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I smashed my screen and can't use the touchscreen. Is

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1-Touch Laser Photo - LightBurn Software Forum

Raster Photo and Image Engraving Software Our Laser Engraving Software, The Raster Photo and Image Engraving Software package is used to prepare photographs, logos, and text to engrave into solid surfaces such as stone, glass, and wood. Non melanoma skin cancers tend to develop most often on skin that's exposed to the sun. Feel it has been a waste of hard earned cash on both. To spot skin cancers early it helps to know how your skin normally. How to uninstall Remove Universal Laser Systems 1-Touch Laser Photo from your computer with the help of Advanced.

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Facebook Connect / Quest 2 - Speculations Megathread

Welcome to the "Speculations" mega thread for the device possibly upcoming in the Oculus Quest line-up. This thread will be a compilation of leaks, speculation & rumors updated as new information comes out.
Let's have some fun and go over some of the leaks, rumors, speculation all upcoming before Facebook Connect, we'll have a full mega thread going during Connect, but this should be a great thread for remembrance afterward.
Facebook Connect is happening September 16th at 10 AM PST, more information can be found here.

In March, Facebook’s public Developer Documentation website started displaying a new device called ‘Del Mar’, with a ‘First Access’ program for developers.
In May, we got the speculated specs, based off the May Bloomberg Report (Original Paywall Link)
• “at least 90Hz” refresh rate
• 10% to 15% smaller than the current Quest
• around 20% lighter
• “the removal of the fabric from the sides and replacing it with more plastic”
• “changing the materials used in the straps to be more elastic than the rubber and velcro currently used”
• “a redesigned controller that is more comfortable and fixes a problem with the existing controller”

On top of that, the "Jedi Controller" drivers leaked, which are now assumed to be V3 Touch Controllers for the upcoming device.
The IMUs seem significantly improved & the reference to a 60Hz (vs 30hz) also seems to imply improved tracking.
It's also said to perhaps have improved haptics & analog finger sensing instead of binary/digital.
Now as of more recent months, we had the below leaks.
Render (1), (2)
Walking Cat seems to believe the device is called "Quest 2", unfortunately since then, his twitter has been taken down.
Real-life pre-release model photos
Possible IPD Adjustment
From these photos and details we can discern that:
  • there will likely be at least one white model of Quest in the future.
  • The camera positions and angles have been changed slightly. This might be to improve tracking coverage overhead.
  • The tracking ring has become somewhat larger and has been angled backward, presumably so they face the cameras better at all times.
  • The thumb-area has widened significantly & the capacitive thumb-area seems to have returned from the original CV1 touch controllers.
  • The HMD seems to have become smaller in terms of depth. This could perhaps mean a severe decrease in weight; balancing the headset more.
  • The head strap is similar to that of the Oculus Go.
  • It appears there are two microphone holes on the bottom of the headset. This implies the headset might have stereo microphones. Getting two over getting one decent microphone might also mean the two microphones have better recording quality than the original Quest?
Further features speculation based on firmware digging (thanks Reggy04 from the VR Discord for quite a few of these), as well as other sources, all linked.

Additional Sources: 1/2/3/4
Headset Codenames
We've seen a few codenames going around at this point, Reggy04 provided this screenshot that shows the following new codenames.
  • Oculus Del Mar - HOLLYWOOD
  • Oculus Seacliff - SEACLIFF
Pricing Rumors
So far, the most prevalent pricing we've seen is 299 for 64gb, and 399 for 256GB
These were shown by a Walmart page for Point Reyes with a release date of September 16 and a Target price leak with a street date of October 13th

What is this headset?
Speculation so far is this headset is a Quest S or Quest 2
This is a flat-out cheaper-to-manufacture, small upgrade to the Oculus Quest to keep up with demand and to iterate the design slowly.
Again, This is all speculation, nothing is confirmed or set in stone.
What do you think this is and what we'll see at FB Connect? Let's talk!
Rather chat live? Join us on the VR Discord
EDIT: MAJOR UPDATE - Leaked Videos.
6GB of RAM, XR2 Platform, "almost 4k display" (nearly 2k per eye) Source
I am mirroring all the videos in case they get pulled down.
Mirrors: Oculus Hand Tracking , Oculus Casting, Health and Safety, Quest 2 Instructions, Inside the Upgrade
submitted by charliefrench2oo8 to OculusQuest

[USA-CA] [H] 12.9in iPad Pro 2nd Gen AND Apple Pencil [W] Local Cash, Paypal

This is a package deal containing the following:
  • 12.9in iPad Pro 2nd Gen, 64GB, Wi-Fi + 4G (Unlocked), Space Gray
  • Apple Pencil (1st Gen) SOLD
  • SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Pro Series Case (including Apple Pencil holder)
  • Belkin Lightning cable splitter (allows you to simultaneously charge the iPad and the Pencil from a single Lightning cable)
Timestamp: https://imgur.com/a/TnHvg4l (First image is timestamped. The took the pther photos when I tried to sell this on eBay and got screwed by buyers who didn't pay. Twice.)
Asking Price: $575, negotiable
Will ship to anywhere in the US, though local is preferred. Zipcode is 91702.
All of these are Like New. I bought these in early 2018 and used them for about 10-20 hours before putting it all away and not touching it again until now. I had aspirations for doing digital art on it, but they never panned out. It has spent nearly every second since I took it out of the box inside its case, and with a iCarez Anti Glare Matte Screen Protector applied to the screen.
The iPad and Pencil are in pristine condition, and this package includes the original box and all accessories, including a replacement nib for the Pencil and its adapter that lets you plug it directly into a Lightning cable. I'm not sure what that Verizon SIM Card seen in the photos is for, though, as I never used it. However, I bought a 5-month LTE plan from T-mobile when I first got this iPad, and I remember there being a list of several cell service providers that I could choose from.
One thing to note is I got the iPad laser-etched with my name and email address. If you ever lose it, I'll be happy to forward any emails about it to you.
submitted by coredumperror to appleswap

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