So - deep breath - reached the school, picked up kid, took a bus for the 1-mile journey as a walk with kid would take much longer.
When we reached the property, I realised my mistake. It said 'for sale'. This was one of the properties I clicked while browsing 'for sale' properties and really had forgotten to cancel. I took another deep breath and decided to still see it. My kid was desperate to use the toilet - so we requested if we could - we climbed the stairs to the toilet.
I looked at the walls, the tiles, the stairs to the toilet. Later we saw it had 3 living rooms, 3 bed rooms, huge kitchen rebuilt just 2 years ago, huge conservatory, 2 bathrooms, wide garden, and 1 mile away from the school and the train station. It did not have parking but there was ample street parking as a cul-de-sac location. It was the last property in a row of houses that gave great privacy from road traffic/noise, and has a narrow canal about 300m away (far enough to be safe (flood insurance was nearly nil), but near enough to give a nice beautiful view from upstairs).
I fell in love. We all fell in love with the house.
And then we realised - we can't afford it.
Banks won't give us mortgage in our current condition. And we had committed to a great rental property the last week (which will need a deposit too).
My partner said - well, great to have seen this. Let's go home.
I felt the kitchen counter, and in my mind, made a coffee. I felt each stair while climbing. I remembered as much detail as I could - I was in am different world.
First, I imagined that my partner will keep cool when I proposed submitting an offer. It was okay. We submitted an offer 25k less than the market value. No response for a day. I decided this is a great time to practice every technique told by Neville. I felt good that our offer was accepted - in reality, I got a response yes it was.
Step 2 - apply for various checks, agency checks, legals and biggest of all - mortgage.
That night landlord asked me a confirmation on vacating date. I didn't reply. Instead, I visualised we have a mortgage confirmation. Countdown, SATS, plus some letting go. The next morning, I mustered courage and texted the landlord - can we please stay here for one more month as we are not able to move sooner.
2 days went by with no response.
Each time I felt worried, I breathed deep, did some Neville's techniques (many of them as listed in this group - but imagined, SATS and let go was the gist). I remembered the saying in one of his books - there is no such thing as a little pregnancy - it is done. Heard Neville's voice talking about Abdullah (on YouTube)
I felt the kitchen counter, made a coffee, felt the stairs, the toilet appearance. In my mind. And let go.
Landlord agreed for a month's extension. I sent a refusal to the rental property we had confirmed (to avoid paying deposit on the rental). It was scary but we did it. That night I felt really scared of being homeless but then looked up at the ceiling and started 'feeling' being in the new house. I also did SATS that night to feel the paper in which my job confirmation would be given.
I got my confirmation on the job 2 weeks before due. I literally danced in my mind.
Promptly submitted the documents to the bank and the lawyers. Now we are in Aug. Two clerical staff on each side went on holiday delaying paperwork. (Amazing call in which one piece of paper needed to be 'faxed' to the bank and staff had to scan to PDF from fax as per their steps - who uses fax these days! and what silly processes - 10 days further delay after which I scanned a PDF directly to the bank which was accepted with so-called manager approval). Those 10 days were hell but each moment I decided to be calm, smiling, focused on new mental thoughts - it was tough but well - I wanted to be in the new house.
I felt the kitchen counter, made a coffee, felt the stairs, the toilet appearance. In my mind. And let go.
Now we are at the very last week - no confirmation - landlord said no further extension of date. School will re-open in Sep. Job becoming busier.
I asked the landlord if we could dump our luggage in the garage and vacate. Also checked storage solutions in case he said no. He said yes.
I asked a neighbour friend who was moving house and had 1 week to spare, if we could stay in their house. He said yes but his landlord asked for a small rent - it was cheaper and physically closer than a hotel. I was at my wits end but kept visualising, feeling the kitchen counter, the steps, and the toilet appearance as those were the things I remembered to feel. I was in the new house in my mind. We were literally living our of 3 suitcases with everything else in the garage (which had minor flooding from a roof leak but just one box damaged). This was with full time job and school started too.
Council asked me to change address - I had no new address - the online form wouldn't allow me to proceed unless I filled a new address (else I would still be responsible for local taxes even after vacating). I literally put 'moving to friend's place' in the online form instead of a new address. The form submitted but their staff picked it up and sent a letter saying I have 14 days to confirm a new address before losing residence rights.
Banks started doing extra checks due to my no job situation earlier.
Bank - lawyers - job - estate agents - school started - deep breath. Felt the house. I literally felt Neville & Abdullah speaking to me about Barbados.
I felt the kitchen counter, made a coffee, felt the stairs, the toilet appearance. In my mind. And let go.
As a last resort, assuming all fell through and we lost money (and may even sue the bank for the delay), I decided to start looking for rental properties (in case this was delayed by more than a month). This helped me let go. Most properties were gone (school starting makes properties go away).
We got a confirmation for a move the coming Wednesday. Our stay with the neighbour's empty place (low rent to landlord) ended on Monday. New tenants were coming to his property on Tuesday. Whoa...
I decided to clean the property well for the tenants. Had moved things from one garage to another (super physical work and really tired) - slept thinking of the new house. The next morning, I asked a friend for a night's stay - he was super helpful. His kids go to the same school. Spent Tuesday night.
Wednesday at 12 noon, we got keys to the new house. Since this was rushed, the previous owners didn't have time to do the last cleaning but I didn't care.
We were in our dream house! We were in our dream house! We were in our dream house!
I felt the kitchen counter, made a coffee, felt the stairs, the toilet appearance. In my mind. And let go.
Do you think these were mere coincidences? How many things had to coincide to make this happen? Really practised everything Neville each day.
Edit - copied some relevant comments/answers to make this more complete as some of you had further good questions - I have thanked the users and given link to the actual comments:
  • Did I have a loan? Yes the bank mortgage
  • How did I manage the deposit? Full comment link here. Thanks mashed-potato for the question
    • By offering lower than market price, thus reducing the deposit amount - we couldnt have managed any more
    • By using the rental deposit and refusing the rental deposit for the other new property
    • By postposing the purchase of a car and using the sale from the last car - dwindling amount but we were scraping every little available amount here
    • By offering the lowest possible deposit to the bank - which is why it was so unsure that they will accept - some banks say it outright at the application stage but this one gave us an acceptance in principle subject to further checks which they did
  • And what was the feeling like when you clicked on the For Sale property? Thanks YoungerElderBerry for the question
    • Full comment link here. When I was looking for, 'For Sale' properties, I really wanted to feel free - free from landlords, free from rentals, free in my own house, free of cramped living space, free of noise. I was looking for spacious rooms, garden - I was looking for silence from traffic (previous apartment was very close to the main roads). I fell asleep in that feeling a few times - even before we visited this place. Initially I thought it will happen after a couple of years. Neville stories really helped (such as the one about Dr M and the apartments).
  • Having a plan B is helpful for 'letting go' - I was never thinking of plan B but it helped removed 'desperation' from the main focus.
  • Question, did you do your visualization every time you had a negative thought? Thanks Raveenasma for the question
    • Full comment link here. For the negative thoughts, my first response was to do a deep breath. It was not possible to visualise until I was at home or in a place I could focus. When possible, I thought how Abdullah told Neville to not even entertain the idea of failure. (Remember Abdullah slammed the door - you are already in Barbados! he said to Neville - story available widely in his books and talks).

(PS - am not a coach nor guru - please don't DM - comments very welcome if you want to discuss)
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